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No High Heels Allowed. Check.

Just read "fostersmom" re-crap of the Kate Birthday Cake episode, which I originally missed but happened to catch (accidentally of course, snicker) last night.

It's a re-cap, people! R.E.C.A.P. As in short, succinct and to the point.

But, I read every word ... wondering whether fostersmom and I were actually watching the same episode. Things I totally missed or considered completely insignificant were ripped several times over using hundreds and hundreds of words.

Kate's shoes, for example.

Apparently, moms are not to wear high heels. Moms who wear high heels are hookers. Nice!

Kate's high heels weren't even that high. Weren't they wedge sandals? I sure hope the GWoPpers never get a load of the Jimmy Choos that I've been wearing to the grocery store, sheesh. I'll resort to a :: holds nose :: wedge sandal when I've broken my ankle or have to run a marathon or something. Come to think of it, I don't even think I currently own a wedge sandal. Stacy London is my shoe mentor.

I can't help but wonder what sort of clod-hoppers must adorn the GWoPper feet. Birkenstocks perhaps? Crocs? Even those shoes may be too fashionable for GWoPper sensibilities. I'm betting it's the same type of shoe that Michelle Duggar wears.

:: mind wonders over to the Roloff farm ::

It's probably okay if Amy Roloff wears high heels because she's short. It'd otherwise be too hard to be critical of Amy if you can't see her when she's standing next to Jacob's hospital bed whilst tending to his gaping head wound.

Speaking of the Duggars and the Roloffs, I keep forgetting to check if there are DWoP and RWoP blogs. Fostersmom's re-crap reminded me. Thanks, fostersmom! I also happen to like Michelle and Amy so if I find out that you're picking on them too, there will be even more hell to pay. You can take that to the bank.



fostersmom wears Army Boots!

LivesNearSerena said...

Silly you. GWOPPERS don't wear shows because they can't afford them. If the have to go somewhere, they stick their feet in those plastic buckets like the ones my grandmother uses when she scrubs the kitchen floor. Many of the GWOPPERS are ex-Trading Spaces freaks who are still mad that Hildy glued feathers to that women's bathroom and so they're boycotting Swiffer. Plus, they can't affort Swiffer. Thus all the extra buckets.