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Recording November's Poll Results for Posterity

What a shame that Hailey's considerable talents as a girl-girl boxing referee in seedy airport hotels didn't come to light before gwopwop's November's poll. So sad, too bad. I am otherwise forced to record herein for posterity the overwhelming sentiment that Hailey's best offering to prospective employers is her willingness to sleep with fat guys. Ha.

As a new semi-single woman, which of Hailey Glassman's skills offer the most value to prospective employers in the event she "decides to get a job."

Home Wrecking 20 (18%)

Media Whoring 34 (31%)

Fake Crying 27 (24%)

Hurling lame
homophobic insults
at tabloid bloggers 21 (19%)

to sleep with
fat guys 74 (67%)

Sitting on ass
all day doing
nothing 36 (33%)

Bizarro GWOP Analogies

Yeah, nobody can turn a phrase like the GWOPPERS*. I'm gonna use this thread for all the oddball analogies I find at GWOP that just don't seem to pack the punch they hoped for.

Here's a prime example from Shoshanna:

Kate, dancing?

Like watching the Tin Man in a blond wig.

Keep in mind we're now on Week 4 almost Week 5 past the last aired episode and the GWOPPERS are still gwopping.

*Note to GWOPPERS: This is another example of sarcasm.