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Here's SaNdY hating the Exploitation

SaNdY is one of the more prolific commenters at GWoP, posting several times a day everyday. With advocates like SaNdY on their side, I can't help but feel that exploited children are forever screwed.

SaNdY said...
Noticed something about Kate's eyes in her senior potrait in this radar online pictorial....and believe me, I'm not one to find excuses for her, her behavior, or anything else...but look at her right eye, it is smaller and it doesn't match the left eye, could this be why she wears that awful hanging curtain of hair over her RIGHT EYE??? To hide the fact that it doesn't match the left one?? On another note, want to take bets on the color of her bikini tomorrow?? (Orange and black are excluded) :D
6/02/2009 2:56 PM


Troll Hunter said...

If you want some unbiased, loving, thought provoking and educated information I recommend going over to lindahoyt's blog. You can access her blog by either clicking her name on the GWOP blog or going to

Once there, if you can manage to pull yourself away from Linda's enlightening social commentary, you can search for "Gosselin" and read Linda's insights on everything Gosselin.

I also highly recommend reading her "About" page.

iwhyawli said...

Thanks for the link. It's ... ummm ... everything you said and more.

You read it here first.

lindahoyt is a walking time bomb.

That 'About page' is especially brutal. whoa



Excuse me now while i go laugh my ass off?