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Seriously, this is Getting Ridiculous

If I didn't know better I'd swere the GWoPpers are having some sort of "who can post the most stupid comment" challenge in hopes that I'll post it over here.

You know you've run out of absoutely EVERYTHING there is to bitch out when there's something wrong with kids holding hands. And what a shocker, at least one other GWoPper agrees with this moron:

Sue said...
Looking at the most recent pics don't understand why they all have to hold hands ALL the time! THEY are 5 years old. When Cara and Mady were 5 they were in charge of "holding hands" and "directing" the young ones through a parking lot. But you can't allow these 5 year olds to walk by themselves? Doesn't look like a busy parking lot. I think the kids can walk next to her w/out holding hands. Shoot Aaden is holding her finger, it's not like she has a good "grip" on them in the event she had to respond quickly.
6/05/2009 9:33 AM


Y0u are so right, Sue. I also don't understand why Jon & Kate won't let them run out into the middle of traffic. I mean C'MON! They're 5 now! Cars are able to see them. For not loving them, Kate is way too overprotective.

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