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I thought my blog was dumb ..

.. and then I received a link to the Professor's blog (

Whoosh.... now that's a dumb blog.

Since 2006 too.

In a nutshell, here are the fundamental differences between the Professor and me, myself and I:

1. I do not fancy myself to be a writer.

2. I do not feign outrage against Jon & Kate forgetting that I've indicated in my hi-larious Profile that the only reason I write my stupid blog is in hopes of a securing a writing gig*.

3. I don't have a blog Profile, but if I did, it won't include my astrological sign.

4. The words "And, oh yeah, I made that kid .... the ol' fashioned way. Yaknowwhutimsayin?" will never come from my pen or mouth.

In writing #4, I can't possibly imagine what the Professor would like us to understand about himself, or why.

GWoPpers, especially those of you who can't concieve on your own, you've picked a good friend in the professor.

If your husband is to blame for all your fertility problems, the Professor (with his wife sitting and smiling so proudly beside him) appears to be offering his services.

You can find his e-mail address in his profile.

* This is a practice known as exploiting the exploiters of the exploited--- a.k.a., pond scum. The only thing saving the Professor from pond-scum stature is the absence of the anyone who has been exploited.


Ishatziedmyself said...

To quote:
But now I need to think this through. I need to decide if it's time I started focusing my efforts on things that will get me the attention I crave, the exposure I need, and an outside chance of taking my hobby and finally turning it into a lucrative and rewarding career. No matter how often I take breaks from blogging, or what's emblazoned on my biweekly pay stub, I am (and will always be) a professional writer. And thanks to a silly pair of posts about a fake TV couple, I got a small taste of what it feels like to preach from a bigger podium.

This is something I've wanted for a very...long...time.

This jersey guy is a hit with the hags on GWOP. Yeah, what a great career.

IShatziedMyselfinJersey said...

Gotta double post here:

So it's wrong for Kate(since she is teh EVAL !!!11) to exploit the kids, but it's okay for some Jersey guy who has delusions of Dice Clay grandeur to exploit them for fame on the interwebs.
Does he know his target audience for this topic is stay-at-home fraus?
What's next for him stand up in some flyover state Walmart?