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Matt Lauer Speaks Out

Be sure to visit the GWoP site and click the link to Matt Lauer's segment on Jon & Kate.

: giant eyeroll :

I applaud the cojones it takes to condemn the exploitation of the Gosselins kids all whilst running cute excerpts of the TV Show in the background. I wonder if the Today Show was going for ratings too?

Yeah, Matt Lauer is definitely a guy who understands marriage and parenting so well that I can perfectly understand why he would want to speak out in judgment of Jon & Kate.

Matt's second wife felt he was such an expert that she wanted out before their baby was born. Or, maybe she just wanted to dump him because he's a giant blowhard who is incapable of unbiased reporting.

At best, the Today Show (and its competitor shows) is entertainment journalism and I could probably make a compelling argument showing tabloid journalism. But if I asked Matt Lauer, I'll bet my first born and second born that he fancies himself to be a news journalist.

To be fair. The Lauers eventually managed to patch their marriage back together (for now) but not before crybaby Matt ordered all the tabloids and papparazi to back off--- a courtesy he himself is not so transparently willing to extend to the Gosselins.

I laughed at the "Educational Psychologist" who spoke with such exaggeration and disgust that she hardly seemed credible.

The guy from "Father Knows Best" seems perfectly fine with the TV Show as long as the kids receive separate contracts. He obviously didn't see the sextuplets fighting over different-colored popcicles yesterday so I can't imagine the angst over different TV contracts, but I'm no lawyer.

Last but not least. Matt could totally use some (if not all) of Jon's hairplugs so if I were Matt, I'd be a whole lot nicer to Jon.

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