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Click here for iwhyawli's tongue-in-check version of GWOP's 954,012 posting rules. If you're wondering why GWOP has so many posting rules, you're not alone.

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RIP: Meredith Viera

So yeah, I remembered what it was that I wanted to write before I got distracted by the extra delicious ridiculousness that is GWOP's emergency blog.

Did I hear that right last night, y'all?

Meredith Viera told the GWOPPERS to GET A LIFE ?

Oh no, Meredith, Meredith, Meredith.

I hardly knew ya.

Is This Thing Working Yet?

Well gee, Blogger was broke earlier today and now I done forgot all the important stuff I wanted to post about last night's 'Kate Plus 8' and 'Inside Kate's Life" (or whatever that second show was called ).

But more importantly, how are the poor GWOPPERS coping ? First the BP Oil Spill and now blogger craps out and the GWOPPERS can't get to their beloved blog. HOW MUCH COLLOSSAL TRAGEDY CAN HUMANITY WITHSTAND?

Oh wait. I forgot. GWOP has an emergency blog for these exact types of emergencies. Whew! I may be wrong but I believe the emergency blog is (no "s"). It's the same blogging lifeboat that everyone boarded after Sharla brought down GWOP for three days when she deleted a billion incriminating posts PLUS one of the GWOP administrators who went rogue after the whole PENNYMOMMY fiasco. Eventually, the emergency blog went all secret on everyone and I think only the coolest of the cool GWOPPERS had the password*. So yeah, hopefully, HOPEFULLY Sharla was able to hide all the private discussions on the emergency blog in time to re-open it for emergency use before any of the most panicked GWOPPER addicts offed themselves in desperation.

Ay yi-yi. An emergency blog? Cause finding something else to do for a few hours is out of the question? ::eye rolls::

* GWOP's emergency secret blog should not be confused with the Super Secret Blog that Rabid Clay Aiken fan/Kate Gosselin hater xsandlapper runs. See, if you're Sharla, you can never post on enough blogs, especially secret ones.

I am a pathetic Gosselin blogger

So, um, I was messing around over there in the archives, looking for all those funny movies y'all once created. Remember those? They were FUNNY!

See, I'm fixin' to make another sidebar thing that include a list of those movie links. And whilst I was poking around to find the movies, I realized:

"Hey, this blog is probably coming up on its one year anniversary! I could do the movie link sidebar thing in celebration of gwopwop's one year anniversary! Because that's what real bloggers do: they celebrate stuff like their blog's birthday. OMG OMG OMG ... I want to be a real blogger too!"

Buzzer sound. Guess what?

Iwhyawli totally missed gwopwop's birthday. It was May 3rd. Whoopsie!

Sharla NEVER misses a GWOP milestone!

While, yes, I may be the world's most pathetic Gosselin blogger, it gives me great comfort to know that I will never be like Sharla, no matter how hard I try.