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Quintessential GWOP

So of course I was eager to drop by GWOP to read what the nutcases had to say about Jon's crushing defeat in court today, but guess what? There's no mention of Jon's crushing defeat in court at GWOP. This topic must be too painful for Sharla. Perhaps it's too soon. The wound may be too raw. Sharla could very well be parked on her shrink's couch trying to work through all the anger and disappointment of today. It's just so unfair, isn't it Sharla? How much longer before one of your sockpuppets posts the Judge's e-mail address? Tick tock, babe.

Although disappointed (but not shocked) that there's no mention of this historic day in Jon Gosselin history at GWOP, I wasn't disappointed (or shocked) to stumble upon Sharla's post regarding School Bus Gate. In order to catch their school bus, apparently the kids must get up at some hour that is earlier than the rules of child advocacy allow. The post and its comments are quintessential GWOP.

I try to think of the right word for people like Sharla and her readers. "Creepy" seems to fit best. The level of scrutiny that she subjects other parents to is .... just plain creepy. Clearly something very, very bad must have happened in Sharla's own childhood and all other parents (with the possible exception of her own parents) will pay for it. Perhaps more likely, Sharla herself is a shitty parent and digging into other parents makes herself feel better. I've checked my Inbox, Sharla. Your application to gwopwop's Parenting Study still isn't in it. I don't understand the delay.

Y'all keep in mind that the show is off the air and has been for almost 3 weeks now. That's all the GWOPPERS ever wanted if we're to believe their "What We Want" statement (cough). Well, there's been no filming and no recent pictures. For all we know, the kids are now in high school and the boys are sporting full beards. So all that 'public servant' stuff that Sharla said about keeping the blog open as long as other people still wanted to talk about the Gosselins? Horse crap. What she meant was ... Sharla will keep the blog open as long as she wants to talk about the Gosselins and their so-called shitty parenting.

If concocted charges like School Bus Gate are any example, that blog ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

Oh joy.

TLC 1 Jon 0

Gee, I wonder what does Jon has to say about the Judge's ruling today. Oh wait.... He can't say anything about it. He lost. HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

Jon's Big Day in Court

Don't know about y'all but I cannot WAIT to hear today's courtroom events.
Should be humorous in a painfully pathetic sort of way. Oh how I wish this trial was taped/filmed. :: cries:: Doesn't it seem like we are WAY overdue for the very obvious next generation Reality TV Show --- ie., show depicting the various courtroom antics of all these Reality TV "stars". That's some Reality TV, I'd like to see.

Pray Tell

What in heck is Hailey wearing on her head? To me it looks like that bag of stuff I had to pull out of the turkey's ass on Thanksgiving morning. Now I know what it's used for.