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Another Big Announcement

At the risk of launching World War III, the iwhyawli household is going to purchase a crooked house playhouse.


I'd never heard of (or seen) a crooked house playhouse before all this latest blogging controversy and when so when I visited the website yesterday, I immediately knew my kids would absolutely love playing in one.

My husband concurs. Ut oh, whoopsie! Can I call my husband "my husband"? Or should I be calling him "DH"?

"DH" is GWoP lingo for "dear husband" I presume? How ..... cute.

Anyhow, we live in a neighborhood with a million kids. The play houses are pricey for sure, but with all these anonymous GWoP moms and their pedophile DH's running about, we're figuring it's best to keep our kids as close to home as possible. We prefer to have the neighborhood kids playing at our house instead of our kids going over to their houses and god only knows what.

You just can't put a price on your kids safety. This crooked house money is money well spent. Plus, we think it'll be a good place for the dog to hang out when we forget to let her back in the real house, which happens a lot.

The law of unintended consequences strikes again. Thanks GWoPpers for leading me to a good thing. I look forward to speaking with the Crooked House sales people tomorrow or as soon as you get tired of jamming their phone lines, which ever comes first.

We will also gladly display our sales receipt to Serena (not her real name). What a perfectly reasonable request.

Especially from you, Serena, the identity thief.


What's my name? said...

I say go for it! If my kids were young I would. They are adorable. GWoP will be so proud!

Loveit said...

My husband and I were talking about getting one, too!

Plus, when you think about how sturdy they are and how long they'll last - it's a perfectly reasonable investment.

Quiltart said...

Good for you! If I had small children, I would be checking them out, too!

Emily The Stupid and Annoying said...

I had the same thought as you when I was led to the Crooked House website (by GWoP, thanks gals).

Your kids are going to have a blast and it will get them outta your hair. Yes, I said that. Some (good) moms actually like to have time to ourselves, although I know in GWoP lala land, moms are supposed to spend all their free time playing with their kids.

Cold Ice Cream said...

If it brings a smile to a child's face and childhood memories, KEWL! If I could afford to, I'd get all the homeless Crooked houses so they would not have to sleep under newspapers and washer/dryer boxes. Plus it would erk off the GWOPpers to see them lined up on the streets, the Crooked House community! I think it is silly they attack the Crooked houses, if they truly cared about the children, they'd stop wishing everything was taken from the kids, it's almost as if they wish the Gosselin children had nothing! How is that being a child advocate and in the best interest of the kids? They would BITCH if their ice cream was cold!

Bird Flipper Offer said...

got my nieces and nephews one, they LOVE it! *flips the bird to the GWOPpers and LisaK*

Ummm Durrrrrrrrrrrr said...

look what was on Psycho Moon's site...


Ya know what? I figured out what Jon news is. He is getting a job (haven’t figured out what kind yet) that is going to take him to NYC for a day or two a week. This is the news, plain and simple. It helps the marriage b/c it makes Jon feel needed and important. They will spin it also as a “trial” seperation.

Explains the apartment, why they still wear their rings, him meeting with media lawyers, why he won’t be on the show as much etc.

That is my guess. And for all you lurkers from other sites…DON’T steal my idea!


Don't steal your idea? I so hope you can make change for a dollar lady! The only word that came to mind when I read this was DIMWIT!

Lori said...

too bad mooon, I think BM had that up before you! you're too busy making fun of her, maybe you should've read the comments section of her site, you moon-sized moron.