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More proof that screwing your sister pays (Now with Pictures)

This little gem was too darn dazzling to be left hanging out as a comment in the "Revenge Four Years in the Making" thread.

I visited the Recorder of Deeds site myself, found the documents and grabbed a couple screen shots. I'll post them here later for the benefit of the GWoPpers whose browsers can't go anywhere except radaronline.

From the number of home equity loans these two crazy kids had taken out, methinks somebody has a little trouble bringing home the bacon.

Anonymous said... Good lord the Kreiders enjoyed remortgaging their house. It's interesting that the records are quiet from 2006 to 2009. THEN in 2009, it's time to borrow another 10K. It looks like that was needed to satisfy their 2003 mortgage. THEN on MAY 29, 2009, they are able to satisfy their $95 k 2002 mortgage. It's good that someone who works in building in a state with high unemployment has the means for all of this.

June 25, 2009 9:51 AM


A link to what appears to be Kevin's myspace profile is also floating around here in one of the comments (courtesy of 'kevho'). He's either searching for babes or doesn't know how to change his marital status. Poor 'ol Kev with just one buddy.

UPDATE: Here's the linky-poo that leads to everything. The May 27, 2009 payment to satisfy the $95,000 mortgage from 1992 appears below. The other mortgage and home equity transactions can also be found on the site.
'Tis nice to be mortgage-free, isn't it Jodi? (wink wink)



iwhyawli said...

In a major milestone for this blog, you'll note that I finally figured out how to do the shortened hyperlink thingey.

Embarassingly simple, oy.

I'm a bit computer challenged, if you haven't noticed, although I must admit creating the blog was much easier than I thought it would be.

Troll Hunter said...

whyawli said...

Poor 'ol Kev with just one buddy.


Kevin doesn't have any buddies. That's Tom from MySpace! LOL

Anonymous said...

If I was married to a backstabbing wanker I too would say I was single.

Anonymous said...

Iwhyawli: On the front page, could you put up a silver button for "Jodi and Julie suck" and put the Jodi posts in there?

I just found Julie's last names. Please, tell me you will put her divorce info up. I cannot find anything on it.

Ms. Grapefruit said...

Interesting. I always wondered about how Joke financed a pretty nice home despite only one income and four kids.

Seems like they were living off home equity and when that went bye-bye it was time to call the tabloids and sell Kate down the river for some much needed $$$.

Their poor kids.

Anonymous said...

WOW, this should go into a NEWS ticker! Some one should send in this tip to Radar Online or all of those Gossip Magazines, I guarantee their online videos would come to a screeeeeeeching hault! GREED, nice family! *shaking head*

teapots hot said...

...and he made sure his wedding ring was cut off in the MS photo.

Anonymous said...

You all know the Heckaman source Julie recently took the tax revenue story from on her blog, well he turned on Julie and Jodi in a new article the Pennsylvania Conservative just wrote online yesterday! ENJOY!

Any way to put this up in a thread or start a Jo-Ke-Gate thread for us to submit info we come across? Like a source for all info found proving the Jo-Ke have no credibility, stories, articles, to keep it all under one thread?

Here's the article...

12tieMYshoe said...

when she is a stay at home mom and he is an insulator

Average pay for a 4 year or more apprentice insulator =$12 to $26/hour

30 grand an interview for Radar Online at two full interviews now = 60 grand = pay off house!

PLUS GWOP love offerings/possibly split with Julie, not filed on taxes in either household...... (was house in foreclosure at time of or after fallout, any way to find out in records?) (All and any offerings were sent via mail to be cashed, so had to be checks or money orders, or cash sent, (or the smart ones who wrote in sent monopoly money). Had it been a pay pal account had been linked to GWOP site (which wasn't the case), they would have received a tax form on earnings)


PS...not using 2PeasInAPod name anymore because saw in GWOP on old blog, that there was a twopeasinapod and I don't want to be connected to GWOP, so thinking up new name.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli, congratulations on the hyperlinking! It helps make the blog look good, does it work for any of us to use the html too on here in our comments when we share a URL?

iwhyawli said...

I believe I've noticed someone else including hyperlinks in their comments but I've never gotten around to figuring out how they did it

testing 1 2 3 ...

Kevin's myspace profile

crosses fingers

iwhyawli said...

booyeah ... happy dance ...

Here's what I did:

[a href="url"]alias[/a


substitute all left brackets "[" for a left caret "<"

substitute all right brackets "]" for right caret ">"

substitute "url" for website, including the quotes (e.g. "")

substitute 'alias' for shortcut name,excluding quote marks (eg., cowpielover)

Anonymous said...

Thanks iwhy, I got it, will do in the future on any URL I share. Appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of this being added to this topic's front page:
The Truth Will Set You Free said...
I really wish everyone would just be patient and stop criticizing the avenue that Kevin and Jodi took to begin what they need to do to save the children from this terrible situation. This is just the beginning!

Unless you have been in a similar situation, you have no idea how this industry works. They did their research, and the truth will be told.

There is more to come, so please be patient and I'm sure a lot of your questions will be answered as more is revealed.

I've put some of my old posts back on my blog for those who didn't have a chance to read it, and I will be posting some sort of update over the next few days. I'm not going to repost all of the details that happened with Jodi and the show. The focus needs to stay on the children, and THEY are the reason that I spoke up last year. I think the recent events will help fill in the gaps that I wasn't free to discuss back then.

Thanks for all of those who have voiced your support for Kevin and Jodi and thanks to everyone on this blog for your concerns for the children.

blahblah83 said...

iwhyawli please post those screen caps!!

iwhyawli said...

I'll try best to add another silver button. Are the Deleted Julie post's in the way? Maybe I could change my post date and move them early in the blog archives.

Regarding divorce information, rest assured I have no problem publishing anything and everything that can be found regarding Jody, Julie or Serena. This is the "see how it feels" blog.

Anonymous said...

i just remembered a funny "julie-ism"...didn't she blog on gwop about how jon and kate were moving to north carolina. a brand new house with a sponsored kitchen? aaaaaah, the memories.

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli, the link to the deed, not sure if they had their site set up where you had to sign in to retrieve that information, but they do now! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think Jodi and Kevin complained it was on a blog haha, hence the sign up to access page?

*waves to Jodi and Kevin* So which rag mag gossip site or article can we expect your stories to be in next? Trying to scope out who will pay you more for your dirt?

iwhyawli said...

There was always a sign-up page, and the funniest thing is that I went to sign up as Serena Leigh Bell and was told that the name was already taken!

honeyhush said...

"the see how it feels blog" I love it! You are doing a community service, IMO. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

you know, i literally JUST came across this blog and I LOVE it......I think you are one of my favorite bloggers, next to BabyMama.......and I'll continue to read.