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National Ability Center PWNS fostersmom

BWAHA HAH HAH HAH HAHA HA ... too funny.

With special thanks to "Ishatziedmyself" for reporting in with this GWOP smackdown from the National Ability Center:

National Ability Center said...
To JustWondering & Script Chick, the footage of Jon snowboarding with the National Ability Center was shot late this spring at Park City Mountain Resort.

"As someone with two degrees in special education," fostersmom should understand that "handicaps" and "handicapped" are hardly used anymore. Individuals with disabilities should not have to tolerate being called "handicapped" any more than we tolerate racial, ethnic or religious slurs.

As for Kate, she is welcome to come out to the Ability Center anytime. We know she isn't much for the snow, but we have extended the invitation to come (with or without cameras) during the summer if that would be more enjoyable for her.
6/03/2009 8:08 AM


mdew said...

Possibly fostersmom's two degrees in special education are 8th grade and high school

Troll Hunter said...

lol at mdew's comment.

Troll Hunter said...

Just Wondering is Just Annoying!

When I am just wondering about something I just google it.