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And Yet

In the "Whatever" thread, a poster named Anonymous at 12:54 really pwns us. For brevity, I've substituted GWOP's six perpetual talking points with the words "blah, blah, blah". If you're not yet a expert in GWOP's sacred creed, the original comment still sits in the Whatever thread, unless of course my scathing rebuttal herein compels Anonymous to delete it out of total embarrassment.

Here's the redacted post followed by my scathing rebuttal:

Anonymous said...
The truth is a bitter pill to swallow. You guys hate the messengers, and yet you support the fact that Kate:

1) blah, blah blah, blah
2) blah, blah blah, blah
3) blah, blah blah, blah
4) blah, blah blah, blah
5) blah, blah blah, blah
6) blah, blah blah, blah

Please leave GWOP alone, they see Kate as she TRULY is, and there is millions of documented evidence to show who Kate truly is. And it's not pretty.

May 6, 2010 12:54 AM

Dear Anon at 12:54AM

I really hate to pick your comment apart, but if not me, who?
To be honest I don't really hate to pick your post apart -- I live for it.

Let's start with the first paragraph. You said " You guys hate the messengers, and yet you support the fact that Kate: blah blah blah."

Here's my beef. For normal people with an IQ, using the phrase "and yet" usually serves to describe a contradiction of some sort: a puzzle, if you will, that causes the reader to wonder what the real story might be. Your sentence, however, does nothing of the kind. YOU'VE USED THE PHRASE "AND YET" INCORRECTLY, YOU DILLWAD.

Here. Let me give you some examples where the phrase "and yet" is used properly.

1. The GWOPPERS claim to be a child advocates AND YET the overwhelming majority of posts at GWOP pertain to Kate's appearance.

2. The GWOPPERS all fancy themselves to be perfect moms and are very quick to judge Kate's every parenting move AND YET only one GWOPPER has submitted their application to gwopwop's parenting study, despite repeated invitations.

3. Julie Kamauf Daugherty Brown is a self-professed truthseeker AND YET she deleted all the posts on her blog that describe the real motivations for her and Jodi's on-going dispute with Jon & Kate. BTW, some nice person found those deleted posts and sent them to me. I've re-posted them here for your viewing pleasure.

4. Jodi and Kevin Kreider are sickened by Jon and Kate's alledge exploitation of their children AND YET they themselves continue to profit financially as a result of their own affiliation with the TV show and family. BTW, one day some nice person sent me a link to the Recorder of Deeds Office in Elizabethtown PA where there is evidence of at least two rather large lump sum mortgae payments (90,000+ if I'm remembering it correctly) which were made shortly after Jodi took it upon herself to inform the Internets that Kate is a [whisper] cheater [whisper]. We gots a picture of those documents posted here too somewhere. Search for the phrase "More proof that screwing your sister really pays."

5. Sharla told everyone that didn't have anything to do with the infamous "pig blog" AND YET we eventually come to find out that she's was the an administrator and creator of the blog. You see, one day some nice person sent me a picture of an Main Page post that Sharla\Peri accidentally made on the blog. I actually forget the specific details but they're posted here somewhere. Suffice it to say that outing Sharla as Peri and owner of the Pig Blog was one of the most exciting days in gwopwop history.

Okay, I hope these great examples help you, but you're really dumb so probably not. I will try best to think of some more infamous GWOP contradictions but I gots to go outside right now and move the sprinkler.

Your pal,


Pamela Anderson is one of the world's most iconic women?

Give me a break.

Maybe an iconic bimbo.

After considerable thought, I firmly believe that if Bruno had only mentioned Pam's great acting talent only 5 times every 10 minutes instead of 8 times every 3 minutes, it wouldn't have been quite so obvious that blathering on about her great acting talent was a negotiated condition of getting her to come on the show. Great acting talent? C'MON! Am I stupid? She played a lifeguard on the only show in US television history who actors never once uttered any word longer than two syllables.

Tom Bergeron says Pamela Anderson is such an icon that they've been begging her to be on the show since Season 1? Whatever, Tom. If she hedged about joining the show, it's because she thinks she's too cool for something as cornball as Dancing with the Stars. Cause Pam's a hard core rocker, don't you know. Married twice to the male version of Kat von D, who she dumped in favor of another adult male who insists on being called Kid Rock. She is the proud "victim" of not one, but two of those accidental sex tapes (wink, wink). And of all the things in the world to write about, she writes to Barack Obama urging the legalization of cannibas.

Don't get me wrong. I don't really care how Pamela Anderson chooses to live her life or make her money, but she's no great actor and she's not an icon.

However, I do not speak for the GWOPPERS. They love her.

Families that like entrusion

Yeah, entrusion. : rolls eyes: Like that's a word.

No Worry, Beef Curry said...
Agree, for the most part. Still, the cameras make me so ill. My sis' and I can't stand cameras, and she's a major extrovert. Our other sis' can't get enough of the spotlight. There is no way 8 kids collectively love that kind of entrusion.
5/01/2010 1:20 AM

Far be it from me to discount that normalcy that surely abounds in the "No Worry, Beef Curry" household, but in a matter of seconds, I was able to compile a list of collective families that seemingly can't (or couldn't) get enough entrusion (cough).

VonTropp family
Lennon Sisters
Jackson Five
Jonas Brothers
Smother Brothers
King Sisters
Pointer Sisters
Phoenix Family
Mary Kate and Ashley

Let the Record Reflect

I remembered to google "Did the ratings for Dancing with the Stars drop?" this morning and the first hit led to this little article, which I will re-post her for Sharla's viewing pleasure. Hi, Sharla!

The article is also proof that dopes like Bruno and Max wouldn't know how to make money if their lives depended on it. As dancing purists, however, I'm certain something as basic as supporting yourself is wholly unimportant to them.


Gosselin Leaves 'Dancing,' Ratings Drop
April 27, 2010

By: Scott Harris
Love her or hate her, nobody can deny that Kate Gosselin draws a crowd wherever she goes. The latest proof of this 21st Century truism: 'Dancing With the Stars,' which according to Entertainment Weekly has seen a significant ratings drop since she was voted off the show last week. Of course, just how much of that drop is due to the departure of Gosselin is hard to guess. Last night's performance episode drew a 4.3 rating and a 12 share in the key 18-49 demographic, which is down 10 percent from last week and 20 percent from the average for prior weeks (5.4/15).