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Just another day in Normalville

From a tipster:

Apparently one of the babysitters got to do something a little fun and different (ie., hanging out on the set with the OCC guys when they filmed the J&K episode) and in her excitement, she foolishly posted a few pics from the day on her family blog.

I was asked not to post the blog link (whatever), but here we have the charming comments from GWoP special agents who seek to make this poor gal (and her family) pay for their role in "the exploitation".

Yep, all perfectly normal stuff. Serena (not her real name) must be a proud, proud woman today!


edited to remove all the charming comments. They made this post too long and weren't anything you can't already read at GWop or the other umpteen Gosselins boards. It's also been bought to my attention that I wound up posting the full link in another comment, and that upset people. Sorry about that, anonymous poster. You're upset but try best to remember that torch-carrying, mob commentary from anonymous people on the Internet is one thing and one thing only ---- funny!

Keep up the good work, Serena (not your real name).



Okee dokee everyone. Here's iwhyawli's entry for GWoP's "Guess the Big Announcement" contest. Wish me luck.

I'm no fool, of course. I know that big TV announcements rarely turn out to be anything we didn't already know. But in the slim chance, Jon and Kate aren't about to make every GWoPper's dream come true by announcing their divorce, here are my best guesses as to what we'll officially learn on Monday nite:

  • Searching to escape the problematic paparazzi, Jon & Kate announce that they'll film all of Season 6 in sites across Europe, Asia and the Orient.
  • Elderly and fraile, Jon & Kate announce their decision to move Jon's mom in with the family. Jon's relieved, Kate appreciates the extra helping hands and the kids are thrilled! And to keep the GWoPpers happy, Grandma will sleep in the barn.
  • Realizing they've found a ratings blockbuster in Kate, TLC announces that she'll also co-host a new parenting show with the Tot Mom and Joan Crawford, called "What Not to Do."
  • Everybody's high hopes for stronger child labor laws tank when Jon announces his campaign against Arlen Specter for U.S. Senator. Special appearances by Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy leave the kids in stitches.
  • Needing a break from the daily stress of 8 kids & Reality TV, the Gosselins announce that Jon's accepted a full-time position as CEO of Google. First on Jon's agenda is the dismantling of Blogspot.
  • Always looking for new ways to keep the kids occupied, Jon & Kate announce they'll be adding three horses, two cows and a small-bearded goat to the property. The kids have fun naming the animals Serena, Sharla, Maggie, Breanna, Laura and fostersmom.
  • Inspired by the outpouring show of support from fans, Jon & Kate share a big sloppy kiss and announce they've never been more committed to making their marriage and TV show work. This time they'll renew their vows in the beautiful Greek isles as guests of the Princess Marie Chantal.
  • Still needing every possible cent to fund 8 college educations and 5 weddings, J&K announce that they'll continue filming the show despite having just won the $500 million megamillions jackpot.
  • After months if not years of internet speculation, Kate officially announces that she'll home-school the kids. Special epsiodes will feature Michelle Duggar's brood teaching foreign languages and shop classes.
  • Concerned about an internet stalker/writer who plots to kidnap Joel, Jon & Kate announce they've purchased a shotgun. Kate promises the GWoPpers that the kids are only allowed to play with it when they're outside.
  • Unwilling to abandon their marriage without having exhausted all options, Jon & Kate announce their decision to accept Dr. Phil's invitation for televised marriage counseling to be filmed live and on location in the world's most romantic city, Paris. Robyn will babysit the kids and personally select the audience gift baskets.
  • Never doubting themselves for a minute, Jon & Kate flip America the bird and display a letter from Child Protective Services indicating they've not broken a single child labor law in Pennsylvania. In better news, they also learn that Mady and Cara are old enough to work at McDonald's.
  • Tired of fighting with family, Jon & Kate announce big plans for a family reunion\picnic on the Gosselins' palatial estate. Everyone's invited except Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jodi, who will spend the day waxing Julie's Pontiac Trans-Am.


Paying Proper Respect

By now, I am REALLY hoping to heck that you all have found the link to the terrific Bohemian Moon video. It's true brilliance and it's killing me to realize that it's been buried here in the comments when it so deserves Main Page attention on every web site in America. It is also posted elsewhere, hopefully.

I don't know who created this masterpiece (and heck, I don't really even know who Bohemian Moon is), but it is PHUN-NEE! I bow before you, movie creator, and thanks for posting it here.

Enjoy it everyone !


Next, I've also long been wanting to give a shout-out to the princesses, who have become my muses. Troll Hunter and others sent me a link to your GWOP messageboard early on, and I'm happy to report that I've now finished ... and have heartily enjoyed ... every last one of the 370+ pages. You've clearly been doing 'GWoP snark' a lot longer than I and sooo much better. It was highondegrassi's Post #3698 that immediately inspired the idea for GWoP Theatre.


That's all for now. I'm off to visit some of the other sites you've sent and I look forward to reading them. You're all some funny folks and I'm very glad to have made your acquaintance.

Oh and one more thing ....... I am working on a big announcement !

GWoP Theatre: Act I

" Where Doves Go to Cry "
by: iwhyawli

Could someone please get those
F*CKING bibs off those g-damn kids
before I go POSTAL!

I know more about pedofiles
than you do, Serena.

Neener. Neener.

No you don't.

Yes I do!


I WORK with
pedophiles, Serena!

Girl, you're a bitch liar!


~ The End ~

Free Discussion for 6/14 - 6/20

Please feel welcome to use this post for discussion about the GWoPpers that doesn't have a better spot elsewhere. Props to ischatziedmyself for a wonderful, wonderful idea! I think they should do this at the GWoP blog too, don't you?


edit: I've modified the post date and time in hopes of bumping this guy back to the top. Thanks to jorjahgal's 900-page thesis, I felt our poignant discussions were falling too far down the page. I hope by changing the date I don't mess up the comments already posted or something. : crossing fingers :

More Legal Action Threatened!

Another favorite class of GWoPper is the "rabid legal beagle." You know, they're the ones who aren't attorneys (or we can only hope) but who are always confident that someone somewhere is due a legal course of action for torts by Jon & Kate.

It very well could be Maggie Schatzie posting this crap, using pseudonyms. Isn't Maggie the one who likes to pretend she's a lawyer? Third Tier, natch.

I should have copied the weeks-old comment of one GWoPper who felt certain that the previous owners of J&K's home could sue for defamation over the stink that Kate made about their dirty refrigerator. This particular legal-savant felt soooo strongly that Kate injured this guy's professional reputation, she even suggested (out loud) that someone in the Reading area contact him.

Poor 'iwhyawli' has also received two comments from someone (probably Serena) threatening copyright infringement. Yeah, best wishes to ya.

But the most recent post that bought all this legal stuff to mind again was today's legal smackdown by "you sure?" at

Thanks to Troll Hunter for the link:

you sure? says:

"She has BBB people modding the forum and they datamine, steal and use all your personal info for nefarious means."

I'm no attorney but that seems like a borderline libelous statement. Especially since the only info blogs collect are screen name, email, and IP address -- the first two the poster enters so can't be "stolen", and the third is not considered "personal" information by law.
June 17, 8:53 AM


This is classic, classic textbook legal beagle dreck. Ugh. I almost alway find that stuff like this comes from someone who works at a law firm but who isn't an attorney. Some guy in the records department or mailroom. An overzealous paralegal perhaps.

This particular commenter is probably the chipper, "tries-to-be-helpful-but-never-is-all-that-helpful " secretary/IT gal at her firm, since she clearly knows what an IP address is. While it's true, dumbass, that an "IP Address" isn't personal property that can be stolen, per se, everything on the computer belonging to that IP Address absolutely can.

Which further reminds me... if you've missed the GWoP's June 15th deadline for mailing cards (and hopefully money) to Aunt Jodi and Uncle Kevin, you can still send your IP address and words to encouragement of the GWoP moderators via e-mail.

This Person Should Be Shot

Seriously. This beast is 813 words and fills an entire 8.5x11 page.

Mindless rambling at its best.

jorjahgal said...
It is my personal opinion that at this particular moment in time it is vital that at least one parent be a *parent* and Jon seems to be the only one who is taking this to heart. He is not innocent by any means for helping to create this circus that has become of his family. Bottom line for me is he's the one that nurtures them, listens to them and plays with them. Someone stated in a previous post something to the effect that you can get beaten so down over years that you just go with the flow. I understand that and you know sometimes you can get so lost and without the support of loved ones you don't know your own head from a hole in the ground. I think, and most importantly, I pray daily that Jon will find his way, will man-up more than he already has and take his children out of this circus. The main focus, imo, should not be that he is not setting a "good work example" for his kids, but that the example he is setting for them is regardless of the problems your mom and I may or may not have, I am your dad, I am not going anywhere and I will always be here for you. He may not have Manned-Up yet, but he has always Daddied-Up. His words about one day my kids are gonna google me haunt me. I think about them googling each of their parents and one day finding this site (which I love btw). What goes thru my mind constantly is that abused animals continue to love their owners and same is true with children and their parents. I am NOT saying the children or dogs are in fact physically abused but for all the wrong in the ways that we as viewers believe them to be used, the main thing is that these kids love both of their parents and regardless of what issues they may or may not have in the future, I can only guess at their mortification in how their parents and mainly mother is talked about. It doesn't matter that Kate has put herself out there and seems to be getting what she deserves. What matters is that one day these children will read such nastiness about their mother, crotch shots, doin' the bodyguard etc. Again, Kate has brought most of this on herself and I am in NO way defending her but the focus should and for me, will remain the well being of the children. I do believe Jon is the better parent. God knows I made many mistakes in raising my own, but I do believe that for the time being he is doing the best he can, or rather the best he knows how given the situation he's in. I believe we were given "hindsight" not to correct mistakes we made, but to hopefully prevent us from repeating them and also from hindsight comes wisdom. Hopefully, Jon will be able to use all of this to somehow turn things around for his children and teach them lessons of life. If they have enough money (and yes I hate as much as the next it came off the backs of their children) that he does not have to work, but can stay home with his kids, love them, play with them, listen to them and most importantly give them security (and not from the P people) security in his love, security in they come first and security that he will never abandon them, then as for me, that IS his job. I don't know what I would do in his situation. I don't know what he has signed, been brow beaten into etc. I do know that I have been through low points in my life when I just didn't know what to do and sometimes it was easier just to do nothing. Sometimes you just get so bogged down, so overwhelmed, it's hard to see which way to turn or which way to go. I choose to believe, that ultimately, Jon has a plan. He is just biding his time and letting Kate hang herself. . I think Jon is a lot stronger than he is given credit for and smarter in a quiet kind of way. I think one day, we will find out a lot, but I don't think it will be through him. I gotta also say, I admire him, while she will bash him on tv, in the mags etc, he keeps quiet. I don't think he does this because of a contract or from fear of Kate, but simply because he is the better person and as he said one day his kids are going to google him. He's not perfect, but neither are am I.
6/16/2009 9:36 AM

GAME: Things we might hear a GWoPper say in the Bedroom

I'll start.

1. Turn the lights back on. That's my backflab, not my boobs.

Yikes. I only kept a few pictures and a pocket watch.

Laura Linger-er wrote to advise that she's proudly wearing the nose of her deceased father on her face.

Okay. I never really heard of doing something like that before, but whatever.

I'm sure he's just as proud to know that his nose is now being used to mind everybody's business except her own.

I don't think the GWoPpers "get me"

Oh dear, the highly caustic nature of some commentary in my inbox this morning indicates that "Team PENNMOMMY" may have taken exception to some of my more recent posts.

Now it's possible that PM didn't write all 18 of the comments that I've just rejected but all of them carried the same recurring theme -- i.e., '' explain how you are not every bit the asshole that I am?"




Brainiacs, I wondered how you all would like it.

Thanks for proving me right.

We agree that you're a complete bunch of assholes.

So now what? You gonna create a GWoPwopwop blog?


Checkmate, bishes.