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[3 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts: Let's Make a Deal

[Note from iwhyawli: I added the green emphasis because it ties into a remark I made later in the Comments section]

Let's Make a Deal
June 25, 2008

I talk about what is bothering me, and you leave me alone! I think the viewers deserve to know the TRUTH about why Jodi will no longer be on the show. The new season will be aired soon and I'm sure the viewers are going to wonder why Jodi is no longer going to be seen. She does live right around the corner. She's been involved with the kids going back to when the twins were babies. Jon and Kate moved into HER neighborhood because of the amount of support Kevin and Jodi gave them. Why all of a sudden would she just disappear? I'm sure it will be talked about in some future episodes, probably because the producer will know that the public will want an answer. I can guess it will go something like this..."We can't expect Jodi to continue to help us, she has her own family".If you'd like to discuss something with me, then I suggest you contact me in an appropriate way and we can chat. Don't be a coward, making anonymous threats, we can talk about this in a civilized way. If you choose to start harassing me, then I will have no other option than to tell EVERYTHING I know. The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

So her blog was started as spite? She makes a threat and follows through...nice.

iwhyawli said...

Hi Gosselin kids!

The spookiest thing about this particular Julie post is the stuff I re-formatted in green. Re-read Julie's post then read my own blog post titled "The Plot Thickens" that I made during the week of May 17th. Here's a link to that post:

To this day, I wonder who that tipster was/is and how he/she found my blog. At that point in my blogging exercise, I hadn't been receiving too many comments, although the view count rose quickly.

Anonymous said...

is this where Jon wrote her or emailed Julie or according to GWOP's reporting or interview of Julie, she claimed Jon wrote some not so nice comments or letters, so maybe the netbully she talked about was Jon and Kate who found out through Jodi the silly blog of hers existed and Julie is ass covering and using extortion against Jon because basically she caused the rift between Jodi and Jon and Kate. Well so did Jodi if she went and blabbed stuff she was not to blab from a contract stand point and was violating a breach of contract with TLC, no wonder they ditched Jodi! Could not trust her, then when they told her b'bye, she hid more behind Julie to tell Julie to share more and ruin them. Ugh, weird!