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Open Discussion: 8/15 to 8/28

Have at it, y'all !

I've extended last week's open discussion thread a few more days. I'll be travelling out to LA LA land this week and travelling usually means more time for gwopwopping. Yay! Maybe Sharla\Peri and I can get together for coffee and dessert while I'm out there. [Have your people call my people, Sharla]. As always, I look forward to this week's episode. Didn't get to comment on last week's visit to the battleship, barbershop and wherever the twins went. The show was cute enough for me. I stopped reading GWOP after the 90th comment on barbershop-gate. I'm also officially promoting the twin girls from cute to gorgeous. They will be unstoppable as they continue to get older. They have it all to offer...smarts, looks, personality, creativity, confidence, etc. etc.

Your favorite bits from Hailey's Big Interview

Let's see. I'm torn between:

"I stay in my house with my parents where I feel safe. Take my 15 minutes, you can have it back. Please take it back!"


"He's my first love."

Both are stunningly hilarious. What were your favorite parts of the big interview?

An Observation of An Observation

In the early history of this blog, I used to meander over to GWOP to pluck one of their plum comments and bring it over here for some public mockery. But then I discovered that no one finds GWOP's dumb comments faster than the princesses and that they're the best in the industry when it comes to funny, one-line snark. Once I found their site, I pretty much stopped posting GWOP comments over here and tried to limit my mockery to extremely long, boring and poorly written editorials (just like GWOP). :: cries ::
But! I've also noticed that the princesses don't post pictures. And I do. And today I just happened to find a GWOP comment that begs for illustrative mockery. Readers, I bring to you the observations of a GWOPPER named "An Observation" followed by my own observations. Confusing, I know but so is the poster called "An Observation."
Part I:
An Observation said...
One thing I've noticed in the pictures...Khate grabs the kids' faces and bends over to kiss them (photo op) keeping a good bit of distance between her body and theirs. Jon on the other hand hugs them close to him as a parent should. Is it any mystery why they cling to Jon? With all his faults he still shows himself to be the more loving parent.
8/16/2009 7:33 AM

Part II:
iwhyawli's observation of the observations by the GWOP poster known as "An Observation" (source:
Exhibit A
Exhibit B

Happy Sunday, y'all.