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Tell me that 'lindahoyt is a troll, right?

Here's another one of those absolutely INSANE GWoPper comments that can be re-posted without need for further commentary.

lindahoyt said...
I think the best we can hope for, like I said previously, is that the Dept. of Labor seizes all the unused video, in an attempt to see how long the family is taped, and to see if any child pornography laws have been broken. That video would then have to be turned over to the Child Protective Services if there were any hint of any kind of child abuse. I would think all of the naked video, by people who are NOT family members would be questionable.
5/29/2009 1:35 PM

1 comment:

TinhatRusted said...

When Pennsylvania decides no labor laws have been broken during filming, will the hags claim it is a Illuminati conspiracy?

I am hoping that by the end of the summer the hags have tied in Kate's haircut with the 9-11 terror attacks.