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No Worries, Kate ...

... sometimes you must suffer a defeat to win a bigger victory. And, I always wanted my own telemarketing company.

Sorry to see you go, m'dear. On the upside, you've just put a big old dent in Jon's custody case. I'm also not sure how much more Bruno could stand. My enjoyment of his weekly suffering was frankly a little sick.

My advice to the on-going success of DWTS might be to get a judge that understands how the show works. The judge's scores count for less than half and the viewers votes count for more than half. The show's popularity drives up the price for advertising so that everyone goes home fat, happy and rich. If Bruno thinks anyone is watching week after week to watch his stupid antics and\or are basing their votes on who is dancing well, he (and Whoopi Goldberg) are more stupid than I thought.

Bruno might be better suited for a show call "Dancing with the Complete Unknowns"

It'll be interesting to see if viewership drops next week.

Tori and Dean Without Pity

Hi all , I would have posted much earlier but I was buzy voting for Kate Gosselin, and well, voting 32,064 times takes a lot of time.

Listen up. Even though Kate's fox trot was beyond elegance and perfection last night, it's just going to get tougher and tougher to keep her on the show. Bruno, as you saw and heard yet again last night, is one formidable gay man... err, I mean judge. But have no worries. I went out and purchased a telemarketing company this morning. My team in India is robo-dialing votes for Kate as I type.

And when voting closes, they'll robo-dial Sharla's house. Hee! I should of this much earlier.

In other news, lookee at this scoop from mkb77!
mkb77 said...
This has nothing to do with faking Christmas, but I didn't know where else to post it. I watched Tori and Dean last night. I know, I know..pitifrigginful, what can I say? I watched it. Mind candy, that's all it is. That and self made drama.
Having said that, I would like to point out the following in hopes that the Gwopatards that lurk here, will see these particular points:
A. Tori and Dean are making money off of their kids.
B. Their baby daughter Stella was filmed pooping in her potty last night.
C. Liam had a major diva issue with himself in this particular episode.
D. Tori and Dean have a lot to deal with in their relationship and seem to fight more this season.
Having said all of that, I myself could give a rat's behind if: they make money by having their life filmed for a reality show, their kids are shown on a potty chair, their kids have a meltdown, or their marriage is under duress. I watch the show cause it is there to watch.
Gwoptards, march forward and carry the torch for the McDermott/Spelling kids. They need you.
On behalf of GWOPPERS and child advocates everywhere, I thank you, mkb77. This is an outrage.
Anyone know if Gloria Allread has been notified?