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[5 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - No More Aunt Jodi

No More Aunt Jodi
June 25, 2008

I want to discuss the REAL reason that Jodi has been cut from the show. I'm sure most of you won't be surprised, because it's been a recurring theme: CONTROL!! "It's all about ME". God forbid that Jodi gets a little attention. "You make me look worse"--sorry Kate, you don't need much help with that. You do a pretty good job on your own.

But the real slap in the face was when "someone" approached Jodi and wanted to offer her a contract to continue the show. Of course, Jodi was very excited!

She could actually get paid for being on the show and watching the kids--she had already been doing that for years. Who wouldn't be excited?!Come to find out, Kate stopped that from happening before filming of the 2nd season. All along--for 2 yrs-- Jodi could have been paid for opening up her home to the world, being on camera, but Kate said "NO WAY!!" "No one gets paid but us!" "No one makes money off MY family!" Oh, there's so much more--all to the ONLY family members who would have anything to do with them (or were allowed). To the ONLY family who had been there, helped them, supported them, even before the sextuplets were born. Other members of the family had tried in the past, but had already been cut off.

To actually ACCUSE them of being there for the money!

BUT Jodi didn't walk away--she has her reasons, and it's not because she's a doormat. She told Kate she'd continue because it wasn't about money. She wants a relationship with the kids. Kate couldn't allow Jodi to have a contract, yet she didn't have a problem with giving it to someone else--someone who hasn't even been in their life. DISGUSTING!! So now that the network will pay for childcare/other help, Jodi's "services" are no longer needed. She's been used for what Kate needed at the time, and tossed aside like her garbage.

Now--Kate doesn't have time to work Jodi into her busy life. Jodi is a stay at home mom with 4 young children. Kevin is the hardest working man I know. Why would she prevent her FAMILY from getting paid for something they were already doing? It's not like the network was going to deduct it from HER money. She already had her contract. How could someone be that cruel? Does family mean nothing? Words can't describe my feelings about this!!!


Anonymous said...

yep, this establishes MOTIVE! They were shunned and shut out, now it's time to seek and seethe revenge on J&K, with the help of Julie-gate. Poor Kevin works so hard and is mad they did not get some cha-ching so he could be at home more, and then Jodi, stay at home mommy, jealous of all Kate's kids down the street get to do and have, yep, MOTIVE for their present coming out of the wood work. Child exploitation my buttisimo! These are interesting, glad you are posting them iwhy! I'm working backwards here on your blog to read them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, no this isn't about money:
“I heard she was paid $25,000 to be the spokesperson for the P&G Pur Water campaign.”

“The helpers were not compensated, other than having the "fun, free" trip.”

This is just two examples.

Anonymous said...

The Truth Will Set You Free said...
Carla is also still there every Thursday to do other tasks that Kate wants, such as organizing, spot cleaning, putting the laundry away, and other errands. Carla is being paid an hourly rate by TLC.

QUESTION: Does Jodie have legal recourse to get paid by TLC for all the work she put in that was shown on TV?

Answer: About a month ago, Jodi was contacted by TLC and they offered to pay her for a trip that she took back in April. They wanted her sign some paperwork, but I don't know the specifics of what it said. When J&K signed on for season 4, their new PR person made sure that workers sign a confidentiality agreement. It appears that TLC was trying to pay Jodi, but only if she would sign something. She refused and told them that she is no longer involved with the show, so she didn't feel comfortable signing anything.