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Click here for iwhyawli's tongue-in-check version of GWOP's 954,012 posting rules. If you're wondering why GWOP has so many posting rules, you're not alone.

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Cosmetic Enhancements (and New Movie)

Being a parody blog and all, I wanted GWOPwop to remain as true to GWOP's layout and appearance as possible but all those damn posting rules of theirs make iwhyawli cranky. I just had to make a change.

Between the 3-mile long list of rule and that giant picture of the geese, well, I hated scrolling past all that simply to get to the blog's meat and potatoes. I hate scrolling past all that crap over there and I hate doing it here. Why irritate yourself at your own blog?

Iwhyawli also doesn't understand the need for so many posting rules, especially in a moderated forum where the moderators ignore them anyway. That is a post for another day.

I am now working on getting a larger font around here before iwhyawli goes blind.

In the meantime, here is another funny movie from NotABully regarding our friend, BoMo. Thanks, NotABully!

Dear Brianna

Some twit named Brianna sent me a comment that I'll not only publish (vs. print, tsk tsk) but I'll publish it on the main page. Along with my rebuttal, natch.

Brianna says ...
I realize you won't print this but I'll write it anyways.

Why is what Jodi, Kevin and Julie did so reprehensible but a mother selling naked pictures of her kids is fine??

I sort of understand your problem with GWOP but to trash everybody who has a website you don't like is very immature.

Kate has chosen a public life. It is not illegal to criticize her. You are trashing people because you don't like their opinion. Do you know what country this is??

Please have a brain and shut-down this site.

Your hatred is contagious and it will destroy you.

If you actually allow this to be posted, I'll stop thinking Kate is a lousy mother.

Dear Dear Brianna,

Thanks for writing today. Other than your being a complete idiot, how are you? Everything okay? You feeling a little stress today? I am happy to publish your comment and respond to it. Perhaps my response will end the tide of similar comments from your other GWOPPER friends.

Presumably the woman who you claim sells naked pictures of her children is Kate. First, I'll just say quickly that you need to seek professional help.

I haven't seen whatever pictures you're referring to, but I suspect they're cute, innocent pics of the babies in a bathtub or some such thing. The very same cute pics that proud parents everywhere take of their beautiful babies and eventually include in a birth announcement, holiday card, email message, etc. etc.. I bet they're the very same, cute baby pics that have been included in the video montages of every bride and groom during every wedding reception that I've attended in the last 15 years, including my own.

If you think there is something perverted or inappropriate about a picture of a naked baby, you're sick in the head. You have a problem. Get help.

And while you're getting help, ask for a lobotomy. If a mother's decision to include innocent pictures of her naked or clothed babies in her book or on TV is "exploitation", wouldn't Julie's and Aunt Jodi's exploitation of the exploited be even worse? ARE YOU FUCKING MENTALLY RETARDED?

As to "trashing everyone who has a website I don't like", I've zero clue what you're talking about, drama mama. It's not what we do here. Since you're simple-minded, I'll keep this simple. Iwhyawli mocks people (like you) who feel it's your duty to pass judgment on other parents (or anyone). I'll check my e-mail again, Brianna, but I don't believe I've received your GWOPWOP Parenting Application. I'd like to sit in public judgment of your parenting. What's the delay?

Absolutely, it's not illegal to criticize Kate. Is it kind? It is fair? Is it something you'd like done to you? Is there a point to it? No.

We live in America, Brianna. The very same country which allows Kate the freedoms to live, work and raise a family however she chooses. The same country that allows Jon and Kate to produce a TV show and write a book about their children if they want.

Hard to believe, Brianna, but even a dope like you must realize that you asserted your First Amendment right to free speech *and* told me to shut down my blog down in the very same comment.

It's not hatred you're reading here, Brianna, it's humour. We're laughing at you, Brianna. We're laughing at GWOP. We're laughing at Jodi and Aunt Jodi. It's the laughter that is contagious at this site. Hatred is GWOP.

Anyhoo, glad to hear you'll now stop thinking Kate is a lousy mother. You should probably stop sharing all of your thoughts with other people.

Best regards,

Ut-oh! Now Julie is Missing TOO!

We can't very well expect Julie to alert the authorities regarding Serena's recent absence when Julie has now gone missing too! Ut - oh!

Did the truth regarding Aunt Jodi's recent large lump sum mortgage payment accidentally set Julie free?

Julie Kamauf Brown Daugherty! Come out come out from wherever you are! If you're gone for much longer, folks may forget what you look like. Folk may forget your prominent role in breaking the hearts of 8 innocent, little kids.

Fortunately, we have this relatively recent picture of Julie although it wouldn't surprise me if she's now walking about in hats, dark sunglasses and maybe even a veil of some sort. Julie could be harder to spot these days. Be vigilant.

I'm currently in hiding, y'all!

Such a beautiful smile. Has iwhyawli thanked Julie yet? You are a true credit to our gender, Jules. Keep up the good work and perhaps we can all go another 10 billion years before shaking our stereotype as high-drama, high-strung, catty nutcases.

What's next on your agenda, Jules ? All warnings welcome.

Catching GWOP's Lies

I love all the posts... was thinking of starting a list type thing with you guys... catching GWOP's lies.

Yes, folks, sometimes these threads just write themselves.

I'll start:


We Will Make Kate be Normal (UPDATED)

More for your viewing pleasure from the mystery movie writer ! I myself loved it, as per usual.

We will Make Kate Be Normal

These dang movies are so on target, it's downright scary.
Updated at 7:38am!

Just found another one, y'all! Every morning should start with a good, hearty chuckle. I made the mistake of watching this one while on the train and laughed so loud that the other peoples stared at me funny like.

Just wondering if Kate is pooping

GWOPWOP News Update

In bullet points.

  1. I have yet to receive a single application to the gwopwop Parenting Study. The non-participation baffles me, y'all. Why aren't the gwoppers jumping at this opportunity to showcase their excellent parenting skills?
  2. Serena is still missing since June 16. I'd alert the authorities, but I do not yet know Serena's real name. Hopefully Julie or Aunt Jodi has called the police. They've met her, you know. We can only hope that they've all snuck back to Washington DC for another video session.
  3. I found another movie hiding in the comments of the "Yay! Another Movie" thread which is sent to us by 'Not A Bully'. Watch it y'all. It's good! Julie tells the truth!
  4. iwhyawli finally made a movie too. I call it "A Love Story" and once again bow before the other movie makers who are so much better at movie-making.

Open Discussion: 7/7 through 7/11

Thanks for the reminder. I keep forgetting to create these Open Discussion threads.


RIP: konfanscanbiteme

I regret to report that the blog known as 'konfanscanbiteme' is no longer with us. Not sure why. Heck, I am not even sure I'm memorializing the right blog. Is 'konfanscanbiteme" that same as lisak's blog? Isn't there also a blog named "katesfanscanbiteme"?

This is embarrassing. I feel like the minister who gets stuck eulogizing the dead guy that he's never met before. " I'm so sorry for your loss, Mrs. so-and-so. Was it a loss? "

Last night, someone was kind enough to send me a bunch of comments by the lost blog's bereaved family members. I enjoyed reading them but they were so long, repetitious and retarded that I foolishly rejected them before realizing that I could have published them and moved them to a new RIP thread (although that would have taken some time). I am a heartless fool.

Let it never be said that this blog is not compassionate. Please feel welcome to use this thread to pay your last respects to whatever blog is suddenly no longer available.

RIP konfanscanbiteme. I hardly knew ye.

In your honor, I spellchecked this thread but I did not proofread it.

House Envy

Any clues as to why the GWoPpers are back to bitching about the house today?

It sure is a beauty. Congratulations, Jon and Kate. 'Tis no wonder to me why the GWoPpers are seething with jealousy. I'm just wondering why they are seething with jealousy about it, yet again. Has "the hiatus from child exploitation" left them nothing else to bitch about? Did the house catch fire? Was there a pedophile sneaking about on the grounds? Is Kate making the kids playing in the driveway again?

My favorite house envy posts are the ones left by GWoP's ne'er-do-well, communist faction. You know, those are the comments which convey that no one should live in a house like Jon and Kate's since not every one can afford to live in a house like that.


"It's a recession! That house is a slap in every American's face! "

"Wah! I would kill just to have their old house if I could only afford it. But they let it sit empty."

"And to think there are so many are homeless....."

"I'd give anything just to live in one of those crooked houses."

"Our 3 kids are perfectly happy in our 1,000 sf, 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow which we can barely afford. "


Don't take this the wrong way, GWoPpers, but if I wait for your ships to come in before I buy myself anything nice (whatever nice is), I'll never have anything nice.

I haven't completely given up on your ability to support yourselves without third-party assistance, but let's just say I'm about as close to concluding this as I can possibly get. Fidel is half-dead and you can expect Nancy Pelosi to fall into line right behind me as soon as her livelihood no longer depends upon your vote. If by now, having less hasn't been a motivator for you, perhaps you should learn to grow more comfortable with the idea of always having less.

With the possible exception of Penn Mommy who only required our monetary assistance after hitting that string of bad luck with the untimely illness and death of her imaginary son, it's most likely no one's fault 'cept your own if you're having trouble keeping pace with the Gosselins.

Even your heros Kevin and Jodi managed to figure out a clever way to pay off their mortgage. You can too.

A New Movie in the Nick of Time ! Yay!

Just when things are getting a little too dicey and scary in the Celebrity Scales thread, the mystery movie creator drops by to cheer us all up!

Prepare to giggle a lot!

Exploitation! Exploitation!

Thanks, mystery movie creator!

--------- Update

I bet you'll also enjoy Not a Bully from another mystery movie creator. The sound effects are spot on!

The Results for Poll #1 are In!

With a shocking 160 persons voting, the winner of GWoP's cattiest moderator is Serena!

Congratulations, Serena, wherever you are! You seem to be enjoying another blogging vacation, eh? (snicker).

So sorry and better luck next time to a very dissappointed Sharla. It could be worse, Sharla. You could be virtually unknown like Breanna.

The officical results:

Sharla: 33 (20%)

Maggie: 11 (6%)

Serena: 113 (70%)

Breanna: 3 (1%)

Stay tuned for Poll #2 !