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At Least They're Picking on Everyone

I've been meaning to check out if there is also a "Roloffs Without Pity" and "Duggars Without Pity" blog and then fostersmom's breakdown regarding Kate's shoes reminded me to look. Thanks again, fostersmom!

But of course there is a RWoP and a DWoP blog.

What was I thinking? :: thumps head ::

The RWoP blog hasn't been updated since September 2008 so perhaps that blogger finally choked on his own backwash or opted to get a life. And then the DWoP blog is sponsored by none other than our patron saint of modern living herself, Serena!

My goodness, Serena! How will we EVER be able to thank you for your tireless, selfless crusade against Reality TV?

So what's your beef with the Duggars?

Too wholesome ?

You don't like names starting with "J"?

Perhaps the kids too smart, too polite and too well-adjusted for your liking? All those clean-cut Duggar kids are sorta blowing your "Gosselin Kids will be Messed Up Adults" theory out of the water, aren't they? No wonder you don't like 'em.

If you don't mind, Serena. I'll just limit my rebuttals to all of your stupidity to this one GWoPwop blog. You seem to do enough blog-hopping as it is.

1 comment:

Jon is Cute said...

Something tells me that Serena has as many cats as she does blogs.