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Roll Call

Let's see ... it's been a full two days since the last episode so I took a quick check to see if GWOP and Truth Breeds Complete and Total Transparency are still open for business.

Yep. They are. No surprises there.

Sharla even plans to keep GWOP open for as long as people still want to talk about the Gosselins. Never let it be said that Sharla's not a public servant. A true world humanitarian that one. By talk, of course, she meant 'exploit' because when you continue to beat a dead horse it becomes its own form of exploitation. Yeah, if anyone exploited the Gosselin kids for their own enjoyment, it was Sharla, Julie and Jodi. But heck, when you're such a staunch child advocate as they are (cough), I suppose the boundaries of child exploitation get a little blurry. It's sorta like when the pro-lifers blow up the abortion clinics and kill everyone inside them.

I won't mention that the filming of new episodes actually stopped ages ago but then GWOP and Truth Breeds a Bunch of Jealous Little Brats in Maryland were never really about child advocacy in the first place.

As I suspected, our life happily continues here even though the show is now over. Unfortunately, Dancing with the Stars is now over too so it appears we're stuck with Monday Nite Football or whatever gory crime scene show is on the other channels. I'm even sick of "Designed to Sell." The fate of cable TV in this household is dire. Stacey, Clinton and Candace Olson are the only folks currently saving it. Okay, props to the Food Network too.

If Kate plus 8 comes back on the air, I'd like to see more "fun stuff to do at or near home with kids" episodes (like the backyard camping and Emeril cooking episode) and less luxury vacations. We don't have a dairy farm in our backyard but I did find one a few hours away that gives tours. The trip to the firestation was a good idea too. An embarassingly obvious one too.

Sorry Sharla. In preparation for 'Kate Plus 8, I've preemptively taken the blog name "Kate without Pity" out of circulation but I would be willing to sell it to you for $650,000. Cash only. I'm sure you understand my concerns about your credit.

The Last Episode (for now)

Regarding the last episode of Jon & Kate plus 8, mkb77 conveys my thoughts so perfectly:

Let's discuss the last episode, shall we?

Let's discuss how Jon says he never had a chance to be a 20 something without kids and a wife.

Or shall we discuss how he knows what he needs to do to be a father, and a friend to Kate AND (most importantly) how to help his relationship with Hailey.

Really, Jon? He is so self involved, so selfish and such an idiot moron that I was literally saying aloud, " You DICK."

And when he made the twins go into the house because they were spatting (and one had the audacity to say that she had more fun with mommy then daddy) I voted him as the worst dad of the year. Ugh.


I could NOT agree more. I realize Jon was at the mercy of TLC's editing but um, it's not like TLC was clipping letters and words out of a magazine to form Jon's sentences. NO ONE EXCEPT A MORON (AND/OR ADDICT) BLAMES INNOCENT LITTLE KIDS FOR HIS ADULT ACTIONS.

It's now clear 100% clear to me that Jon was left hanging on the teet for way too long. He's void of all accountability. Surely the 'child advocates' are completely outraged at the complete and total guilt trip Jon just hung on 8 kids all under the age of 10, right? RIGHT????

Jon is a special brand of asshole the likes I've not seen since Robert Downey, Jr. RDJ also once blamed his behavior on the stresses of fatherhood and marital separation. If you recall, RDJ's "behavior" was drug addiction. Coincidence? Cough. Of course, there are big differences between RDJ and Jon. Some feel RDJ can act (eyeroll). And now that's he's sobered up, he can at least support his kid financially. Jon, on the other, has no marketable skills which is too horribly convenient since he deems himself "too famous" to work. He's not only screwed himself out of his TLC contract, he's made sure his kids won't be earning any money either.

How in the world does he plan to support those 8 kids? He doesn't (for now). He's far too buzy living out the remainder of his entitled 20's. (I had a job in my 20's, btw). Perhaps by the time Jon reaches 42 (if he lives that long), he''ll find a job that can carry him (and his kids) throughout the 30's that he missed while living out his 20's. I predict the show (sans Jon) will evenutally come back (with Jon's approval) because not having to support them himself is easier for Jon.

For now, the world will be a happier place if we can just get Jon out of the rebel t-shirts and dirty jeans. Maybe even into some pants that fit.

Dana Hoffman and Unrequited Love

So I'm reading all this stuff that folks have been sending in about Dana Hoffman and then I also wandered back in time to re-read the article she wrote some Philadelphia magazine. You know the article -- it's the one which renewed Serena's will to live and woke her from the posting dead at GWOP.

It's just so very, very, very odd that some "journalist" (I'm using that word loosely, Dana, so don't get a big head) would get her panties in such a bunch about the Gosselins. I mean seriously. Who in their right mind gets all honked off about buying a 15-passenger van when you've only a 10-person family? Do they even make 10-passenger vans? Our mini-van seats 8 tops and not comfortably. If I have a 10-person family and a 10-person van, where do we put all our luggage when we drive to the Carolinas for our free beach holiday?

So strange this obsession about the 15-passenger van and Dana's long list of other Gosselin grievances, but then it occurred to me. A lightbulb went on.

Dana Hoffman is acting EXACTLY like all of Jon's other scorned lovers!


Could it be that Dana Hoffman is the first in a long line of Jon Gosselin's rejects? Is Dana the reason why Jon said he was "nervous about dating a Jewish girl" ? Maybe Jon's not a bigot afterall and said that because he meant nervous about dating a Jewish girl *again*! Gasp!

There's only one thing worse than being the world's creepiest loser, and that's getting dumped by the world's creepiest loser. Oh, the bitter agony. I think I'm on to something here, y'all.