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OMG!LOL!!LOL fostersmom has gigantic boobs!!!!!!

well well well, lookee what I found with a simple google search

freestyle pump - has anyone used it with BIG breasts?

03-03-2009 9:43 AM
I have been pumping with my pump in style for 7 weeks and it is going fine, but I am going to start working from home in two weeks. Has anyone used the free style pump with breasts over the size of DD? I don't want to spend the money on it if it will not hold the suction, and it is really only ment for avg size breasts.


Looks like fostersmom is having a little trouble managing her ginormous boobs. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Hope this doesn't mean that fostersmom is morbidly obese or anything like that because then I'd really have to second-guess her issues with Kate's bikini pics.


Laura said...

maybe fostersmom should hook up with the professor for some of that "cybersex" that internet slugs always seem to be looking for.

Ishatziedmyself said...

Please, fostersmom worked the pole. She probably has implants.
She types stripper.

Ishatziedmyself said...