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Get your tinfoil hat out for this one!

The GWoPpers will believe anything they read in the National Enquirer or Star but not what they see with their own eyes.

Much thanks to "FAKESNOWWTF" for reporting in with the latest in cockamamie GWOP conspiracy theories.

Check this out:
SnowJob? said...

Did anyone notice that the snow falling during Jon's Utah interviews about the National Ability Center looked fake? The snow falling when they were on the lifts was real but the images looked weird when he was standing outside talking & wearing a long sleeved shirt- not blizzard gear. It looked like they added in fake snow, maybe to distract from Jon's stupid commentary? He came across as ignorant and uninterested, kept saying things like "these kids can't do ANYthing" (which sounded self-aggrandizing & offensive since disabled kids do a lot without your oblivious presence, Mr. Gosselin) and diverted attention from a good organization. Jon even made it sound unorganized, like "we got this kid on the lift but how will we get him off?" instead of demonstrating anything he learned from the NAC staff & clients. Also some fake flashes seemed to be added to the season premiere episode when Kate strolled around for the paps. Did they do these camera tricks in previous seasons?
6/03/2009 11:36

In Rebuttal:

National Ability Center said...
@SnowJobCheck out our blog post about Jon's visit. We didn't use any fake snow. Utah flakes are huge and light. That's why we claim to have the Greatest Snow on Earth.

When Jon talked about the kids not being able to do anything, he was trying to make a point. Many ski resorts don't have accommodations like we provide at the National Ability Center. You can't walk into a regular ski rental shop and get the equipment or the training we provide.

Jon gets it. Yes, individuals with disabilities are 'able' to do millions of things. But the right gear isn't available at local sporting goods stores.

"Ability without opportunity is nothing." - Napoleon

6/04/2009 8:35 AM

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Jon is Cute said...

You meant "not what they see with their own eyes when they're accidentally watching the show", right?

hee hee