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Bladeofgrass needs a clue STAT!

Hopefully one of the GWoP mentors will quietly pull 'bladeofgrass' aside and offer her a clue regarding Kate's polycystic ovaries.

Bladeofgrass said...
I believe that Kate is heavily involved with the Silver Fox and she does not intend to let anything stop her new love affair. I know this is awful to say, but it would be great to see her pregnant from him. It would further bring down her house of cards.

and then shortly thereafter, we see/enjoy the start of bladeofgrass' total nervous breakdown.

she continues with:
If any sheeple are reading this...spend all your money on these cons.

I laugh at you for wasting it on your idol. You obviously cannot see the forest for the trees.

TLC and lackeys for PR... Enjoy the money while you can.

I will never read People Magazine again nor watch anything on TLC.

TLC has been locked out on my cable for good.

I will also keep writing to your sponsors until they see the light.

Kate Gosselin is one of the most despised persons on reality TV. She is infamous for pimping out 8 beautiful children.

I also lay the blame at Jon’s feet too…a good father would stop this insanity now.

Kates flaws:

Pimp Mommy

Kate's Virtues:

6/06/2009 8:19 AM

Laughing my ass off ! It's all just too darn delicious, isn't it??


Troll Hunter said...

Lukebandit's insights have convinced me that I am indeed one of the sheeple! I was blind but now I see.

Found on the blog "Free Discussion 6/6 - 6/12"

lukebandit said...
that is horrible of the picture with the nanny with the weight problem and kate is in the picture so it will make her look better. kate is pyscho. i just hope that mady and cara sue TLC when they turn 18 and get a substantial settlement and get therapy and have a good life. when the tups get 18 they can also sue.
i hope jon burns in hell for spending 2000K on the shopping spree that he took "Babe" on. remember, jon, the 25K fees at the megachurches and the love offerings? did you buy her a 2000K purse? how much did you spend at Godiva? i also believe that Kate targeted jon because he was korean. korean tups would be something different and would be marketable for a reality show and corporate sponsorship.

6/06/2009 12:35 AM

iwhyawli said...

I've been waiting for the whole korean angle to emerge... it won't be long now before some GWoPper helpfully points out to us that the entire country of Korea exploits their children (which of course is why Jon doesn't know better).

: eyeroll :

Val said...

My eyes are rolling too!

LOVE this site. Gwop is just so idiotic and misguided.

Thank you for having such a great site!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the fact that lukebandit said, "2000K." Was it two million or two hundred thousand?