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CityGirl is a Fatso

Hope y'all didn't miss this post. GWOP's resident expert on running weighs in.

Yes, nothing screams "Hey! I'm a Fatso" than a post like this:

CityGirl said...

With all the recent pictures of Kate "Running" I am kind of thinking that since everything she does is to benefit her in some way($$) . Could she possibly be trying to come out with an exercise video? She has been carrying on with the running crap forever, but as hot as the weather has been, it would make more sense for kate to "Run" on the treadmill in the basement. Where the aircondition is. Yes, I know how much Kate loves to have her picture taken. But I just don't think she would cause herself to break a sweat for nothing. There has got to be another idea for more money somewhere in these rediculous* pictures. I'm betting on the Video and OR.....

P.S. Did anyone else hear that Joy is leaving the View for a full time slot on HLN? Gosh, I like the view and hope that they don't ask Kate to come on there. It seems they don't know what to do with her. Maybe that's why there is a limited # of episodes of K+8. Maybe there is something in the works. Hope everyone had a happy 4th!

7/05/2010 11:50 PM

Thanks CityGirl! I hope you had a very happy 4th too --- sitting on your ass, stuffing your pie hole and whatever other sedentary activities you fatties do on a holiday. We know it's not running.

* Ut oh! May GWOP's spelling police be merciful, CityGirl. Tsk tsk.

About time for a new post, eh?

Yeah, today is definitely "way too damned hot outside" and so I am able to pay proper attention to my beloved blog in the full comfort of my air conditioned home whilst the children play at a neighbor's house in the full comfort of their air-conditioned home. It's soooooo damned hot outside that I couldn't even fathom the idea of going into the dirty, grimy city. I'm working (wink, wink) from home.

So, um, what's new with the GWOPPERS? The comments in the previous thread indicate that my BFF Dana Hoffman has been outed as a journalist (cough) who is a tad more than your average, everyday objective journalist. As I understand it, some very helpful person had discovered (and seemingly proven) that Dana likes to post her nastiest anti-Gosselin stuff at some anti-Gosselin blog using a pseudonym.

Gee, I do believe I hear a big old chicken clucking. Is it Dana?

Of course, you may recall my earlier speculation that Dana ---even writing as boring Dana in the Reading newspaper or wherever she submitted her soggy, yellow news stories (cough) --- had more skin in the anti-Gosselin movement than your average, everyday whacko. I mean a normal person just doesn't get upset when a family of 8 buys a 10 person passenger van. So, I am pleased to see now that yes, there is far more to Dana Hoffman's hatred of the Gosselin clan (or Kate) than meets the eye. You'll also recall that I also speculated that Dana Hoffman behaves JUST like one of Jon's spurned lovers.


I wonder why Dana Hoffman hates the Gosselins so much?