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Don't quit your day job, Maude

It's quite obvious that many GWoPpers don't have a beef regarding the exploitation of J&K's kids at all and are merely using the site to try out their comedy material.

Maude said...
Okay, I have a confession to make. Please be gentle, and if there is anyone out there who can absolve me of my sin, I'd be most grateful.The necklace, the floating diamond necklace she wears all the time now, I've been coveting that necklace for YEARS! YEARS!

First time I saw a picture of Hate wearing it, I felt a little... you know... that word the Sheeple love to throw at us. The J word.

Sigh... its not really a confession unless I say it...jealous. Just a little. That witch gets everything she wants all at the expense of her children! She has SCAMMED people and companies out of money and merchandise, and still, gets what she wants! The house, the vacations, the jewelry, the plastic surgeries, whatever she wants, BAM, she gets it! She doesn't even WORK! She doesn't even RAISE her own CHILDREN. She doesn't even write the books she makes millions from!My sister-in-law got one of those necklaces for her birthday and never wears it because "it doesn't go with anything". Ugh! It goes with jeans and a tee shirt for crying out load!

Sorry, I'm done. I'll try to be good now, and get back on track.

Save the Children!

:: crickets chirping ::


RightOnMaude said...

When one uses the screen name of the greatest example of a true feminism ever seen on television, gentle is not an option.

Bea Arthur is gonna reach down from heaven and b*tchslap her.

My sister-in-law got one of those necklaces for her birthday and never wears it because "it doesn't go with anything". Ugh! It goes with jeans and a tee shirt for crying out load!

I can tell by her post that her SIL is richer, thinner, smarter, and prettier than hag Maude.
It is rather obvious that her SIL got such a present because she is nicer and way more popular than hag Maude.
Also, her SIL can afford to
get any plastic surgery she needs, but is so beautiful none is needed. Poor hag Maude.

Ishatziedmyself said...

More projecting. Is it possible to have a topic concerning the rage and jealously towards kate has nothing to do with Kate, but because these troll hags are not doing a good job as women.

This modern-day Joan of Arc was abusive but blames it on her mother. I wonder how insufferable the daughter is in life:

sitswithpurses said...
Awesome recap, fostersmom. I loved that you use "martyrs" as a verb. "Martyr" is the word my daughter, now 26, learned to use with great effect whenever I was behaving in a manipulative way. I was raised by a mother with narcissistic tendencies who would often pull a martyr act. My dad would call her on it by doing his favorite impression: "If I could just get my hands down off of this cross, I could get your dinner on the table even faster." So my daughter knew that was the one "mom" thing I didn't want to affect. She'd say "Stop being a martyr and just tell me what you'd like me to do."

Interestingly, it took this same daughter mere minutes to figure out the problem with Jon and Kate Plus 8. It was the first or second season when she walked into a room where I was watching it. After I responded to her "What's this?" with the most cursory synopsis, she sounded appalled and said, "That's exploitation, they're pimping out their kids." I felt a little self-conscious for watching it but I think I said something like, "hey, I don't give you crap about watching "Girls Next Door." which isn't true. I give her plenty of crap about that.

YoMutha said...

Dammit. Now I want to see what this necklace looks like so I can buy one and show "Maude."