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Open Discussion: 09-12 to 09-17

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GWOP Theatre: Act III

Lame Fish
by iwhyawli

I couldn't WAIT to say this!

And we couldn't WAIT to hear it!
Whassup Jon?

"I love Kate as the mother of my
kids, but I despise her as a person."

Yeah, um, 'splain dat for us.
And go slow.
Pretend we're dumb.

This Mercedes ain't gonna
pay for itself, Serena

And we're always happy
to get the extra blog hits.

By the time my kids
google this, I'll have shot myself.

Good plan.

So yeah, it's not like they'll feel caught
in the middle or anything.

Your shrink tell you that?


Your mother?


Any chance your getting
life advice from a never-employed,
over indulged
22 year-old pothead
whose last sexual encounter
included a 5' potted plant?

Does this mean I'm still not
America's favorite Dad ?

Jon Gosselin: I despise Kate

Jon must think we're all as dumb as he is. He despises Kate, he says.

No shit. Really? We couldn't tell.

Here's a newsflash, Jon. You also despise yourself.

I must say your 22K therapist has done a bang up job.

P.S. iwhyawli's bullshit detecter went berzerko when you were telling the wedding ring story. Your mom probably never told you this (or anything) but a person generally isn't believable when they're acting out in anger and spite.

Rock Bottom

There's always bright side to everything and the upside to hitting rock bottom is that things can't possibly get worse. Except in Jon's case, the upside to hitting rock bottom would be that he hasn't hit it yet.

When I saw Jon leering down the blouse of a drag queen, I thought to myself "iwhyawli, this is it. Jon's hit rock bottom. He'll wallow and flail down there for a bit but then we'll evenutally see the slow climb back into adulthood. The worst of it is finally over."

But I was wrong.

Yes, everyone, Jon managed to find another new low this weekend. He's telling the media that Kate refused to go to marriage counselling. Nice. A page ripped straight out the Aunt Jodi playbook. Page 1 from the chapter titled "How to give the children a little something to chew on when they finally start googling everything". It shouldn't be too much longer before Jon tells us whether or not Kate's a screamer.

I am stunned. All I can figure is that Jon must have some big bills to pay. Hopefully it's to the mafia or perhaps a Columbian drug cartel. Because no one would fuck with their kids like that just for media attention, right ? Aunt Jodi being the exception of course.

Kate, I beg you. Don't reply to that shit. Stay the course.

There's no need to contradict him or explain yourself, especially when most of us are now wondering how you managed to put up with his shit for 10 years.