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This picture has got to be an early April Fool's joke. I'll choose to believe that really is Hailey's body because anyone else with a body like that wouldn't wear such a cheezy outfit. I especially love the sooper sexy arm thing.

Another Reason to Hate Jon Gosselin

So now that Monday Nite football is over (thank god) and there's no J&Kplus8 or DWTS to amuse the iwhyawli household, yesterday I somehow found myself watching ..... (oh this is so embarassing) ... The Bachelor.

WTF. And people are bitching about the Miss America pageant?

If The Bachelor isn't the dumbest, most insipid, most vapid show in the history of all television, I'd like to know what show is.

Yeah, I get it. The whole show is entirely fake and all the contestants are wannabe actors/actresses who are merely pretending to find their (next) husband/wife over the course of 6 weeks while their small children from their first unsuccessful marriages stay with grandma, but um, someone still invented the idea for the show, someone agreed to air it, they somehow found sponsors for it, they found at least 5 people who were willing to be on the stupid show, and worse, it's* my understanding that the show is now in its* tenth season or something like that, which means people out there are deliberately watching it.

This country is doomed. DOOMED!

*Attenion Sharla: No additional charge for illustrating the proper use of "it's" verus "its". You're welcome.

Man oh Man, Sharla is really slipping.

I'm no stranger to typos and grammatical problems myself, but I can usually get the one-line, seven-word comments right. Time to lay off the sauce, Sharla.