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Big Gosselin News! Totally Shocking!!

Get this, everyone. Yesterday, Jon took the twins to Starbucks for some iced coffee drinks. ICED COFFEE DRINKS! Had I not read it or saw it for myself at radaronline, I wouldn't have believed it.

Jebus xmas on a cracker. Can that man not do anything right?

Apparently Starbucks is some sort of hip, new place that serves gourmet coffee concoctions. Expensive ones, I bet. Personally, I've never heard of the place but wouldn't you just know that Jon would HAVE to go there and be seen. Dragging the kids along, natch.

Just be real, Jon.

Must you feed this stuff to GWOP like candy? Aren't the girls a little too young for coffee? Where'd you go next on your little round of errands ? To some trendy new pharmacy for their first pair of panty hose?

Jon, you make me sick.

Our Chatroom Controversy

Attention Shoppers. I have received convincing email evidence that the unofficial GWOPWOP chatroom is indeed hosted by a gwopwop ally.

Unfortunately and because I am an idiot with zero short term recall, I no longer know which chatroom link is which (or where any of the phony or real chatroom links are now sitting in this blog). If the hostess of the unofficial gwopwop chatroom would be kind enough to email me the link, I will happily add it to this post.

Safe chatting, y'all.

Here's the link

Open Discussion: 9/23 to um I'm not sure

Dangnabbit, I've forgotten to create the Open Discussion thread yet again. Blogging just doesn't come easily to me I'm afraid. After weeks and weeks of not having committed any of those embarrassing comment moderation flub-ups, just yesterday I accidentally deleted two comments. I am useless and worthless.

In other news, the iwhyawli household finds itself in complete domestic turmoil. Jon & Kate plus Eight now competes with Dancing with the Stars and Monday Nite Football. Historically, I like to tune all of the TVs to the Gosselin show to annoy the GWOPPERS but someone (not me) really wants to watch a bunch of men in tight pants batter and lay on top of themselves. My little girl wants to watch Derek Hough. The littler ones still want to watch the Gosselins. The pets and I are completely torn. We'd sorta like to watch Tom Delay, Donny Osmond and Natalie Coughlin but there are too many darn commercials during this show anymore. There are also far too many commercials on Cable TV and if I remember correctly, the primary reason we originally purchased cable umpteen million years ago was to avoid the commercials. But I digress.

Now that I know you can watch all of these shows on the computer (thanks, Mrs. Know-it-All!), I'm sorta wondering if any families have actually dumped their cable altogether. I mentioned this idea at work this morning and so far I'm the only one who doesn't think I'm completely crazy.

Decisions, decisions....

Whoopi Goldberg

Gee, I'm so thankful to have watched cnn's segment from last Friday's episode of the The View. The link at cnn today is titled something like "Whoopi slams Kate Gosselin regarding Custody" so of course, I just had to watch it. My my my. I hadn't realized that pot-smoking advocate Whoopi Goldberg had such a passionate respect for upholding the law. I don't know what you all saw, but all I saw was a very sloppy looking, middle-aged frump in some sort of pool table covering finding it necessary to champion Jon's legal right to boink the babysitter in privacy. Seriously, I've certainly picked my own set of completely lame battles in my day (this GWOP crap being one of them) but never this lame. Either Whoopi is a complete idiot or the show's producers decided to throw the GWOPPER-mentality a bone. If Whoopi were a better actress, my bullshit detector might not have gone off. Even so, I tend to think Whoopi is an idiot. I get that she's trying to dress like them, but she's definitely not Plato or Socrates.

I'll also comment briefly on the cnn segment itself, which incredibly I found to be more vapid than The View itself. I didn't think that would be possible. Who were those other cnn people offering their editorial? Is there any particular reason why I would care what they think about anything? The whole point-counter-point format of this segment rang a tad hollow-- a la just a bunch of more bad acting to create the appearance of great controversy. The one woman -- the fat one -- was feigning such disgust over Kate's attempts to pursue a television career using "there are plenty of other women with 8 kids or more who don't need to be on TV" as the only basis for her argument. Huh? As long as were demanding that people justfy what they do, I'd like to understand why this woman (Jess Weiner?) chooses to be so fat when there are plenty of other women who are not. She should be skinnier for a smaller carbon footprint and so that I don't have to look at a fatso on TV.

The Emmys

Will Kanye be there tonite or can I skip tonite's Emmys? I'll also watch if you tell me that Jon plans to waltz Hailey down the red carpet. Hailey's very publicity shy, don't you know, and I really should resist these blatant attempts by the media to invade her privacy. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind seeing what color chipped nail polish she chooses to wear with her Ed Hardy gown.