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Another Bummer for Aunt Jodi

Well, what a pisser, it looks like Aunt Jodi will miss the cut at DWTS YET AGAIN. How in the world does this keep happening? Say, I know, maybe it's time for Jodes to rejoin the cast at The Today Show and call someone else out as a dirty whore. I've never known another with such good diction whilst whispering. That skill alone should win Jodi a spot on DWTS plus a night with Brad Pitt.

And for those of you who, like me, thought Queen Bruno and Carrie Lighthead were complete pricks to Kate throughout DWTS, I bet you can't wait to see how badly they'll make Bristol Palin feel about herself because they don't like her mother and her mother's politics. Yeah, they won't be able to help themselves.

Sorry, I'm not sure I can watch DWTS this season. The instant I hear the name David Hasselhoff, I flashback to his daughter's video where he's half-sitting/half-laying on the floor trying to eat a hamburger whilst completely shit-faced. Google it. It's creepy.


So I finally saw the chicken coop episode the other day and all I have to say is this: If Kate Gosselin can get those kids to clean out the chicken poop thing on any sort of regular basis, I will absolutely need to know the secret to her success. We don't have chickens but we do (or did) have cats, dogs, a turtle (RIP), goldfish (RIP) and a hamster (RIP). No birds allowed in this house.

Kate is no longer relevant?

Well it didn't take me long to find something inane over 'dere in GWOPland. It's right there on the main page posted by Mrs Bozo herself.

When people other than us start blogging that Kate is not longer relevant is it time to think about getting out the marshmallows and toasting forks?

Is Kate's career over?


Okay, I'll graciously overlook the glaring typo in between the words "is" and "longer" in Sharla's post, but since when have the GWOPPERS been blogging that Kate "is not longer relevant".


Thanks to all Jon wannabes like Tiger Woods, Jesse James and Mel Gibson, the woman hasn't been in the news or on TV for months but somehow the GWOPPERS still manage to dig up stuff like copies of all three fence estimates !

Mind you, I have no idea what Sharla even means by Kate "is no longer relevant" but then, I never really understand anything Sharla is babbling about. Relevant to what or who exactly? Kate's kids? Jodi and Julie? The mighty icon of quality journalism that is Radaronline ? Beats me what Sharla means by "is no longer relevant". But nonetheless, I do know the answer to Sharla's question.


If Kate weren't still relevant, it would mean that .... wait for it ... get ready.... take a deep breath....

... it would mean that SHARLA WASN'T RELEVANT! GASP! Because honies, that's all y'all do all day over there at GWOP. Bitch and moan about Kate!

So yeah, I realize 'relevance" is a big concept for you, Shar, but um here's how relevance works. If the object of your contempt is no longer relevant, then your contempt is no longer relevant. And so when you continue to blather on and on and on about things that are no longer relevant or dare we even say, TRUE, well, hon, people conclude that you are a total nutcase.

Shar, you're a nutcase.

What's News

I'm back y'all.... just in time for the season premiere. Whew! I would have been back sooner but I forgot my password. But to my good fortune on the train tonight, I happened to catch site of this giant-size woman with big clownlike red hair, a beard and long yellow toenails and I remembered that my password is Sharla.

Hope you had great summers. I'm off to GWOP to catch up. I can't possibly imagine what they're whining about these days. To my knowledge, Kate et al haven't been on the air or in the news in ages.