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Bladeofgrass needs a clue STAT!

Hopefully one of the GWoP mentors will quietly pull 'bladeofgrass' aside and offer her a clue regarding Kate's polycystic ovaries.

Bladeofgrass said...
I believe that Kate is heavily involved with the Silver Fox and she does not intend to let anything stop her new love affair. I know this is awful to say, but it would be great to see her pregnant from him. It would further bring down her house of cards.

and then shortly thereafter, we see/enjoy the start of bladeofgrass' total nervous breakdown.

she continues with:
If any sheeple are reading this...spend all your money on these cons.

I laugh at you for wasting it on your idol. You obviously cannot see the forest for the trees.

TLC and lackeys for PR... Enjoy the money while you can.

I will never read People Magazine again nor watch anything on TLC.

TLC has been locked out on my cable for good.

I will also keep writing to your sponsors until they see the light.

Kate Gosselin is one of the most despised persons on reality TV. She is infamous for pimping out 8 beautiful children.

I also lay the blame at Jon’s feet too…a good father would stop this insanity now.

Kates flaws:

Pimp Mommy

Kate's Virtues:

6/06/2009 8:19 AM

Laughing my ass off ! It's all just too darn delicious, isn't it??

I thought my blog was dumb ..

.. and then I received a link to the Professor's blog (

Whoosh.... now that's a dumb blog.

Since 2006 too.

In a nutshell, here are the fundamental differences between the Professor and me, myself and I:

1. I do not fancy myself to be a writer.

2. I do not feign outrage against Jon & Kate forgetting that I've indicated in my hi-larious Profile that the only reason I write my stupid blog is in hopes of a securing a writing gig*.

3. I don't have a blog Profile, but if I did, it won't include my astrological sign.

4. The words "And, oh yeah, I made that kid .... the ol' fashioned way. Yaknowwhutimsayin?" will never come from my pen or mouth.

In writing #4, I can't possibly imagine what the Professor would like us to understand about himself, or why.

GWoPpers, especially those of you who can't concieve on your own, you've picked a good friend in the professor.

If your husband is to blame for all your fertility problems, the Professor (with his wife sitting and smiling so proudly beside him) appears to be offering his services.

You can find his e-mail address in his profile.

* This is a practice known as exploiting the exploiters of the exploited--- a.k.a., pond scum. The only thing saving the Professor from pond-scum stature is the absence of the anyone who has been exploited.

Seriously, this is Getting Ridiculous

If I didn't know better I'd swere the GWoPpers are having some sort of "who can post the most stupid comment" challenge in hopes that I'll post it over here.

You know you've run out of absoutely EVERYTHING there is to bitch out when there's something wrong with kids holding hands. And what a shocker, at least one other GWoPper agrees with this moron:

Sue said...
Looking at the most recent pics don't understand why they all have to hold hands ALL the time! THEY are 5 years old. When Cara and Mady were 5 they were in charge of "holding hands" and "directing" the young ones through a parking lot. But you can't allow these 5 year olds to walk by themselves? Doesn't look like a busy parking lot. I think the kids can walk next to her w/out holding hands. Shoot Aaden is holding her finger, it's not like she has a good "grip" on them in the event she had to respond quickly.
6/05/2009 9:33 AM


Y0u are so right, Sue. I also don't understand why Jon & Kate won't let them run out into the middle of traffic. I mean C'MON! They're 5 now! Cars are able to see them. For not loving them, Kate is way too overprotective.

Here's SaNdY hating the Exploitation

SaNdY is one of the more prolific commenters at GWoP, posting several times a day everyday. With advocates like SaNdY on their side, I can't help but feel that exploited children are forever screwed.

SaNdY said...
Noticed something about Kate's eyes in her senior potrait in this radar online pictorial....and believe me, I'm not one to find excuses for her, her behavior, or anything else...but look at her right eye, it is smaller and it doesn't match the left eye, could this be why she wears that awful hanging curtain of hair over her RIGHT EYE??? To hide the fact that it doesn't match the left one?? On another note, want to take bets on the color of her bikini tomorrow?? (Orange and black are excluded) :D
6/02/2009 2:56 PM

OMG!LOL!!LOL fostersmom has gigantic boobs!!!!!!

well well well, lookee what I found with a simple google search

freestyle pump - has anyone used it with BIG breasts?

03-03-2009 9:43 AM
I have been pumping with my pump in style for 7 weeks and it is going fine, but I am going to start working from home in two weeks. Has anyone used the free style pump with breasts over the size of DD? I don't want to spend the money on it if it will not hold the suction, and it is really only ment for avg size breasts.


Looks like fostersmom is having a little trouble managing her ginormous boobs. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hope this doesn't mean that fostersmom is morbidly obese or anything like that because then I'd really have to second-guess her issues with Kate's bikini pics.

At Least They're Picking on Everyone

I've been meaning to check out if there is also a "Roloffs Without Pity" and "Duggars Without Pity" blog and then fostersmom's breakdown regarding Kate's shoes reminded me to look. Thanks again, fostersmom!

But of course there is a RWoP and a DWoP blog.

What was I thinking? :: thumps head ::

The RWoP blog hasn't been updated since September 2008 so perhaps that blogger finally choked on his own backwash or opted to get a life. And then the DWoP blog is sponsored by none other than our patron saint of modern living herself, Serena!

My goodness, Serena! How will we EVER be able to thank you for your tireless, selfless crusade against Reality TV?

So what's your beef with the Duggars?

Too wholesome ?

You don't like names starting with "J"?

Perhaps the kids too smart, too polite and too well-adjusted for your liking? All those clean-cut Duggar kids are sorta blowing your "Gosselin Kids will be Messed Up Adults" theory out of the water, aren't they? No wonder you don't like 'em.

If you don't mind, Serena. I'll just limit my rebuttals to all of your stupidity to this one GWoPwop blog. You seem to do enough blog-hopping as it is.

National Ability Center PWNS fostersmom

BWAHA HAH HAH HAH HAHA HA ... too funny.

With special thanks to "Ishatziedmyself" for reporting in with this GWOP smackdown from the National Ability Center:

National Ability Center said...
To JustWondering & Script Chick, the footage of Jon snowboarding with the National Ability Center was shot late this spring at Park City Mountain Resort.

"As someone with two degrees in special education," fostersmom should understand that "handicaps" and "handicapped" are hardly used anymore. Individuals with disabilities should not have to tolerate being called "handicapped" any more than we tolerate racial, ethnic or religious slurs.

As for Kate, she is welcome to come out to the Ability Center anytime. We know she isn't much for the snow, but we have extended the invitation to come (with or without cameras) during the summer if that would be more enjoyable for her.
6/03/2009 8:08 AM

Get your tinfoil hat out for this one!

The GWoPpers will believe anything they read in the National Enquirer or Star but not what they see with their own eyes.

Much thanks to "FAKESNOWWTF" for reporting in with the latest in cockamamie GWOP conspiracy theories.

Check this out:
SnowJob? said...

Did anyone notice that the snow falling during Jon's Utah interviews about the National Ability Center looked fake? The snow falling when they were on the lifts was real but the images looked weird when he was standing outside talking & wearing a long sleeved shirt- not blizzard gear. It looked like they added in fake snow, maybe to distract from Jon's stupid commentary? He came across as ignorant and uninterested, kept saying things like "these kids can't do ANYthing" (which sounded self-aggrandizing & offensive since disabled kids do a lot without your oblivious presence, Mr. Gosselin) and diverted attention from a good organization. Jon even made it sound unorganized, like "we got this kid on the lift but how will we get him off?" instead of demonstrating anything he learned from the NAC staff & clients. Also some fake flashes seemed to be added to the season premiere episode when Kate strolled around for the paps. Did they do these camera tricks in previous seasons?
6/03/2009 11:36

In Rebuttal:

National Ability Center said...
@SnowJobCheck out our blog post about Jon's visit. We didn't use any fake snow. Utah flakes are huge and light. That's why we claim to have the Greatest Snow on Earth.

When Jon talked about the kids not being able to do anything, he was trying to make a point. Many ski resorts don't have accommodations like we provide at the National Ability Center. You can't walk into a regular ski rental shop and get the equipment or the training we provide.

Jon gets it. Yes, individuals with disabilities are 'able' to do millions of things. But the right gear isn't available at local sporting goods stores.

"Ability without opportunity is nothing." - Napoleon

6/04/2009 8:35 AM

Nope, Nothing to be Concerned About Here

"The Professor" who I think must also post with the account name "Avary" might be one of those people that 'lindahoyt' is so worried about.

Take a look at an excerpt from his re-crap of the Sun, Seashells and Scrapes episode:
It seemed like business was going to pick up when Alexis – the Gosselin child who warrants a spin-off – tripped over a branch and bit a hole the size of Kate’s cervix, right through her bottom lip.
Nope, nothing to be concerned about here.

No siree. All normal.

Perfectly normal commentary.

A perfectly normal stream of consciousness.

Yep. Normal.

:: tiptoes quietly away from GWoP blog ::

No High Heels Allowed. Check.

Just read "fostersmom" re-crap of the Kate Birthday Cake episode, which I originally missed but happened to catch (accidentally of course, snicker) last night.

It's a re-cap, people! R.E.C.A.P. As in short, succinct and to the point.

But, I read every word ... wondering whether fostersmom and I were actually watching the same episode. Things I totally missed or considered completely insignificant were ripped several times over using hundreds and hundreds of words.

Kate's shoes, for example.

Apparently, moms are not to wear high heels. Moms who wear high heels are hookers. Nice!

Kate's high heels weren't even that high. Weren't they wedge sandals? I sure hope the GWoPpers never get a load of the Jimmy Choos that I've been wearing to the grocery store, sheesh. I'll resort to a :: holds nose :: wedge sandal when I've broken my ankle or have to run a marathon or something. Come to think of it, I don't even think I currently own a wedge sandal. Stacy London is my shoe mentor.

I can't help but wonder what sort of clod-hoppers must adorn the GWoPper feet. Birkenstocks perhaps? Crocs? Even those shoes may be too fashionable for GWoPper sensibilities. I'm betting it's the same type of shoe that Michelle Duggar wears.

:: mind wonders over to the Roloff farm ::

It's probably okay if Amy Roloff wears high heels because she's short. It'd otherwise be too hard to be critical of Amy if you can't see her when she's standing next to Jacob's hospital bed whilst tending to his gaping head wound.

Speaking of the Duggars and the Roloffs, I keep forgetting to check if there are DWoP and RWoP blogs. Fostersmom's re-crap reminded me. Thanks, fostersmom! I also happen to like Michelle and Amy so if I find out that you're picking on them too, there will be even more hell to pay. You can take that to the bank.

Matt Lauer Speaks Out

Be sure to visit the GWoP site and click the link to Matt Lauer's segment on Jon & Kate.

: giant eyeroll :

I applaud the cojones it takes to condemn the exploitation of the Gosselins kids all whilst running cute excerpts of the TV Show in the background. I wonder if the Today Show was going for ratings too?

Yeah, Matt Lauer is definitely a guy who understands marriage and parenting so well that I can perfectly understand why he would want to speak out in judgment of Jon & Kate.

Matt's second wife felt he was such an expert that she wanted out before their baby was born. Or, maybe she just wanted to dump him because he's a giant blowhard who is incapable of unbiased reporting.

At best, the Today Show (and its competitor shows) is entertainment journalism and I could probably make a compelling argument showing tabloid journalism. But if I asked Matt Lauer, I'll bet my first born and second born that he fancies himself to be a news journalist.

To be fair. The Lauers eventually managed to patch their marriage back together (for now) but not before crybaby Matt ordered all the tabloids and papparazi to back off--- a courtesy he himself is not so transparently willing to extend to the Gosselins.

I laughed at the "Educational Psychologist" who spoke with such exaggeration and disgust that she hardly seemed credible.

The guy from "Father Knows Best" seems perfectly fine with the TV Show as long as the kids receive separate contracts. He obviously didn't see the sextuplets fighting over different-colored popcicles yesterday so I can't imagine the angst over different TV contracts, but I'm no lawyer.

Last but not least. Matt could totally use some (if not all) of Jon's hairplugs so if I were Matt, I'd be a whole lot nicer to Jon.

okay, I did the Math

... and didn't have a problem with it.

Math Challenged said...
Forgive me if this has been posted before but...Kate said that parents of multiples have triple the divorce rate?!?!

I thought the rate was 50% in the U.S.

You do the math.

It's not feasible that the parents of multiples might be three times more likely to divorce as any other couple?

At least you chose an appropriate account name for yourself, idiot.

Good Job, Jon & Kate

I had to miss the first 15 minutes and tuned just when Kate and Maddy were closing the spa door and seconds before one of the girls (not sure which one) bit her lip. My first thought --- man oh man, the GWoPpers are gonna have a frigging fit about this. I'm not exactly sure why they'll be furious because kids bite their lips everyday but I'm sure they'll have puh-lenty to say.

Anyhoo, totally cute show.

Glad to see Jon and Kate both feeling so much more relaxed and comfortable again in front of the camera. Perhaps it's because they've finally realized what the rest of us have known since Day 1 ... the world's GWoPpers are always gonna find something to bitch about.

It's a completely liberating moment, isn't it?

Aunt Jodi's sister Julie might even say it's one of those truths that sets you free.

Don't quit your day job, Maude

It's quite obvious that many GWoPpers don't have a beef regarding the exploitation of J&K's kids at all and are merely using the site to try out their comedy material.

Maude said...
Okay, I have a confession to make. Please be gentle, and if there is anyone out there who can absolve me of my sin, I'd be most grateful.The necklace, the floating diamond necklace she wears all the time now, I've been coveting that necklace for YEARS! YEARS!

First time I saw a picture of Hate wearing it, I felt a little... you know... that word the Sheeple love to throw at us. The J word.

Sigh... its not really a confession unless I say it...jealous. Just a little. That witch gets everything she wants all at the expense of her children! She has SCAMMED people and companies out of money and merchandise, and still, gets what she wants! The house, the vacations, the jewelry, the plastic surgeries, whatever she wants, BAM, she gets it! She doesn't even WORK! She doesn't even RAISE her own CHILDREN. She doesn't even write the books she makes millions from!My sister-in-law got one of those necklaces for her birthday and never wears it because "it doesn't go with anything". Ugh! It goes with jeans and a tee shirt for crying out load!

Sorry, I'm done. I'll try to be good now, and get back on track.

Save the Children!

:: crickets chirping ::

Serena, am I supposed to work or not?

It appears the GWoPpers have said all that can be said about Kate's haircut and (thankfully) they have now moved on to her work and work schedule. Something Kate said during the Season Premier has got them all worked up.

Don't take this the wrong way, Serena, but I'm never quite sure what the GWoP Rules of Motherhood are. I mean if I were to abandon "sheepledom" in favor of "GWoPperhood", it's a little stressful not knowing whether I'd fit it over there.

1. My hair is not long and stringy.

2. We believe in God. I'm not sure if my husband would be willing to renounce God but perhaps we can agree to practice our religion in secret. You know, like they do communist Russia. In our basesment ... in the middle of the night... no lights on... whispered voices.

3. I work.

4. I work even though I don't have to work.

5. I travel for work.

6. I probably travel more than Kate does.

7. And my husband doesn't work at home like Jon does.

8. Our nanny is not named Aunt Jodi or Beth.

So far our 3 kids definitely seem to be turning out "okay" but I suppose you'll be the judge of that too. Afterall, your crucification of Jon & Kate does seem to indicate that you've very clear ideas on what a "normal, happy kid " is.

After you finish writing the "Official Rules of GWopper-hood" if you could be a dear and formally define "normal, happy kid" for us, we'd like to start feeling badly about that too.