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Once upon a time about a million years ago (ie., July), gwopwop launched a contest where the readers can earn points (prizes? my admiration?) for posting links to pictures that feature Jon posing with other no talent, scumbag celebrities. I called it "Jon Gosselin's Celebrity Scum Pool".

In the days, weeks and months since, Jon's been photographed doing everything and everyone (har, har) BUT posing with other no talent, scumbag celebrities. The game never really got off the ground, and I promptly and completely forgot all about it.

Fortunately tho, we have readers who kept the faith and KNEW Jon wouldn't disappoint.

Gwopwop is pleased to report that the poster known as "It Will Happen" is on the JGCSP scoreboard!

Yes folks, there's been a Jon & Joe Francis sighting and get this, it's just days (if not hours) within Jon's big epiphany. That should be worth extra points I think.

Here's the proof:

Good job, IWH! Thanks for today's chuckle. I award you 5,000,435 points. You'll be tough to beat although I'm certain a photo with Jon and Danny Bonaduce isn't far off.

To commemorate this exciting, ground-breaking event, I've pulled It Will Happen's point-winning submission out of the "Jon Gosselin on Larry King" thread and repost it below to be admired by all.

It Will Happen said...
Iwhy's celebrity scum pool for Jon.

It did happen!

How did Jon hook up w/Joe Francis? Points please - can't wait until Mickey Rourke beats the shit out of Jon. :)-


It Will Happen said...

Heidi Fleiss

Mickey Rourke - he ends up beating the shit out of Jon when Jon tries to talk bikes.

Joe Francis – producer of Girls Gone Wild

Jason Mesnick - The Bachelor

Bruce Jenner

July 23, 2009 6:50 AM

October 2, 2009 12:53 PM

Jon Gosselin on Larry King

I wanted to reach through the TV Screen tonite and punch Jon's bloated face. And I would have done it were it not for fear of cutting my hand on the fake diamond earrings.

What a complete pig.

Now I'm no rocket scientist and I certainly don't know anything about divorcing, but here's a wild guess. A possibly more effective way to smooth things over with your soon-to-be ex-wife might be to refrain from mentioning the love and devotion to your girlfriend. Call me crazy.

The whole motorcycle thing? Hilarious. "I don't care about the motorcycle" but just in case TLC might give it to me, hey, why not ask for it ? In writing. From my lawyer. But I didn't care about it.

No surprise there. Mark Heller epitomizes the sleezeball lawyer. Cheap polyester suit, 1970's tie, greasy uncombed hair ... yep, the whole package. I could almost see the flies buzzing about his head. The brother of Jon's "manager." Yeah, no publicity agenda there that I can see. (eyeroll).

I suggest Mark Heller get back to his musty, unkempt office and check his mail. There appears to be a letter from the arbitrator and God knows who else that's been overlooked. Did he think Kate's co-counsel was lying about the arbitrator's decision? Was Heller not knowing about the arbitrator's decision relevant to anything? It must have been. (eyeroll). He said he didn't know anything about the arbitrator's decision at least three times. No worries, Mark. We're all sure you're completely plugged into this case.

Meanwhile, Hailey sits at home --- icing her new boobs while listening to her first love not deny all his sexual relationships with other women. Ha ha ha ! The word evasive comes to mind. Why do I think that there at least one "stained blue dress"out there just waiting to contradict Jon's unequivocal denial.

If I had to guess--neither Kate or TLC care whether the show continues. The ratings are dropping. Heck, TLC may have been hoping for an easy way to halt production without having to breach the contract themselves. They play Jon like a violin. Both Kate and TLC clearly seem well on their way to new and bigger things. If Kate can earn money for herself and the kids in a way that doesn't require the kids to be on TV, who wouldn't go that route? That's not an admission that the show is harmful. It's just easier all around. Unfortunately, Jon is incapable of supporting his family of 8 and so a mother's gotta do what a mother's gotta do.

Speaking of supporting his family. Jon will never work on TV again. No network will hire that crybaby. Yep, I'm afraid it's back to the Help Desk for you, Jon. A fate I wouldn't wish on anyone.

HELP WANTED: Translator

When Jon says "I regret my conduct", what does he really mean?

To me, he means "I just read a copy of the divorce settlement and lost just about everything."

What do you think he means?

NEWS ALERT: Jon Fired!

Much thanks to QuiltArt for reporting in with some exciting news. This damn job of mine prevents me from reading it right now (grumble) but that's no reason why everyone else can't get started ....

I also missed last night's episode due to travel. Arrrrgh!


Quiltart said...
Iwhy, I don't know if this is the right place or if you prefer to start a new topic, but it's been announced that TLC has changed the name of the show to "Kate + 8" and that Jon will only be on the show in a limited manner.


GWOP Subject Matter

We can all agree there's not much to write about these days that pertains to the Gosselins. Either Jon has suffered a debilitating stroke or he's finally taking iwhyawli's advice to reign it in. And by "it", I mean his cocktail weenie.

So given this new "hiatus", I've stopped in at GWOP to see how the child advocates at GWOP choose to fill the gap.

Do they choose to write about that creepy couple who kidnapped Jaycee?


Jon Phillips ?


Gosh, after posting their grief for Michael Jackson some weeks ago, I would have bet my lunch that someone would have already weighed in on the horribly unfair treatment of Roman Polanski, the greatest movie director of all time. Why this guy's mug isn't already carved into Mount GWOPmore up there next to Aunt Jodi, I surely do not know. Maybe it's because it was only a sliver of a quaalude that he gave the girl. Or, as Anjelica Houston said so eloquently put it, she "appeared to be one of those kind of little chicks between -- could be any age up to 25. She did not look like a 13-year-old scared little thing."

Yeah I realize I'm nitpicking and all that, Anjelica. But I wouldn't want Roman Polanski (or you) slipping my daughter a quaalude at any age. If you wouldn't mind, limit that sort of stuff to your own bloodstream, m'kay? Oh sure, Anjelica, I realize it's always much easier to fuck someone else but seriously, try fucking yourself just once.

Is Anjelica Houston related to Whoopi Goldberg ?

I digress.

Seems like I'm forgetting one of this month's major stories regarding child exploitation, and if I am, it's probably because GWOP refuses to utter the words 'child exploitation' unless it pertains something like the storage of cooking wines in Jon and Kate's kitchen.

Some of the most surreal writing at GWOP are the posts that somehow manage to tie Jon & Kate to each and every single world event for the last two years. Every event EXCEPT events pertaining to *real* child exploitation, that is.

[andy rooney] Why is that? [andy rooney]