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Nope, Nothing to be Concerned About Here

"The Professor" who I think must also post with the account name "Avary" might be one of those people that 'lindahoyt' is so worried about.

Take a look at an excerpt from his re-crap of the Sun, Seashells and Scrapes episode:
It seemed like business was going to pick up when Alexis – the Gosselin child who warrants a spin-off – tripped over a branch and bit a hole the size of Kate’s cervix, right through her bottom lip.
Nope, nothing to be concerned about here.

No siree. All normal.

Perfectly normal commentary.

A perfectly normal stream of consciousness.

Yep. Normal.

:: tiptoes quietly away from GWoP blog ::


Anonymous said...


It Takes a Village said...

I bet more than one GWOPPER has sent a naked picture of herself to the Professor.

WhoShatzied? said...

The insanity on that board is escalating. They are in some damned race to outdo each other in craziness.
It's starting to freak me out.

iwhyawli said...

Oh yes, the GWoPpers have definitely worked themselves into a frenzy, which is what idiots always do. No one knows that better than the papparazzi and the so-called "journalists."

I enjoy reading that blog because they all remind me that I am not stuck in the muck.

Plus, I like making fun of them.

I M Perfect said...

I sure hope the Professor doesn't kiss his kids with that vulgar mouth!

Jon is Cute said...

I know I'm slow but I don't even get the joke, do you?

Does he mean the hole in Alexis' lip was big or small?

Which is better -- a big or small cervix?

Weren't all Kate's kids born by c-section? So she'd probably have a small cervix, not that I ever thought in a million years that I'd be wondering what size cervix anyone else has but I'm just trying to understand the joke. Could it be thaat Professor doesn't have any firsthand knowledge of female anatomy? Poor guy.