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Serena, am I supposed to work or not?

It appears the GWoPpers have said all that can be said about Kate's haircut and (thankfully) they have now moved on to her work and work schedule. Something Kate said during the Season Premier has got them all worked up.

Don't take this the wrong way, Serena, but I'm never quite sure what the GWoP Rules of Motherhood are. I mean if I were to abandon "sheepledom" in favor of "GWoPperhood", it's a little stressful not knowing whether I'd fit it over there.

1. My hair is not long and stringy.

2. We believe in God. I'm not sure if my husband would be willing to renounce God but perhaps we can agree to practice our religion in secret. You know, like they do communist Russia. In our basesment ... in the middle of the night... no lights on... whispered voices.

3. I work.

4. I work even though I don't have to work.

5. I travel for work.

6. I probably travel more than Kate does.

7. And my husband doesn't work at home like Jon does.

8. Our nanny is not named Aunt Jodi or Beth.

So far our 3 kids definitely seem to be turning out "okay" but I suppose you'll be the judge of that too. Afterall, your crucification of Jon & Kate does seem to indicate that you've very clear ideas on what a "normal, happy kid " is.

After you finish writing the "Official Rules of GWopper-hood" if you could be a dear and formally define "normal, happy kid" for us, we'd like to start feeling badly about that too.

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