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Good Job, Jon & Kate

I had to miss the first 15 minutes and tuned just when Kate and Maddy were closing the spa door and seconds before one of the girls (not sure which one) bit her lip. My first thought --- man oh man, the GWoPpers are gonna have a frigging fit about this. I'm not exactly sure why they'll be furious because kids bite their lips everyday but I'm sure they'll have puh-lenty to say.

Anyhoo, totally cute show.

Glad to see Jon and Kate both feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable again in front of the camera. Perhaps it's because they've finally realized what the rest of us have known since Day 1 ... the world's GWoPpers are always gonna find something to bitch about.

It's a completely liberating moment, isn't it?

Aunt Jodi's sister Julie might even say it's one of those truths that sets you free.

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GWOPshatzieditspants said...

Could you imagine the hag meltdown if it was Kate who took off to ski in Provo(?). Imagine that coupled with her volunteering for a charity dedicated to pushing handicapped children and teens down steep mountains covered with snow and skiers.