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Is He or Isn't He?

Not that the subject matter of these next pics matters (to me) but they clearly show what tabloids resort to as well as the hopeless stupidity of whoever buys, reads and relentlessly posts this crap on their blogs.

:: glances in the direction of our favorite 3 nitwits ::

Radaronline lays claim to the first official picture of Jon without his wedding ring. An important moment, of course.

Here's Jon's picture as posted on its site (including the helpful inset).

Exhibit 1: Ringless Jon

After iwhyawli flips the picture, however, Jon's wedding ring is magically back on his left hand.

Exhibit 2: Re-married Jon

But who am I to second-guess the truthfulness of anything you GWoP dopes are reading in a tabloid. It's Julie and Jodi who are the self-professed experts in the field of tabloid journalism. I am certain they will be along any minute now to explain "the truth" to me yet again.

Oh This Ought to Be Good

Morning all!

Pulling a request from the comments...

No doubt Julie will be re-instating her deleted blog posts by copying them from this site.

Anonymous said...
Is there any chance of this being added to this topic's front page:

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

I really wish everyone would just be patient and stop criticizing the avenue that Kevin and Jodi took to begin what they need to do to save the children from this terrible situation. This is just the beginning!

Unless you have been in a similar situation, you have no idea how this industry works. They did their research, and the truth will be told.There is more to come, so please be patient and I'm sure a lot of your questions will be answered as more is revealed. I've put some of my old posts back on my blog for those who didn't have a chance to read it, and I will be posting some sort of update over the next few days. I'm not going to repost all of the details that happened with Jodi and the show. The focus needs to stay on the children, and THEY are the reason that I spoke up last year. I think the recent events will help fill in the gaps that I wasn't free to discuss back then.Thanks for all of those who have voiced your support for Kevin and Jodi and thanks to everyone on this blog for your concerns for the children.

June 26, 2009 8:10 AM

Oh brother. I myself would like to save Jodi & Kevin's kids from their terrible situation. From the sounds of it, those Kreider kids have been living on fumes for the past 8 years. And now, they're learning how to behave like trailer trash.

More proof that screwing your sister pays (Now with Pictures)

This little gem was too darn dazzling to be left hanging out as a comment in the "Revenge Four Years in the Making" thread.

I visited the Recorder of Deeds site myself, found the documents and grabbed a couple screen shots. I'll post them here later for the benefit of the GWoPpers whose browsers can't go anywhere except radaronline.

From the number of home equity loans these two crazy kids had taken out, methinks somebody has a little trouble bringing home the bacon.

Anonymous said... Good lord the Kreiders enjoyed remortgaging their house. It's interesting that the records are quiet from 2006 to 2009. THEN in 2009, it's time to borrow another 10K. It looks like that was needed to satisfy their 2003 mortgage. THEN on MAY 29, 2009, they are able to satisfy their $95 k 2002 mortgage. It's good that someone who works in building in a state with high unemployment has the means for all of this.

June 25, 2009 9:51 AM


A link to what appears to be Kevin's myspace profile is also floating around here in one of the comments (courtesy of 'kevho'). He's either searching for babes or doesn't know how to change his marital status. Poor 'ol Kev with just one buddy.

UPDATE: Here's the linky-poo that leads to everything. The May 27, 2009 payment to satisfy the $95,000 mortgage from 1992 appears below. The other mortgage and home equity transactions can also be found on the site.
'Tis nice to be mortgage-free, isn't it Jodi? (wink wink)


GWoP Theatre: Act II

The Shining
by iwhyawli

Quiet on the set.

Julie's blog is real, y'all.

Yes. I am a woman
of true character and virtue.
I wanna be on Dancing with the Stars.
Make it happen, sis.

Chop. Chop.

Unfortunately, your
spot just went to Jenny Masche...

( whimper )

.... who makes a killer cupcake, btw.


Husband hung like a horse, too.

( . . . )


annnnd.... CUT.

Revenge Four Years in the Making

Sometimes you can find the clues to Julie's deeply seated psychosis right there on the GWoP board itself.

In this post dated June 22, 2008, we learn from Julie herself that she's been honked off at Kate for over four years.

Now, I'm not too good at counting but four years would be well before Gum-gate or NoMoJodi-gate, right?

FOUR YEARS? This Julie broad needs to seek professional help.


The Truth Will Set You Free
I'm glad I found this. I will say that I have also received threats due to some things I have posted on various boards, and I'm pretty confident that I know who is behind it. I've been silent for four years, but some more recent "behind the scenes" things have taken place, which caused me to speak out. I did, and started receiving threats. Well, I won't be intimidated or "commented into submission". I've decided to step back out because the truth needs to be told. I'd also like to say that I don't know mrsbananabethanna, but I do know that what she said is true. I've known Jon and Kate for years -- before the sextuplets -- and I think it's time that those of us who know what's really going on -- speak out!Posted from

Comment by The Truth Will Set You Free.

Posted by iluveeyore on


I can only guess that neither Julie or Jodi work and never plan to work again. Don't people realize that absolutely everything is googled these days?

Can you imagine if you had either one of these nutbugs on your staff ? If you had entrust them to work on anything confidential or sensitive?

"No worries, Mr. Client, you can totally trust our Julie with your confidential stuff. She only wigs out on family members. Well, er, ok, family members of family members. But um, just to play it safe, you might not want to piss her off. "

Do You Know This Woman?

Are there two women in this photo or did someone barf on the curtains?

iwhyawli's new email address

I originally didn't wanna go this route, but commenters are wanting to send me evidence and information that can only be sent via e-mail so perhaps there are others out there who also wish to complete the story.

Use this e-mail address

An Open Letter to the Gosselin Kids

Look no further for the source
of your unhappiness.

It's Julie.

It's Aunt Jodi.

And eventually we'll de-mask the
gutless bitch who is "Serena".

It's all recorded here.

For you.

When you're ready to read it.

Best wishes to the
Gosselin Family.

Free Discussion for 6/22 - 6/28

Please feel welcome to use this post for discussion about the GWoPpers that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere.

This is not to say that I'm done with the Julie-Gate thread. Oh no, not now when we are oh too close to the bone.


Get your popcorn ready, ladies and gentlemen.

Keep your blog tuned here.

What we have here is one of them there good, old-fashioned races against the clock! A race so suspenseful that you just may find yourself pooping in your pink unna-wears.

We have GWoP's Supreme Leader, Serena, desperately hoping that the TV show "Jon & Kate plus 8" goes off the air (preferably Monday nite, if not sooner ) so that she can shut down GWoP before the mighty forces of Good that has become the princesses, the gdnnoppers, the gonadloppers and the gwopwoppers officially blow the lid off the big gigantic lie that is ...


That's right. I said.


Over the past several days, several posters have been depositing strong evidence here and there in the comments that Serena (not her real name) and Julie (alleged sister to Aunt Jodi) wouldn't know each other from Adam's off ox.

That's right. I said.

Adam's off ox!

Worse, dear bloggers, here's another truth that will set you free, breed hatred, or whatever else the truth is good for:

Julie and Aunt Jodi don't know each other from Adam's off ox either!!!

For crap's sake, is Julie's name even Julie?

Yes, we've been duped. Well, er, not us, actually. It's the GWoPpers who have been duped. We just feel badly for them. Well, er, no we don't. We're actually laughing our assess off at them. But I digress.

Once again, the bestest parts of this crappy blog are buried somewhere in the comments. I remember reading all the evidence when I elected to publish them, but I'll be damned if I can find these comments again now.

One poster even suggested the I move these comments to the main page--- a superb idea if I could only now remember where they all are. Apologies for that, everyone. The iwhyawli household has been travelling and visiting this weekend and my blogging duties have suffered severely for it.

From what I call reading , somewhere here or out there is: a) an excerpt from GWoP's FAQ vouching for Julie as Aunt Jodi's Sister or something like that, b) an excerpt from Julie's blog indicating that Serena and other have met or something like that, and c) an contradictory posting from GWoP Maggie indicating that no one has ever met Julie.

I'll try my best to find those comments again and re-post them here. Feel welcome to re-post them yourselves and\or any additional evidence.

We'll get to the bottom of this yet. And if we hurry, there's probably still time for the GWoPpers to cancel all those checks they sent to Julie.

Another Big Announcement

At the risk of launching World War III, the iwhyawli household is going to purchase a crooked house playhouse.


I'd never heard of (or seen) a crooked house playhouse before all this latest blogging controversy and when so when I visited the website yesterday, I immediately knew my kids would absolutely love playing in one.

My husband concurs. Ut oh, whoopsie! Can I call my husband "my husband"? Or should I be calling him "DH"?

"DH" is GWoP lingo for "dear husband" I presume? How ..... cute.

Anyhow, we live in a neighborhood with a million kids. The play houses are pricey for sure, but with all these anonymous GWoP moms and their pedophile DH's running about, we're figuring it's best to keep our kids as close to home as possible. We prefer to have the neighborhood kids playing at our house instead of our kids going over to their houses and god only knows what.

You just can't put a price on your kids safety. This crooked house money is money well spent. Plus, we think it'll be a good place for the dog to hang out when we forget to let her back in the real house, which happens a lot.

The law of unintended consequences strikes again. Thanks GWoPpers for leading me to a good thing. I look forward to speaking with the Crooked House sales people tomorrow or as soon as you get tired of jamming their phone lines, which ever comes first.

We will also gladly display our sales receipt to Serena (not her real name). What a perfectly reasonable request.

Especially from you, Serena, the identity thief.

[13 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - In Support of Penn Mommy

In Support of Penn Mommy
Oct 1, 2008

Penn Mommy and I have shared a similar experience. I actually didn't know the story behind the reasons she started her blog until I read a response from her son, William (pasted below). For anyone who may be questioning her credibility, let me assure you that she is who she says she is. I know that my identity was questioned for some time, but I think there is enough "proof" that I am Jodi's sister and I'm not lying. You may not agree with the reasons I felt that I needed to come forward, but until any of you have had a "real" life experience with Jon and Kate (I'm not talking about a speaking engagement), you are basing your opinions on speculation and characters on a TV show. The supporters love to use the phrase, "Don't judge them unless you have walked in their shoes." Well, the same applies to me, Jodi, Penn Mommy and anyone else who has spoken out based on our "real" life experiences. None of you have walked in OUR shoes, so until you can come back and report on your own real life experiences, don't judge those of us who actually KNOW them.

I do not know Penn Mommy, but I have communicated with her and there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that what she says is true. She has not lied and I am sick of those who are capable of twisting every word to try to discredit anyone who may have something to say that isn't easy to hear. Reading William's response, I realize that Penn Mommy and I started our blogs for the same reason. We used it as a tool to write about our feelings/frustrations, etc. I didn't link mine anywhere or advertise it. When I opened it up to the public the end of June, I actually went on vacation and didn't even have internet access. When I got home, I realized that it had spread all over the internet and was linked in so many places that I couldn't keep track. I wasn't expecting that. I had no experience with public forums/discussion boards and it really shocked me.

For those of you who haven't been following the blogs over the last month, you can read a good summary of events HERE. I am asking that everyone remember that we are all real people. Please take a break from all of this and pray for this family. My heart is aching for them and to hear about the horrible things that are being said and done at this difficult time is sickening. People have actually taken it as far as calling the hospital to try to disprove Penn Mommy and make her out to be a liar. That is crossing the line!

Think long and hard about what you are actually defending. You don't have to agree with what has been said or why, how, when, etc. If you don't like what you read, then stop reading and move on. As many want to say, "If you don't like the show, then change the channel." I don't watch the show, but that doesn't mean the children are no longer being exploited. People have to be intentionally searching out information on the internet to run across my blog. I'm not forcing anyone to read it and as I said at the beginning, I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I'm making information available for those who are looking. Everyone can form their own opinions based on what they have seen and read.

I appreciate the time William has taken to keep us updated on his brother's condition. He has handled this stressful situation in such a mature way and I think it's a testament to the kind of person Penn Mommy is. It's obvious that they have a loving, supportive family and they deserve respect in this difficult time. This is William's response to the post that is linked above:

Man. I just want to thank you for writing what you’ve written here. If you’ll allow it, I’d like to expound on some of what you have said.

You’re on the money. My mom started the blog on my recommendation. It’s a long story. One worth telling, though. Growing up in the Wyo-Etown area makes you feel like your town is alot smaller than it really is. Everyone knows someone. True to form, everyone knows someone who knows the Gosselins. I was in my undergrad program around the time mom helped out the Gosselin Family. In the beginning, it gave her joy. She missed being needed by her boys. To this day, I think she’d marry me off for a dollar to have some grand babies of her own. She’s good at it. Me and my brothers have the mom who all of our friends envied. She was strict, but cool in her own way. She got us. She never judged us or our friends but made well timed suggestions when she felt something was out of order. When Jon came to church that day and announced Kate’s pregnancy, my mom put on her reading glasses and went to work planning. She called every person with a baby she could think of for clothes, furniture, and all the things babies need that I claim ignorance to. She defended the Gosselins to those who said “SIX BABIES?! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” It was never a matter of judgement for her. Six babies were coming even if some didn’t approve and that was what mattered. She backed up Kate after my aunt heard her make ingrateful comments about the remodel on Home #1. I will never forget the spat they had on that issue. My aunt was livid and there’s my mom nodding, then saying “It is her home. How hard would it be to give up control of decorating a nursery?”

Over the next year and a half or longer, mom went without if she heard there was a need. Not just for the Gosselins, though. Anyone. I did my parents taxes that year and all told mom donated about fifteen grand. The answer to my question was always the same, “It needed to be done.” My step-dad didn’t understand her, which most people didn’t, but it was mom. I just saw my first episode of Jon and Kate Plus 8. When Kate said she and Jon decided to see if they could make it alone one night and stopped the volunteers, I was floored. My other brother looked at me and laughed. The volunteers weren’t dismissed that congenially. It was more like Kate making her “friends” do the dirty work of letting someone know that they’d said or done something to upset Kate. Pretty soon, there weren’t many people left who would help. As evidence, I submit to you that there is no one left in their life pre-show. No one! I don’t have children. But, I’d like to think that if I survived eight children in three years because of my friends, I would still have those friends three years after. Friends and family work themselves into the fabric of our lives. Where’s the Gosselin tapestry?

One day, I get a phone call from my mom who’s telling me that Jodi has “come out”. She tells me Julie had a website. A few weeks later, she heard that Julie was getting slaughtered. Jodi made her video after that and mom heard that Julie was still being called a liar. One day at church, mom was told that Jon and Kate were talking about how hard it was to “Do it alone.”

I told her she should start journaling her feelings because she felt like Jodi and Julie were getting treated badly without cause. I didn’t expect her to do it. Her blog was like her diary to work things out. I don’t think she knew how public they can become. Soon after, the blog was found or shown to people and it, as Moon is saying, exploded.

Mom would never lie. She isn’t like that. The last thing she lied about in my memory was telling Jason that the Easter Bunny was real. I don’t think I need to say more than that.

Jason and my mom have a unique bond. We all have a special bond with her. She never lumped us together as “the brothers”. She took us for who were were as individuals and I hope to be as good a parent as she was. She’s beautiful.

Jason’s illness and condition have deeply wounded her. She is in no condition to blog. My dad and I told her to stop. Just cut clean. Screw what people thought they wanted and needed. If people thought my mom was obligated to continue then they suck. One blogger named Fiona took it too far. I set up some logging technologies on mom’s blog and Fiona was using other names to support her pathetic agenda. I can name the following: Suzanne, fiona, shabnam, MADYSFAN, etc.,. By my count, she has thirteen identities. All ping back to her IP at a University of Utah. This is FUBAR. Unless a dorm full of chicks have a Kate Love Posse, she’s sock-puppeting the hell out of the internet. Suzanne (her real name) e-mailed my mom the same question, by my count and what I’ve seen, more than sixteen times. The real kicker is that mom answered it and she still asked. She asked questions about the kids that mom refused to answer and it pissed her off. Too bad! If you consider this person to be rational, then I feel sorry for you. She saddled up to my mom pretending to be a friend at the same time she was badmouthing her. Furthermore confirmation of Suzanne’s multiple personalities has come through an inbox full of e-mails. This Suzanne also had the nerve to start a thread talking about Jason’s illness and called my mom a liar. Suzanne/Fiona, you wrote my mom after she expressly stated she wouldn’t read your comments and said f-ed up things to her. She didn’t read them and she won’t. I read them and I think you’re certifiable. Get help.

Jason is not breathing on his own and will not be able to even if he wakes up. His seizures caused too much brain damage after the stroke. He’s had pieces of his brain tissue removed that were vital to independent living. My mom is hoping against hope that all the amazing prayers will be answered. She thanks each and every one of you for your love & prayers. She clings to them. Jonas and I have printed up some of them for her to see and she read them to my brother. Tomorrow is the day when our future course is decided. Either mom and dad(s) will transfer him to a long term care facility or we will watch him die and his organs harvested. I will never forget my brother. I never would have believed something like this could happen to him. The best word for it is tragic. He was passionate about his lfie in a way that made my brother and I envious. He was funny. Man was he funny. I don’t know how we will push through this but we will. Please give us time to grieve this. Please reserve any negative commentary for later or never. I beg all of you to give my mom space to mourn and remember. Thank you.

[12 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - National Enquirer

National Enquirer
July 21, 2008

I believe that the statement below (from J&K's website) is in response to being featured in the July 28, 2008 issue of the National Enquirer. The statement was posted for several days, but has recently been removed.

To our faithful fans who deserve an answer,In the recent days, we have been informed there are a lot of lies circulating about us. Just so you know we have worked hard to show you our real life and we have succeeded. Although it is not always easy we will continue to show you the good, the bad and the ugly on our show. Unfortunately, as with anyone who is on TV there are jealous bystanders, family included, who for whatever reason insist upon telling hurtful untruths. We will continue to love these family members. We will not retaliate. We will leave it alone out of respect for them. But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us. Thank you for watching as our family grows and develops. Our children have always been our priority, will continue to be our top priority and quite honestly nothing else matters to us.

(This message has been personally written by Jon and Kate Gosselin)

Just a few observations:

We will not retaliate. Seems like this statement IS retaliation. When presented with the truth, they always respond "they're just jealous". So anyone who states true facts that J&K don't want anyone else to know--is a jealous liar--including family?

We will continue to love these family members. Who are they talking about? Jodi? Me? They are acknowledging that this information is coming from family.

I find it interesting that they are calling this hurtful "untruths". They can't come out and say everything is lies, because they know I'm telling the truth. They'll use semantics to explain everything if need be.

"But as a reminder, nothing that you read on the internet or in print is true unless it is approved by us."

I don't think this statement even deserves a comment. It appears that history is repeating itself. Kate pulled this same stunt over 3 years ago. You can read the entire article here.

"The Gosselins called the day after my telephone interview with Kate. They asked to preview this column before publication. My editor declined their request. Kate then said she wanted to retract everything -- even though she admitted all of it was true."

I'm sure their PR person advised them to take this poorly written nonsense off their website

[11 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - [Placeholder]

[Saving this spot as a placeholder. Some additional research is needed before posting it.]

[10 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Gum-Gate Part 3

Gum-Gate Part 3
July 14, 2008

Kate calls Jodi and then Kate explains that "Evidently, the kids got into the gumballs, and once they had them, Jodi didn't know what to do." This comment really irritated me!! Like Jodi doesn't have a brain in her head to figure things out. Since 3 of the kids already had gum, she decided to allow the other 3 to have one gumball. BIG DEAL!! The kids didn't convince her of anything. They know they chew gum, and Jodi knows they chew gum. J&K seem to be very inconsistent with their "rules". An example: the kids can eat ice cream for dinner on a "special day", yet they can't eat a cupcake "on a special day" unless they eat dinner. I'm sure it's very confusing for them.

Then Kate says Jodi's such a loving and..."not forceful individual"...Jon decided to chime in and started laughing as they both said "and they know that". I'm sure Jon was just happy that someone else was getting it from Kate. They looked at each other and laughed, as if it were their "inside joke". Kate went on to state how they would have handled the situation. Well, when you leave your kids with someone else, you can't expect them to handle things exactly as you would. Kate says, "They convinced Aunt Jodi that mommy lets them chew gum at home. Yeah, right!" What I have to say to that is--they weren't in YOUR home! I already stated my opinion--they didn't "convince" Jodi. Kate made it sound like she is easily manipulated. Jodi isn't a new mom. She has plenty of experience with her own four children. That's just ridiculous!

They say they have a standing gum rule--they're not allowed to chew gum until they're 4. Then they had to back up and say, "unless we're flying on an airplane". I guess they forgot about the ski trip, and maybe that it's alright if they want to keep them quiet. If safety is the concern, is it any less of a choking risk to chew gum on a plane? Kate only talked about being upset that she had to do extra laundry and stain removal. Maybe the real reason she's obsessed with the laundry is that she wants "top dollar" when she consigns all of the free clothes they receive. I also read a theory that some think she's trying to get an endorsement from a laundry detergent or stain removal company.

Back to Collin...I made the mistake of allowing my 9 yr old to watch the episode with me. As I watched, I found it very cruel to threaten to throw out a child's security item. Collin was crying and said "teddy bear's my buddy". What did Kate yell? "TOO BAD!!" There is absolutely no excuse for this, IMO. She hadn't been with the kids all day, so it's not like this happened at the end of her exhausting and stressful day as the mother of eight. I can't imagine the terror that Collin was feeling at the thought of losing his bear! I don't care what the end result was. For those few moments, Collin actually believed she was going to throw it in the trash. I'll stop there, but that was one of the most heartbreaking things to watch.

My son didn't say anything until the show was over. I looked over at him, and he had tears in his eyes. He asked me why she was so mean and why she was yelling at the kids. The next thing he said really struck me, and I hadn't said a word as we were watching. He related Collin to his younger sister. She has a special "blankie" as a security object, and he knows how important it is to her. He said, "[my sister] has marker and stains all over her [blankie] and you'd never throw it out. You don't care that it has stains." Hearing his response and seeing how upsetting that was for him to watch, really hit me hard. I will never allow my kids to watch the show again. It also shows how older siblings really look out for the younger ones. Mady stood up to Kate for Collin. My son was thinking about his younger sister. And I guess, I'm still looking out for mine.

[9 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Gum-Gate Part 2

Gum-Gate Part 2
Jul 12, 2008

As I watched this again, it remains a little baffling to me that the issue of Jodi giving the kids gum really didn’t have anything to do with safety. Not once did I hear Kate or Jon say anything about gum being a choking risk. The only thing that was talked about was the inconvenience for Kate. Laundry and stain removal was the ONLY thing that was discussed. They had no standing rule, that Jodi was aware of, when it comes to gum. Jodi has traveled with them, so she’s seen the kids get gum on the airplane. I haven’t seen this episode, but I’ve read that Jon gave one of the sextuplets gum on the ski trip. Jodi has also seen them give the kids gum when they are out, as a way to keep them quiet.

I also hate gum, but when I leave my children in the care of someone else, I don't expect them to follow all of my likes and dislikes. Jodi has seen their own parents give them gum, she obviously felt they could handle it, and they were in HER home. She ran the risk of gum getting into her carpet and on her furniture. She gave them specific instructions about the gum--they were to give it to her when they were done and she asked them not to swallow it.

When Jodi watches my kids, I tell her she has my blessing to do whatever makes her life easier. She is a loving, responsible mother, and I don’t care about stains and candy/gum when they are in her care. Doesn't an aunt have the right to spoil her nieces and nephews? I know what Jodi feeds her kids and how health conscious she is. My main concern is that I don't have to worry because my children are loved and cared for as if they were her own. That, to me, is priceless.

So keep in mind that as I watch the episode, I’m looking at it from a little different perspective than most. Those who know Jodi were extremely offended by this episode. It wasn’t the editing, but the actual comments made by Jon and Kate. She’s also had complete strangers come up to her, and tell her how sorry they are about “the gum”. Jodi never called her family and friends trying to get sympathy. She doesn’t even like discussing the show with anyone. Everyone sought her out.

Let me try to explain why this is so upsetting to watch.

Within the first two minutes of the show, I was disgusted with Kate. She’s explaining the filming of eight special days, one after the other over a span of a few weeks. She goes on to say that it becomes a lot of days for the little kids to go to Aunt Jodi’s when they’re used to being at home every day. “They’re getting tired of going to Aunt Jodi’s.” Hold on—even if that were true, which I really doubt, is that something that needs to be said? It was President’s Day, so the older kids were also at home. That leaves Jodi with 11 kids to watch. “They’re getting tired of it, and I don’t blame them.” You’ve got to be kidding me!! She actually said it twice!

I find it VERY hard to believe that the kids would be tired of going to Aunt Jodi’s house. They get to relax and have fun with their cousins. It just makes me wonder why she would say that- seemed like a little jab at Jodi to me. Maybe Kate resents the fact that the kids WANT to go to Jodi’s house? That comment didn’t sound like someone who is grateful to the person who provides their child care.

A little more than half way through the episode, they show the scene with Jodi giving the kids the gum. Later, Jon and Kate are explaining what happened during the interview time. Kate says that after Mady was done showing off her earrings-- "we noticed the gum". That wasn't entirely true. I explained in the previous post that Jon and Jodi actually inspected the kids at Jodi's house. So Jon already knew about the gum. Did he tell Kate when he brought the kids home? I do wonder how that all played out. Of course, he just sat there, letting Kate tell the story.

She runs over to Joel and screams "NO WAY!" right in his face. "Who would give you gum? Aunt Jodi just doesn't know the power of six 3 yr olds." I'm sure Jodi is very aware of what it takes to care for her nieces and nephews. It may not be all day/every day, but it was a lot more than was ever shown on TV. Then Kate says, "as I started looking, it was all over the kids clothes, like little pieces of it." Jodi told me that gum was only on the two things--just as was shown on TV. Jon actually inspected the kids with her. I guess Kate had to try and justify her behavior. She acted that way because gum was "all over the kids clothes". That gives her the right to freak out and terrorize her son--she was sooo stressed! This is again, one of Kate's exaggerations. Just on the most recent episode about the sextuplet's 4th birthday, she said Jon wouldn't like to change a hundred kids. Eight is a far cry from one hundred.

Kate then calls into the next room, "Collin, if your bear has gum on it, I'm throwing it in the trash. I'm not getting it out!" She then goes into laundry and stain removal. She says, "no more gum at Aunt Jodi's. That's just plain ludicrous!!" She goes into how they're going away and she has to pack. "Honestly, I don't know what people are thinking. I love Jodi, but I don't know what would possess her to give six 3 yr olds gum when they are in her care." More laundry talk and then she says she throwing the bear away. Collin is crying. Mady steps up and tries to explain, but Kate just yells at her, "We don't chew gum when we're 3!!"

This entire scene is just heartbreaking to watch! I feel for Jodi because I think Kate's reaction and her comments do make her seem irresponsible. IMO, her comments were very hurtful and unfair. She made it seem like Jodi was out of her mind to give the kids gum. Well, Kate's also said she'd never attempt to do projects with her own kids like Jodi does with them. Jodi isn't obsessed with laundry and messes. She knows the importance of allowing the kids to just be kids. If she chooses to allow the kids to do different things when they are with her, I don't see anything wrong with that. Let me just remind everyone that she has seen J&K give their own kids gum on several different occasions.

What I think is even worse than the comments, is the scene with Collin. I honestly wished Kate would have walked up to Jodi's house and taken out her frustrations on Jodi. She's an adult and she can handle herself. I'm sure as Jodi was watching the scene unfold on TV, completely unaware of what had happened after they left her home, she wished the same thing. Jodi felt horrible for what Collin had to endure. She would have gladly taken the "wrath of Kate" to spare Collin. Also, keep in mind that what was shown apparently wasn't the worst of her reaction.

To be continued...

[8 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Gumgate 1

Gumgate 1
Jul 10, 2008

During one of our conversations around the middle of April, Jodi asked me if I had happened to watch the episode that aired that week. The last show I had watched was Sextuplets turn 3, which was about 6 months prior to this. She said if I still had it taped, I should watch it. I asked why, but she wouldn’t give me any information. She just said she wanted my opinion on something. So I went back and found “Mady’s Day” and was curious about what I was going to see. From the very first minute of the show, I was irritated. I’ll get to the show in my next post, but I just have to give a little more information so everyone knows where I’m coming from.

After I watched, we immediately got on web cam and my first question was, “did Kate tell you about this before it aired?” I know that they receive the episode a week or so before it airs, so I thought surely Kate would have warned Jodi or had said something. Not a word. The next thing I asked was, “has she said anything to you since it aired?” Our conversation took place on Wednesday or Thursday that week, so a few days had gone by. Not a word!

I then asked her if she had any clue what had happened. She said that when Jon picked up the kids that day, that they noticed the gum on Joel’s sock, and inspected all of the kids. There was only a speck of gum on Joel’s sock and Collin’s bear, just as was shown on TV. Kate called Jodi, and said no more gum, and I don’t think their conversation gave Jodi any indication as to what had happened after the kids left her house. About a week later, someone from the crew made a comment to Jodi about "the gum", but I can't elaborate on what else was said.

As I watched this episode, I knew that February and March were extremely busy for Jodi. They were filming the one on one days, and on several of the days, the older kids were out of school due to President’s Day, a snow day and spring break. She had 11 kids on those days. Then they filmed the hair plugs episode the end of March and Jodi had all of the kids for 3 FULL days. So knowing all of this, and then watching the episode that aired a few weeks later---I was disgusted with both Jon and Kate!

I told Jodi how sorry I was, and we discussed my observations of what aired. I think the editing does sometimes make Jodi appear to be passive or a little ditsy (at least what I've seen), but I think part of that is contrasting the two personalities for the show. Most people would look meek and mild if they were being compared to Kate. What bothered me more than the editing were the actual comments by Jon and Kate during the interview. They were giving the impression that Jodi lets the kids walk all over her, which I know is not true. Just because she can handle the kids without screaming and yelling, doesn't mean there are no rules and she lets the kids go wild. Jodi's kids are the most well behaved kids I've been around, and I've seen her discipline her children. She is not a doormat! She always treats her children with respect and they respect her.

She said that many were criticizing her because the editing and J&K's comments made her look like she was irresponsible. I couldn't believe this! I didn't know what she was talking about! Well, curiosity got the best of Jodi, and she went on the TWoP discussion board to see what was being said. That board was being heavily monitored by J&K, and every once in a while, Jodi would also do a little reading. She sent me the link, and that's when my eyes were opened. As I stated before, I had stopped watching the show, so other than what Jodi would tell me about her own experiences, I didn't really know what was going on in the episodes.

After I read some of the posts, I saw that although there were some critical comments about Jodi, the majority were criticizing J&K. That's where I heard the term "GumGate"--I actually laughed out loud! As I was reading, I kept wondering who these people were. I was confident that some of them had to know J&K personally, or at least have some sort of "inside" knowledge. I couldn't believe how they could possibly piece everything together, just by watching a 30 minute episode. How did they know so much? How could they see through the charade, and know what was really going on? It was all so fascinating! I posted on there a few times, but didn't say who I was. I was quickly banned because I forgot to put "IMO", and stated something as fact. I decided to just be a lurker and found the whole thing rather entertaining. IMO, it was a lot more entertaining than the show.

[7 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Twisted-Part 3

[Note from iwhyawli: I'm not sure where "Twisted - Part 1" and "Twisted - Part 2" are ... perhaps still on her blog? ]

Twisted-Part 3
Jul 6, 2008

Another example is when Kate told Jodi she wasn't giving her the choice to be part of the show. Kate told her that it was to "save their relationship". Like Jodi should be thankful, maybe even grateful that Kate was actually doing her a favor. Does she really think Jodi is that gullible?!

Jodi had already had several conversations with different "people" involved with the show, all telling her the same story about Kate and her refusal to let Jodi get paid. Kevin already had two lengthy conversations with Kate about that very issue. Not once did their "relationship" come up. It was all about money and CONTROL!!

When Jodi was initially contacted about getting paid, the "person" said it was standard in the industry to give a contract to recurring people on reality shows. They said that she couldn't sign anything, so they were working on an "honorarium", but they had an "obstacle" to work around. Jodi and Kevin questioned them, and that's when they found out that Kate was the obstacle. They were told that when this person initially mentioned a contract for Jodi before the filming of season 2, Kate said, "If anyone else gets paid, we're done!" Jodi was asked not to tell Kate about the conversation because this person was "scared", and that she needed to be "patient". Kevin and Jodi didn't want to believe that Kate would do something like that, especially to them. They didn't feel comfortable going behind her back or taking the word of someone else without talking to their own FAMILY. They didn't want to be secretive or do anything that could potentially come between their "relationship" with J&K. They went against the advice and asked Kate, which I feel was the right thing for them to do. Kevin and Jodi have integrity and family means something to them.

So when Kevin went down and asked Kate what was going on, the first thing she did was yell into the other room, "Jon, If anyone else gets paid, we are done!" Then, she changed her tune and laughed at Kevin. She actually clapped her hands in his face for emphasis, as you've seen her do on TV... "You are nothing!" "Nobody cares about you!" "This is about us!" She later said that she was relaying what the "people" involved with the show told her. Although, she wasn't aware of the several other conversations that Jodi had with those "people" telling her the complete opposite. As soon as Kevin left (it was later found out), she was on the phone, putting a stop to any prospect of Jodi getting paid, and working out the hiring of a third party. I'm sure there was a lot of scrambling going on with the people from the show because they went against Kate and tried to work out something for Jodi.

A few days later, Jodi told Kate that she didn't care about the contract, and money had never been her motive. Kate twisted things around again. She said that she couldn't ALLOW Jodi to continue to be on the show because she wasn't going to get paid (because the network didn't care about her) and "Who would do that for free? Who would open their home, be filmed and not get paid?" Interesting, Kate--Jodi had been doing that for two years already, completely unaware that being paid was even an option.

At that point, Kate had already worked out the deal to "hire" the third party to take Jodi's place with child care. She allowed Jenny to sign a contract and be paid by the network, the very thing that she told Jodi the network wouldn't agree to. Her story just isn't adding up!!

[6 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - The Kindness of Strangers

[Note from iwhyawli. In this post especially, it is clear that the relationship at TWOP/GWOP has been established and is secure and has been for quite some time. ]

The Kindness of Strangers
June 30, 2008

This is the post that I made on May 3 on my personal blog that I referenced in "Do Unto Others". Although I was referring to J&K in the second to last paragraph, I didn't come out and say anything to warrant the comment that was left.

The past two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind. I can't believe the range of emotions I have gone through, but now that things have calmed down a bit, I look back and I'm truly surprised where this journey has taken me.I opened myself up to people I've never met. I took a stand for something I believe in, and I stayed true to who I am. It's been quite a roller coaster ride, and it's amazing how you take a step in one direction and a chain of events beyond your control leads you somewhere you didn't even know existed.

When I first stepped out beyond my comfort zone, I had a goal in mind, and I never imagined things would have turned out the way they have.I've gone through some very stressful, frightening events, but on my journey, I've met some truly amazing people. I'm not sure how this adventure will end, but along the way, I have gained trust and friendship in people that I've never even met. I'm amazed at the kindness that some strangers have shown me, and this just reaffirms to me that although the world can be cruel, there are still good people out there. People who are willing to fight for justice and put their necks out there to help someone they don't really even know.

I've also learned that when put in certain circumstances, your true character will be revealed. It's easy to keep up an image when things are going well, but when push comes to shove--how do you respond? I love the quote "Adversity doesn't build reveals it". I feel very deeply that is it possible to overcome the sinful responses of human nature and make conscious decisions to change and be a better person. It's very easy to use the past as a crutch, but we each make decisions in life and have the choice to be the person we want to be. There is nothing that bothers me more than to hear the excuse "that's just who I am". I think that's pathetic and weak and the easy way out. I know many people who have chosen to break the cycle, made the decision to be different, and created a better life for their family. It's not impossible. It isn't easy, but it can be done.

So as I look back on the events of the last few weeks, I am grateful for the lessons I have learned. I'm happy to say that I have stayed true to myself. I've maintained my stand on the importance of honesty and trust and somewhere along the way I have made new friends. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and although there have been some bumps in the road, I was meant to meet these wonderful ladies and form new friendships.

[5 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - No More Aunt Jodi

No More Aunt Jodi
June 25, 2008

I want to discuss the REAL reason that Jodi has been cut from the show. I'm sure most of you won't be surprised, because it's been a recurring theme: CONTROL!! "It's all about ME". God forbid that Jodi gets a little attention. "You make me look worse"--sorry Kate, you don't need much help with that. You do a pretty good job on your own.

But the real slap in the face was when "someone" approached Jodi and wanted to offer her a contract to continue the show. Of course, Jodi was very excited!

She could actually get paid for being on the show and watching the kids--she had already been doing that for years. Who wouldn't be excited?!Come to find out, Kate stopped that from happening before filming of the 2nd season. All along--for 2 yrs-- Jodi could have been paid for opening up her home to the world, being on camera, but Kate said "NO WAY!!" "No one gets paid but us!" "No one makes money off MY family!" Oh, there's so much more--all to the ONLY family members who would have anything to do with them (or were allowed). To the ONLY family who had been there, helped them, supported them, even before the sextuplets were born. Other members of the family had tried in the past, but had already been cut off.

To actually ACCUSE them of being there for the money!

BUT Jodi didn't walk away--she has her reasons, and it's not because she's a doormat. She told Kate she'd continue because it wasn't about money. She wants a relationship with the kids. Kate couldn't allow Jodi to have a contract, yet she didn't have a problem with giving it to someone else--someone who hasn't even been in their life. DISGUSTING!! So now that the network will pay for childcare/other help, Jodi's "services" are no longer needed. She's been used for what Kate needed at the time, and tossed aside like her garbage.

Now--Kate doesn't have time to work Jodi into her busy life. Jodi is a stay at home mom with 4 young children. Kevin is the hardest working man I know. Why would she prevent her FAMILY from getting paid for something they were already doing? It's not like the network was going to deduct it from HER money. She already had her contract. How could someone be that cruel? Does family mean nothing? Words can't describe my feelings about this!!!

[4 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Let's Get It Started

[4 of 13]
Let's Get It Started
June 25, 2008

I feel like I need to rewind a little to fill everyone in. If you've read my previous posts, you'll come to find out that I'm Jodi's sister. I just want to start out by saying that I don't hate Jon and Kate, and I don't have any other motive in what I'm about to say, other than to tell the truth. I'm not judging them, and I'm not trying to be their moral conscience.

Jodi and I are very close, and although we live several hours apart, we talk almost daily. We both have web cams and it's a great way to feel like we're together, even though we can't see each other as often as we'd like. We vacation together, watch each other's kids and stay connected as much as we can.

Jodi has been involved with Jon and Kate's kids since the twins were born. She traveled (I think it was about an hour each way) to watch the twins while Kate worked. At that time, Jodi also had 2 young kids of her own. Jodi is the sweet, genuine person that everyone sees on TV. She adores children and has a special patience with them. After the sextuplets were born, we all know that Jon and Kate moved into Jodi's neighborhood, partly because of the support Jodi and Kevin gave them.

When Jon and Kate got the series, of course, it was exciting to think that we would be seeing people we knew on TV. I watched the first season, but found myself not really enjoying it. I'm not going to get into all of that right now, but I just wanted to let everyone know that I hadn't been watching the show. I have it set on my DVR and when I saw an episode that I knew Jodi would be on, I'd watch it or fast forward until she was on. I hadn't really watched much of season 2 or 3 until I heard about the episode with the gum.

I knew Jodi had been watching all of the kids while they were filming the one on one days. It was around that time that she had also traveled with them on several different trips for the show. So I went back and watched a few episodes, and I found myself very irritated with what I saw, especially knowing all of the "inside" information that goes along with the filming. Around that time, someone sent me a link to the TWoP board. I had never really looked up anything related to the show. None of my friends watch the show, so I didn't know what other's opinions were or what was being said in their speaking engagements.

I spent some time reading some discussion boards, and found it really interesting. I was amazed by what some of the viewers were able to pick up on by only watching the shows. I started asking Jodi some questions and she helped fill the blanks. Also around that time, there was some other "behind the scenes" controversy going on, which I will get to. It was only after a conversation on web cam that I noticed something was wrong. That's the beauty of web cam, it's more personal than a phone call, and I could see that she was visibly upset. She told me what was going on, and as the older, protective sister that I am, I wanted to take action. I wanted to cheer her up.

That's when I decided to start that group on Facebook to support Jodi. Things were going well for about two weeks and everyone responded in such a positive way. I didn't reveal my identity until the night before the comments started and I closed the group the next day. I started this blog a few days after I received the comment on my other (personal) blog. It started out more as therapy for me. I wanted to respond to the "cyberbully", but I wasn't sure how. I kept the blog private and then stopped reading everything and thinking about it for a few weeks. This was my first venture out into cyberspace and it was a little overwhelming.

The more I thought about it, the more I felt like I wanted to speak out. I didn't tell any lies and I've never been nasty or deceptive. I don't appreciate being called a liar in a public forum, especially when I know the depth of deceptions that are going on surrounding the show. I didn't like the fact that someone was trying to intimidate me, to keep me quiet. I didn't want to give in. So I've decided to come forward and tell my own personal experience and knowledge of the situation.

[3 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts: Let's Make a Deal

[Note from iwhyawli: I added the green emphasis because it ties into a remark I made later in the Comments section]

Let's Make a Deal
June 25, 2008

I talk about what is bothering me, and you leave me alone! I think the viewers deserve to know the TRUTH about why Jodi will no longer be on the show. The new season will be aired soon and I'm sure the viewers are going to wonder why Jodi is no longer going to be seen. She does live right around the corner. She's been involved with the kids going back to when the twins were babies. Jon and Kate moved into HER neighborhood because of the amount of support Kevin and Jodi gave them. Why all of a sudden would she just disappear? I'm sure it will be talked about in some future episodes, probably because the producer will know that the public will want an answer. I can guess it will go something like this..."We can't expect Jodi to continue to help us, she has her own family".If you'd like to discuss something with me, then I suggest you contact me in an appropriate way and we can chat. Don't be a coward, making anonymous threats, we can talk about this in a civilized way. If you choose to start harassing me, then I will have no other option than to tell EVERYTHING I know. The choice is yours.

[2 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others
June 25, 2008

I'd like to address some things that my "lovely" commenter had to say. For those of you who are reading my family blog, the post was "The Kindness of Strangers". The black text was the comment left on my personal blog that I mentioned in my previous post.

This is in response to your latest blog entry. I have a feeling I know exactly what "adversity" you overcame. I actually wasn't referring to myself when I put the quote on my blog. I was referring to Jon perceiving what I had to say as being threatening in some way. I believe his true character was revealed by the comments you have been leaving me. He could have very easily messaged me on Facebook, but instead, he's decided to call "his people" to take care of me. Maybe he is even writing some of this himself?

If you are talking about how you foolishly tried to create a Kate Gosselin hatesite and FAILED miserably when Kate's husband caught wind of it and had you shut down. Why would you give Jon credit for shutting down my Facebook group? I thought you were supposed to just be a "fan"? It's funny because I hear that Jon told Kevin that HE had my group shut down, and now you are also saying the same thing. If I shut down the group due to some vulgar, nasty comments about Jodi, all of this would lead me to believe that either Jon or his "accomplice" have been harassing me and saying horrible things about Jodi. Why would Jon take credit for it and why would YOU give him credit for it, if he isn't behind this? Is this the hardship you are talking about? And then you talk about how there is good in this world and bad as well. Let me tell you something. First, let me tell you something. The sole reason I started my group was to support Jodi. It was not intended to have anything to do with Kate. I left the group public and I was actually hoping Jon and Kate would read it, and see the loyalty MY family has to each other. The way Jodi has been treated is horrible IMO, and what makes it worse is that it isbeing brought on by "her" extended family.

YOU are the bad in the world. YOU are the scum that has the f&%$ audacity to go public with family secrets and badmouth people within your own family in a public forum. Are you F*&^%kidding me? I certainly did not go public with "family secrets". The only thing I discussed was my opinion on the way Jodi was portrayed in a few episodes, and my opinion on what Jon said about her during the interviews. I never answered any questions about the family. Of course everyone wants to know where the grandparents are, why no one else in the family is involved, etc. But I didn't feel it was my place to comment on that. As I said before, Jodi was the focus of my group, and I didn't discuss anything that didn't deal with her. I actually didn't discuss a lot of things that DO deal with Jodi because the focus of my group was not to portray Kate in a bad light. I was only discussing things from a few episodes, and a lot of what I'm upset about involves "behind the scenes" events. BUT I didn't go there. Now you are woe is me about it because people reacted badly to it. Nothing in my blog would lead you to believe this. You don't know me if you think I'm just going to sit back and have a pity party. "People" didn't react badly. One person/his accomplice have reacted badly. I just wonder what the big threat is? Why is it so bad that I stand up for my sister and show her my support. Why is it threatening that MANY fans show their love and support of Jodi? Well duh you stupid bitch. Of course people are not going to take kindly to some stupid f*@&^ bitch who goes public and talks bad about people they either do not know or people within their own family. Kate and Jon are not MY family, although I do know them and have spent time with them. Don't you think it's a little hypocritical to say this about me, when you are doing the exact same thing you have accused me of doing? What you did was gross and disgusting and now MANY fans of the show associate [you] with traiterous stupid bitch F*&^% C%$$ worst family member ever. Who needs [you] in their family? I think a lot of people would love to have a family member who would put themselves out there to try to do something nice for them. Stand up for them when they aren't being treated fairly. If more families had the loyalty that I have for mine, this world would be a better place. I would prefer not to have my family members be deceitful little c%$#. Nothing I did was deceitful. I actually emailed Jon and welcomed him into my group. And if you're the family member that I suspect you are, you have no room to talk about being deceitful. I'm not sitting behind a computer harassing someone anonymously. You know who I am, and I've never tried to hide it because I haven't done/said anything that should be "secret". I have integrity, and I am NOT a coward. PLEASE don't act the victim here. I certainly am not playing the victim. I chose to vaguely write about my experience on my personal blog that wasn't supposed to be linked to a public discussion board. That was not MY choice. The few people that stood up for you are hateful f%$# wenches themselves whose lives are CONSUMED with bringing Kate Gosselin down. Now you must be talking about what was posted on TWoP. Very interesting...because all of that was deleted within a very short amount of time. The person who posted on TWoP admitted to being the person who also commented on my Facebook group. You're not very good at trying to be sneaky. It's very easy to put two and two together. I actually happen to have a hardcopy transcript of the posts you left on TWoP. I guess I might just have to share that with everyone. If you've got NOTHING nice to say then DON'T say anything at all. I think you should follow your own advice. Or at least don't go around acting like you were wounded from what transpired and act like YOU are the good guy in all of this. [you]=STUPID BITCH. that has a nice ring to it.Now that YOU and a bunch of other hateful bitches are trying to bring Kate Gosselin down. If I wanted to bring Kate down, there are MANY things I could have discussed. I guess that's the difference between you and me. I still feel a small sense of loyalty because Kate is a remote family member. I really want to believe that she doesn't know that I am being harassed and you are saying horrible things about Jodi--the person Kate appreciates and is still involved with their life. I and a few other fans are dedicated to bringing YOU and your f%$# ugly sister down as well. F%$# you and have a nice day. I think there may be a little hope for you after all. You did say "please" and "have a nice day", so that's a start. Before you get your next set of orders, please encourage Jon to read his "Mission Statement" again.

[1 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - What's Done in Secret

What's Done in Secret
June 25, 2008

The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out. ~Thomas Babington Macaulay

I thought I'd fill everyone in on the reason I decided to start this blog. Jodi is truly the sweet, genuine person that she appears to be on TV. There were several events that took place a few weeks ago which really hurt and upset Jodi. So I decided to start a group on Facebook dedicated to Jodi so the fans would be able to show their support for her. I wanted to do something to cheer her up and let her know that she is touching others in a positive way. I received many emails and posts from people sharing so many positive and supportive comments.

Unfortunately, one person had the ruin the fun for others. I decided to close the group, not because I was intimidated, but I didn't want Jodi to be hurt by this person and their nasty comments. I also didn't want any controversy to be attached to her. I had no idea that some would have such a strong opinion about people that they didn't even know. I found it bizarre that some really thought the TV show was "real"--it was like they actually thought they "knew" them.

After the group was closed, this same person decided to attack me in a different public forum. It's very interesting because I wasn't posting on that board. The Facebook group was actually the first time I had posted anything, anywhere. I hadn't watched the show since the first season, and I didn't even know there were discussion boards about the show. In my Facebook group, I only commented on issues that dealt with Jodi. I actually didn't even tell anyone I was Jodi's sister until the day before I closed the group. I didn't answer any personal questions about the family or give away any "family secrets". Although Jon and Kate really aren't my family, I still felt a sense of loyalty and didn't want to cross any lines. I would never put Jodi in a position that would make her uncomfortable or cause problems with them.

After I read what was posted about me, I knew that lines had been crossed and that someone very close to the situation was involved. This person didn't care that I was a remote family member. I decided to let it go. This just showed the maturity level of this person, and what their true character is.

More than a week went by. I was silent. Then a link to my personal blog was discovered and leaked to a discussion board. Obviously this person has nothing better to do with his time than read numerous discussion boards. The same day the link was posted, this same person decided to comment on my blog--trying to send me a not so subtle message. My personal blog is about MY family. I do not blog about the show because it really isn't part of my life, so the comments that were left were completely out of line. That is going a little too far. The things that were said not only attacked me, but also Jodi. It's one thing to come after me, but it went too far to bring Jodi into it. I suspect the person behind this knows me and could very easily talk to me without name calling and threats. Is this the way this person operates...a cowardly cyberbully?? I'm a reasonable person, and if you don't like something I said, just realize that I'm entitled to my opinion. We can discuss it in a mature way, but name calling and threats aren't the way to get what you want. So I now feel compelled to break my silence.