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Dang You TLC!

I'm reading where Jon Gosselin reportedly turned down an offer to appear nude in Playgirl, and well, I only have TLC and that darn injunction to thank ... I mean, blame.

Unlike the GWOPPERS, we gals never get to see a naked fat guy, do we? Is that fair? No, it's absolutely not fair. It's not fair to fat guys and it's not fair to women with buff husbands and boyfriends. I don't know how much a copy Playgirl Magazine costs these days, but if by chance someone holds a gun to my head and makes me buy one then dammit there better well be a buck naked, middle-aged, balding fat guy in there.

Ta-ta for now. I'm off to google naked fat guys.

Was there another earthquake or did GWOP explode?

I had to sit through another episode of that stupid Bachelor show but it was well worth it.

Kate Gosselin is Contestant #10 on Dancing with the Stars!

Now please tell me that she's partnered with Max.

Congratulations to Kate. I'll look forward to watching.