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Jon & Kate Season Premiere This Weekend!

It's gorgeous weather and a big 3-day holiday weekend so I gotta get today's blog post done early so that we can get out there and enjoy it all. Hope you too are also heading into a fab weekend with your families and friends.

The new season of 'Jon & Kate plus 8' starts on Monday, no? We'll be watching for sure. We also plan to buy at least one of everything from all of the show's sponsors even if it means buying another car we don't need.

It's exciting time like these when I actually feel somewhat badly for the GWoPpers. They of course won't be watching the new show (snicker) which sadly means they won't have anything to bitch about. Nothing to bitch about means no GWoP blog which means the entire planet hangs in precarious balance.

I can only hope at least one brave soldier in the GWoP camp will gather enough inner strength to watch the show -- to make certain Kate's not beating the kids of course -- and then report back to camp. The world will be saved.

The Plot Thickens

No wonder the Gosselins moved, hired body guards and adopted two German Shepards.

Yesterday I received a comment telling me that the GWoP moderators live (or used to live) very near the Gosselins, and they've hated Katie since the arrival of her twins (long before the TV show).

In the hundreds and thousands of posts over there, I never once read anything remotely leading me to believe that all this outrage over child exploitation was actually bunch a hooey.*

But since I read this new interesting, little factoid on the Internet, it must be true. And frankly, I believe it. You never see a "real" child advocate blowing a gasket over someone's new purse.

So thanks tipster! I owe ya!

* Note to GWoPpers: This statement is an example of "sarcasm", which is a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark.

Serena Leigh Bell is Really Dumb

A tireless media whore in her own right, it's becoming clear that 'Serena Leigh Bell' likes to hit all the 'Jon & Kate" sites (and always in a thinly veiled attempt to plug her own GWoP blog).

At some place called TVSnark, I stumbled upon some comments made by Bell expressing total confusion as to why her critics just aren't able to refute her "views".

1 Serena Leigh Bell March 21, 2009 at 12:04 am

I hear you!
As a moderator of Gosselins Without Pity, I read all the comments submitted to our comment queue for publication. On average, about 1,000 comments are submitted every week.

It is extremely rare that a criticism of the views we publish actually refutes those views — most of the criticism is along the lines of “Don’t you have anything better to do?”, “You’re just jealous.”, “Who are you to judge?”, “You don’t have eight children.”, “You’re not perfect either.”, etc.

It absolutely drives some people insane that we believe the exploitation perpetrated by Jon and Kate Gosselin is deeply disturbing and damaging, yet they are unable to articulate exactly why it bothers them so much that we object to it.

Why is it so important to them that their adulation of Jon and Kate remain unchallenged?

Gee, Serena, I bet if you sobered up long enough, you might be able to logically think everything through and de-confuse yourself.

But because I'm a very nice person, I will give you a hint: google "argumentum ad ignorantiam."

You're welcome.

And for the record, I couldn't care less that if you think Jon & Kate exploit their kids. For all I know, you're a $2 hooker. Get over yourself.

GWoP's Facebook

So the GWoPpers now have a Facebook community. Excellent! I've long wondered what the "Perfect Mom" would look like and um.... hmmm ... I'm finding that they're somewhat ugly. More later on this (with examples).

With all the rage about Kate's hairdo, you'd think you might find nothing but cute hairdos over there. Not so much.

I've also noticed that the great 'Serena Leigh Bell' is not a member of her own Facebook community.... I can't find her picture to save my life. What's the matter, Serena? Chicken? The community's administrators Sharla Smith and Maggie Shatzie also have not posted their pictures.

I could be mistaken but quite a few of the dumbasses have posted avatars that include pictures of their kids. Posting your full name and city with pics of your kids on a public Internet forum. Now if that's not good parenting, I don't know what is. By all means, please do continue to lecture Jon and Kate (and the rest of us) ad nauseum.

Enough with The Truman Show analogies, mkay?

If I hear one more time that the "Jon & Kate plus 8" is the true-life version of "The Truman Show", I may scream.

Seems like I shouldn't have to spell this out, but the GWoPpers aren't all that smart so alas, I must. Be warned. I am about to share painful news ... akin to telling little Suzie that there is no Santa Claus. Before reading any further, you GWoPpers may want to make certain that your shrinks will be available to take your calls.

Are you ready?

: takes a deep breath :

"The Truman Show" is NOT a movie about a Reality TV show and the exploitation of its main character, Truman.

To anyone but a moron, it should be pretty clear that it's a move about existentialism....

(I'll now pause a moment while all the GWoPpers look that big word up.)

... it's a movie about a man questioning the meaning of his life and realizing in all likelihood that he will not discover any truths until he exits it.

Christof plays the role of an evil, manipulative "God" with very clear motives for masterminding Truman's universe: power and greed.

The movie's devoted TV viewing audience represents our cowardly and lazy human nature, specifically our ridiculous preoccupation with other people's lives instead of our own. Well, not me, of course. I don't fixate on other people's lives but I definitely know a group of people who does. Hint, Hine.

Last but not least, we have Truman. If you're a simple-minded GWoPper, Truman is the movie's victim. If your IQ is above 12, you realize the Truman is actually the movie's hero, who courageously chooses to assign meaning and value to his life by taking action. Unfortunately, I suspect "taking action" is not something the GWoPpers are too familiar with unless it involves a keyboard and Internet access.

Even if I were to entertain the most simplistic interpretation of the movie, neither I (or wikipedia) find too many any obvious parallels between "The Truman Show" and "Jon and Kate plus 8".

Wikipedia says it best: "Truman was chosen out of five unwanted babies to be a TV star, whereupon film producer Christof builds a gigantic studio to encapsulate Seahaven, the artificial town in which Truman lives. The enclosed studio allowed the producers, directors and crew to control every aspect of Truman's environment, including the weather. "

Conversely, the Gosselins kids were all very much wanted by their very real Mommy and Daddy, who clearly adore them. Nothing about the children's universe is deceptive or phony. And it's quite obvious that all the kids absolutely know they are being filmed.

You GWoPpers can argue till the cows come home that the filming of these 8 little lives is an egregious invasion of privacy that is somehow "damaging", but the fact of the matter is: you have no proof. You also have no evidence that the kids will fare any better otherwise.

There is no time like the present to become a real-life Truman yourself. Simplify life. Only worry about your own sad little lives and take the appropriate action. Perhaps you might start by trying to repair all the damage you've done to your own little darlings.

WTF is Union Protection?

Somewhere amidst all the GWoP bitching, there's critical commentary regarding the lack of union protection for reality TV stars and their kids.

Yeah, whatever. I don't know if the union membership stuff is true or not (and psst, I don't really care). I'm laughing at the notion of "union protection."

Celebrity Experts

It seems a great number of the GWoPpers either personally know a lot of celebrities and/or they know a lot about the celebrity lifestyle, including whether big celebrities take their bodyguard to the store and how the big celebrities feel about kids in the media. It's hard to debate the GWoPpers when I'm facing that level of expertise and life experience, but I'm not yet ready to throw in the towel.

I figure this next GWoP commenter must be nine-years-old.
I LOL'd at the part about not having spoken to her celebrity connection for several years.


Jen K said...
I would love it if celebrities who disagree with this (many of them are VERY sensitive to kids in the media) would film a viral YouTube video asking people to boycott the season premiere. Unfortunately, it usually takes some sort of celebrity speak up for people to take notice of things and do the right thing. Think of the green movement and how Leonardo DiCaprio and Cameron Diaz talked that up for the MTV crowd.Wish there was some sort of celebrity or group of celebrities who would band together and speak out on behalf of these non-actor, non-union, kids who are having every kid's worst nightmare (the threat of their family being torn apart) used for entertainment on national television.I have access to one person in a very random "six degrees of Kevin Bacon" sort of way (actually about two degrees) but haven't spoken to him in years. Does anyone know anyone or have a friend of a friend they could hit up for their input?
5/16/2009 6:04 PM

Give Me Strength

Today's incredible-ness is brought to us by "Breaking Day". His thoughts are so complex, I have to break them down into smaller chunks so that 0ur simpler minds can digest them.

Breaking Day said...
OK, I just have to post a comment concerning the pics of Kate with Steve at Party City...

1. Why is a bodyguard needed in this situation? I literally cannot fathom why she would need a bodyguard here. I don't know of any "celebrities" who go out to the store with a bodyguard in tow.
Literally cannot fathom? Sound painful. Exactly when is a bodyguard supposed to do his guarding of the body if it's not when the celebrity is out in public.?

2. WTF is the bodyguard's company THINKING? This is ridiculously bad for their business---it implies a level of unprofessional behavior which is staggering. Who would ever use this company again?
Does anyone know what the fuck he's talking about? Breaking Day, will you please re-read the drivel that you write before you click Publish?

3. This is Kate's ultimate revenge on Jon. She knows, full-well, that Jon has been publicly humiliated. Whether or not the affair is true is NOT the point! It is widely known that Jon was very hurt by Kate being seen with Steve, and as a man myself, I can tell you how humiliated Jon must feel.
Let me guess. Breaking Day is out of work and has been for quite some time with no real prospects either.

Kate recognizes this fact, and she is EXPLOITING it. I've dated a few girls like this... they identify just what hurts the guy the most, and then they hammer away at it.
Seems like someone needs some counseling.

A few days ago, Jodi and Kevin went on record saying how hurt Jon was over this whole bodyguard business. Let's say that Kate isn't having an affair with him. Well, Jon is her HUSBAND. She should break all ties with Steve. Instead---Kate now parades around with Steve, WITH JON'S CHILDREN! Can you even imagine how destroyed Jon must be? His CHILDREN are now being looked after by the very guy that he thought Kate cheated on him with. Kate is doing this because she knows that it will hurt Jon as badly as possible. This is revenge. It is absolutely sickening. Are the kids going to start calling Steve "daddy?" Is Kate going to start having Steve hold their hands while out in public?
Yeah, this left me speechless too.

I'm just in awe that ANY man would go for Kate. There is literally nothing attractive about her. That's right---NOTHING. She's not a celebrity, she's not powerful, she's not hot. And she has EIGHT CHILDREN. WTF is this Steve guy doing?

It's all becoming more clear. Breaking Day is gay and blind.

Good god! Out of respect for HIS OWN WIFE, Steve should have NOTHING to do with Kate. Imagine how humiliated Steve's wife feels! Her friends, her family all see Steve on the cover of magazines with Kate, insinuating that they're lovers. I'm just in awe at how stupid and evil and cruel humans can be. 5/16/2009 6:02 PM
Had it not been for a word/character limitation, 'Breaking Day' told me that he meant to include ",my own behavior included." at the end of his last sentence.