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Open Discussion: 08/08 - 08/14

Please use this post for discussion about GWOP that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. This is where all those I don't know where to post it comments go also. You should also feel very welcome to post a valid ID and password to GWOP's secret board in this thread if you wanted to. Once I got in, I fully planned to let everyone else in too so what the heck. Thank you.

GWOPWOP Proclamation #1

Once upon a time during GWOP's very important and poignant analysis of the Birthday Party episode, some GWOPPER penned her disgust that the just-turned-5-years-old sextuplets were too old to be holding hands with each other (and their mother) while walking through the Party Store parking lot.
For me, that comment was and remains the single, dumbest post ever made in the history of GWOP and that's really saying something since there are nothing but really dumb comments over there.
The second dumbest conversation ever held in GWOP's history occurred just last week in the very important and poignant analysis of the Camping episode. There are at least 3 different comments over there by presumably different woman who bragged how they each put up their own tent in the pitch black darkness of the Australian Outback while their husbands were fighting for our freedom in Iraq. They didn't grimace, grunt or grit their teeth once, which of course means something very grave about Kate and her tent struggle, but God only knows what.


Let it never be said that reading GWOP is a complete waste of time. How else would we have possibly known that even backyard camping is controversial?
Well, sorry to say you GWOPPERS, backyard camping is not controversial. It's just plain fun! And to end all further confusion on this topic, I make an official, first gwopwop proclamation.


Official GWOPWOP Proclamation
No. 1

A woman's ability to pitch a camping tent all by herself even in the most adverse circumstances is not a measure of anything all that valuable unless you happen to be camping with a deaf, mute quadriplegic far, far away from any other means of shelter and it's threatening to rain really, really hard.

It is not a measure of character. It is not a measure of self-worth. It's not a measure of intelligence.

It's not even interesting.

This proclamation applies to all women, even if you are a military wife.

Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye. It is now so written and entered into the official record.



In Celebration of 50K Hits

To my total and complete amazement, this blog is fast approaching 50,000 hits (if we haven't already passed it because I am an idiot).

We've come so far in this oddyssey (whatever it is) and I'm still sitting on a stockpile of comments or emails that have been coming in. I so hope no one is discouraged about their various tips and sleuthing comments. Just because you don't see them posted immediately doesn't mean iwhyalwi isn't savoring every word. As an example, I've been sitting on that GWOPPER-of-the-Month photo for weeks, waiting for some way to knit it into the fabric of our lives. Have you figured out who it is yet? Some of you have. If I confirm the identify of that photo, maybe gwopwop would have to go bye-bye involuntarily and so I'm reluctant to do it. The novelty and fun of gwopwopping has yet to wear off.

Moons ago, someone suggested via comment that I should plan something extra special for the Big 50K. It's just another one of the manyy fabulous ideas that have rolled through here.

I definitely plan to summarize all the major events in this blog's short history, but what else ? Will an 'iwhyawli' T-shirt make an unexpected appearance on next week's episode????? (crosses fingers) (Mwa-haaa-haaa). I'd need to work quickly but perhaps also iwhyawli could plan a celebratory chat session of some sort. Would anyone show up? This chat idea is under investigation .... I need to make certain any such chat session would be easy-to-do and secure (ie., no one would have to surrender any real world information, especially me). All the super seekrit blog people seem to do that PCPalTalk stuff (I might have the actual name wrong) so maybe I'll look into that.

50K Hits Coming UP, y'all!

Why is this Woman Barking at Me?

Here are a bunch of dog-themed comments that came in back-to-back this morning. If I published them then I would be able to see what time they came in (not that it matters 'except I envision this poster to be one of those 3am insomniacs who just got off her shift at the 7-11). I also received a batch of dog-themed comments yesterday morning but foolishly deleted them. I'll go ahead and publish today's batch but they'll land in different threads.

Why is this person barking at me?

The lies have such a Giddy taint. New material please. 1 million unique hits a month is not a few mods and some socks. In fact the mods rarely comment. You really should find out the facts. Woof, woof.

Keep it up. You're stupidity is showing.

Pathetic. The bowser and the other two of you can't make a go of it, huh? Your socks need to pick it up honey.


The New Episodes

Well I had to take a phone call about 5 minutes into the kitchen episode and I didn't return until halfway into whatever that cake show was. I've since been able to watch the camping episode in bits and pieces over several attempts but I still haven't seen a substantive portion of the kitchen episode.

In true GWOPPER form, however, my not having seen the episodes won't prevent me from commenting on them.

Regarding the Kitchen episode, I only know (mostly by the heightened level of GWOPPER bitching ) that Kate moved the family to the beach during the remodel. Big deal. We also went on vacation during our kitchen remodel. Not having a kitchen is a pain in the buttocks, especially when you have small kids and pets. Kate and I may be living a parallel existence because the idea of washing dishes in the bathtub (or bathroom sink) is positively repulsive to me. Call me crazy but I typically like to keep feet by-products, rogue pubic hairs and my dishes as far apart from each other as they can possibly be. I hate cleaning the bathtub second only to washing the dishes.

The backyard camping idea was a great one. Stealing all of Jon and Kate's child entertainment ideas is one of the reasons I like the show. We've never camped before. We've got none of the gear, so we'll buy it and that's exactly why Jon and Kate get (and should get) free stuff. I sorta thought the kids could just camp outdoors by themselves and my horrified husband looked at me like I had 7 heads. Yeah, Kate's got nothing on me when it comes to horrible parenting. [whisper] I still don't understand why they'd need us out there with them[whisper].

Last but not least, those kids continue to be darling, darling, darling.

Kids, you listen here to iwhyawli. I know some stuff and you are some of the sweetest, funniest, smartest and most well-behaved kids I know. How proud your Mom and Dad must be. It's no great mystery to me why you Aunt Jodi and Julie (who is absolutely no relation to you whatsoever) are seething with jealousy. If you kids are "damaged" as Jodi says you are, sign me up now in support of child exploitation for all children everywhere.

Farewell to July's GWOPPER-of-the-Month

It's time to end the too-short reign of Aunt Jodi as GWOPPER-of-the-Month. Will there ever be another GOTM as special as you, Jodi?

I dare think not.

July 2009

Our nation's current laughingstock, Aunt Jodi ! Pretty enough in the face but dumber than a box of rocks. Hobbies include unleashing papparazi on small children, general home-wrecking and selling out family members for profit. You couldn't possibly have created a bigger clusterf*ck. Congratulations, Aunt Jodi.


Poll #2: The Results Are In

No surprises here. Eating wins! 48% of our pollsters speculated that GWOPPERS would spend their hiatus free time stuffing their pie holes. 19% guessed they would fill that time badgering the Masche family. Myself, I voted for buying boatloads of crap on QVC. In retrospect, I should have had a category called "Eating while badgering the Masche family." That would have been a landslide.

Thanks for voting, everyone. To see 141 total votes pile up in a short 30 day period is exciting. Stay tuned for the August poll.

Poll #2:
During the "hiatus", how will GWOPPERS spend their time?

1. Eating 69 (48%)
2. Badgering the Masches 28 (19%)
3. Buying boatloads of crap on QVC 26 (18%)
4. Searching for PENNMOMMY 18 (12%)

Gotta go! The new episode is on! Be back later.