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Go Evan! Go Evan! Go Evan!

In case you are all wondering, iwhyawli plans to throw all 32,032 of her DWTS votes to Evan-the-Olympian. Yes, I know, I don't feel like looking up the spelling of Evan's last name and certain GWOPPERS can't seem to cope with my spelling errors\laziness.

My reasons for voting for Evan are really quite simple.

1. The Pussy Cat Doll woman is already a professional dancer and has no business participating as a contestant, despite her many teary assertions that 'this doesn't come easy' for her. If dancing, after the umpteen years of dance lessons that were so apparent in last week's up-close-and-personal home movies, still doesn't come easy, perhaps Nicole should contemplate another career. That, or shut up. We all understand her motivation for going on the show and it didn't have anything to do with wanting to learn how to dance and\or winning the much-coveted mirror ball trophy.

2. Max is a moron. Sure, he's cute enough in the face and certainly has a very nice body. But standing next to the well-chiseled, lean mean body mass that is Chad Ochocinco, Max Chmerlooskywitz looks like the fricking pillsbury doughboy. My main man Evan also has a far more sculpted body than Max so I'm not quite sure why Max seems to thinks he's the modern day David. Max is a male bimbo.

3. I don't like the stupid diamond earring that Max wears. Reminds me of Jon.

Good luck, Evan!