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How the Internet Works

Here's a rare post in which I try to be helpful to the GWoPpers and their fervid campaign to stop the damnable exploitation of those Gosselins kids.

I will do this by explaining how the Internet and tabloid journalism works.

Dear GWoPpers,

When you click those links to, and whatever other godforsaken sites you're accidentally (snicker) looking at 24x7, the proprietors of those sites earn money. Lots of it.

Yes, I do realize that you're only visiting the site so that you can see Kate in her bikini. But look more closely and you'll notice the site's many, many advertisements. Those site sponsors pay for space on the site and they pay more for each hit.

Your unnatural verve for everything Jon & Kate compels the site to pay the papparazi for more pictures of the Gosselin family ... so that you'll continue to visit the site ... and so that the advertisers will continue to pay (more) for advertising.

You see how that works?

I don't think so because you're allegedly against the exploitation of the kids. You want everyone to STOP making money of those kids, right? This is the very reason why the GWoP blog doesn't have any ads (yet).

Sometimes I get confused when I read all your posts with their links to justjared etc. I start wondering if its just Jon & Kate who aren't supposed to be making money off the kids.

I hope this lesson in Internet profiteering has been helpful to you.

I won't sink so low as to suspect that y'all would ever buy copies of the National Enquirer, the Star, Us Weekly, People, etc. etc. Cause if you were accidentally buying tabloids, you'd not only be padding the coffers of the very folks who are helping to exploit the children but that money would also represent food, clothing, healthcare and educational opportunities not spent on your own kids.

Tsk tsk.

Don't you worry too much though, it won't be much longer before we non- GWoPpers (sheeple) will be helping to pay for your family's health care. If all goes well on that front, you may not have to cancel your Internet access or People subscriptions afterall. And all the time you spend gawking at Jon & Kate will continue to be time well spent.

Best regards,


Troll Hunter said...

Great post. Judging by some of the comments I have read over at GWOP, I think that the people over at GWOP would also benefit on information about boycotting and Neilsen Ratings.

Troll Hunter said...

I came across yet another jewel at GWOP. I included the whole post, so you could get the gist of what is being spoken about, namely the authenticity of one of Kate's official blog posts.

Towards the end of the following post ManicNarcissism gives us a peek into her soul. Talk about "TMI!"

ManicNarcissism said...
Sue said...

OH NO!!! Kate has a new post on her blog! Thanks FEDUP for pointing me to it! She SO did not write this and everything she says is to prove all of us wrong!


Really?? I thought she wrote it for sure. It so sounds like her. It sounds like someone trying to sound intelligent and be an author. Some of those sentences are trying SO hard!! It might have been tweaked by someone but I think she wrote it because it is so sickening and shows that she does not understand perception versus reality. Also, when I read it, it sounded exactly how my mother would have told a family vacation from her perspective but to me would have been saying, put that nasty disgusting germ ridden crab down. You are so gross to pick that up. You have always been gross, even as a baby you were gross. Ice cream, you want ice cream? I can only eat a tsp because Ice cream makes you fat. It will make you fat. It's better not to eat it because it will make you fat. Then when I was an adult and hadn't seen her since 17 and I was 24, the first thing she said to me was "OH THANK GOD you haven't gotten fat." Nice to see you too mom.

6/07/2009 5:26 AM on "Free Discussion 6/6 - 6/12"

iwhyawli said...

good gawd, manicnarcissm certainly has some "issues" doesn't she?

quack-is-whack said...

Thanks for the lengthy list of rules, who you are, what you want, and how I (an internet nobody) can help. I promise to try my best to be a good gwopwopper. Baaaa. I mean quack?