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Reason #104,331 Why I Suspect that I'm Not from the Planet

Hello! The last of iwhyawli's Thanksgiving house guests are now returning to their own homes and iwhyawli can FINALLY come out of hiding. I made certain to clear our computer's browser history and cookie cache and am pleased to report that my secret identity remains secret (I think). I hope you all enjoyed a fantastic holiday.

So, I'm reading where Jon elected to go snowboarding whilst claiming he'd spend the day with grandma. Was there any reason he couldn't just respond "I'm going snowboarding with friends" when asked to tell his holiday plans? Or, how about "none of your business"? Why drag grandma into anything? Truth be told, unless it's a story reporting how Jon choked on a turkey bone, I don't really care what he did for Thanksgiving. I also don't care why Tiger Woods drove his car into a fire hydrant/tree. Some news-reporting woman on CNN yesterday stated that "we are entitled to an explanation." Oddly, I don't feel entitled to an explanation. In fact, I hope Tiger Woods never offers anyone an explanation. It's no one's business, but I'm glad to see Gloria Allred's on the scene to defend yet another undeserving damsel in distress.

Poor Jodi and Kevin just can't catch a break, can they? Gloria has just dumped them for a bigger fish. It must be somewhat hard to get anyone to take your child advocate initiative thing seriously when your lawyer is chasing after every gold-digging homewrecker in the continental USA. How in the world did Deanna-the-teacher, Katie v 2.0 , Stephanie Snuffalupagus and Hailey Glassman all manage to slip through Gloria's net?