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Oh This Ought to Be Good

Morning all!

Pulling a request from the comments...

No doubt Julie will be re-instating her deleted blog posts by copying them from this site.

Anonymous said...
Is there any chance of this being added to this topic's front page:

The Truth Will Set You Free said...

I really wish everyone would just be patient and stop criticizing the avenue that Kevin and Jodi took to begin what they need to do to save the children from this terrible situation. This is just the beginning!

Unless you have been in a similar situation, you have no idea how this industry works. They did their research, and the truth will be told.There is more to come, so please be patient and I'm sure a lot of your questions will be answered as more is revealed. I've put some of my old posts back on my blog for those who didn't have a chance to read it, and I will be posting some sort of update over the next few days. I'm not going to repost all of the details that happened with Jodi and the show. The focus needs to stay on the children, and THEY are the reason that I spoke up last year. I think the recent events will help fill in the gaps that I wasn't free to discuss back then.Thanks for all of those who have voiced your support for Kevin and Jodi and thanks to everyone on this blog for your concerns for the children.

June 26, 2009 8:10 AM

Oh brother. I myself would like to save Jodi & Kevin's kids from their terrible situation. From the sounds of it, those Kreider kids have been living on fumes for the past 8 years. And now, they're learning how to behave like trailer trash.


iwhyawli said...

Once again, I've confused myself.

The above link by the anonymous poster leads to some GWOP thread from May 19, 2009. I was thinking Julie's comments about re-instating her deleted posts were some sort of recent pronouncement.

Buzz kill.

Although, I'm not yet 100% certain why the anonymous poster wanted me to put this Julie comment on the main page, but I'm very delighted to know that we have acknowledgement from Julie that she did indeed delete some blogs posts, specifically the ones which cast her motives into question.

I'm also delighted that I was able to call Jodi and Kevin "trailer trash" on the main page, which is what they are.

And speaking of techniques from the trailer trash school of debate, I could not help but notice Serena's and Julie's use of fake princess nics to promote their important child advocacy work.

Ms. Grapefruit said...

Actually, this is a great post to have front and center because it shows Julie for the conniving overreaching weirdo that she is.

"Be patient everyone. This is just the beginning."

Honestly. Other than the drawn from fiction account of a secret "contract", all Jodi & Kevin have revealed is the Gosselins: a) don't go to church anymore, b) Kate was a bossy older sister who made her baby brother do her chores and c) Jon and Kate fought all the time (huge huge surprise there, by the way).

If I was RadarOnline I would ask for my money back.

What has their campaign accomplished (other than to fatten their bank account?) = zero, zilch, nada. Oh wait, Julie is back at GWoP being adored again.

That's what it is all about anyway, isn't it?

Linda said...

Iwhyawli -

Does anyone have the comment section from saved.

In one of the threads, Julie was questioned about how she felt about the insults about the children that were published in the comments on GWOP.

Julie basically says something like "they are for the sake of humor" and in context she doesn't have a problem with them.

I'd love to see that comment from "Super Advocate Julie" published. Because she cares about those kids soooooo much . . . (eye roll).

iwhyawli said...

Beautifully said, Mrs. Grapefruit.

The post is absolutely main page fodder and I definitely would not wish to imply otherwise. Plus, I'm sure it won't be long before Julie asks us all once again "to be patient."

I don't mind waiting. I could read the part where Julie says " you don't know how this industry works, so don't judge Jodi & Kevin ..." a million times over.

iwhyawli said...


I am on it, girlfriend!

Yeah sure, chances of me actually finding something of value and then posting it without some sort of major debacle are slim to none but dammit, I'm always gonna give it my best shot.

I doubt you'll be waiting long.

GWoPwop has been pleased to make the aquaintance of many individuals who are extremely, if not frighteningly, good at pulling this sort of stuff out of the haystack.

I so badly wish to give them their due credit, but some wish to remain anonymous and others actually are truly anonymous, which of course is driving me crazy with intrigue.

blahblah83 said...

Jodi's windows live space is more pitiful then kevein's myspace.

iwhyawli said...

dagnabbit, Jordyn, I just accidentally deleted your comment back to Linda in which you agreed and expressed relief that Jodi no longer has access to the kids. I am so sorry.

I blame all this GWOPPER hate mail I'm getting as well as the crappy Blogger Comment feature in general.

I'm not yet having luck finding Julies "it's okay to slam the kids because it's funny" post, but the mere fact that her Royal Serene-ness allows posts that make fun of the children is evidence enough that GWOP has nothing to do with child advocacy.

Apparently, the GWoPPers don't realize that I have a picture of Julie's kids in *my* possession (complements of Deleted Blog Post #11 of 13 titled "Sisters", thank you.).

when I post it and reply-in-kind regarding Julie's own uterine farts, I feel confident Julie won't mind in the least.

Anonymous said...

anything anyone ever posted, did online, can be retrieved in time....I'm so loving that iwhyawli and her blog is BLOWING their credibility out of the water and exposing them for the cowards and conniving individuals they are. What really harshes my mellow though is how they use the kids as their reason for it all, while they collect money and are the ones saying things that one day the kids will find out that the reason their parents and them were drug through the mud and put through crap in the headlines, was the acts of other family who claim to do it out of an act of love and concern. Human behavior fascinates me how people justify stupidity! I think they are doing a splendid job of making idiots of themselves and cannot wait for the harsh reality of their credibility issues hitting all magazines, newspapers, and when sued, headline news. They will only have themselves to blame when it crashes in their face and the poor GWOPbots slowly fade out, one by one. Sorry iwhyawli that they are doing what they are best known to do, harass anyone who dare stand up to them and call it like it is, I applaud your efforts!

Re GWOPpers...Stupid is, as stupid does.

Anonymous said...

some one mentioned penn mom (I still don't know much about this but what I have read in here or see in searching for GWOP dirt and info on Julie's posts), but I came across this, the comments and list of nics penn mom used, some people had some interesting things to say.

Still trying to help search for the comment Julie left Linda, but not having much luck, did find one where she says she knows penn mom and all of that.

How did she get tied up with penn mom or was Julie a part of that online deception story I've read about?

anyway, if anyone is bored, the comments to this article people shared information about it all and chatnames she used on blogs and forums. However reliable, don't know much about the story to know, Ima Newbie to all of this GWOP drama.

Anonymous said...

What's new with Jodi

Jodi hasn't done anything new lately.


It should say "Jodi has been exploiting the Gosselin children again and screwing with their lives".

Anonymous said...

I asked for the post to be put on the first page.
There is a link to a Pennsylavania Conservative article floating around here.
You remember the GWOP freakout over the Berks County DA investigating the Gosselins and the story about the cops hating Kate? It came from his site.

Now he has an article up complaining about Julie editing a column on her blog. It shows J,J,D have no clue what they are doing.

What I posted shows that she is making up the story as she goes along.

ISchatziedMyself said...

"What's new with Jodi"

iwhyawli said...

apparently the jodester didn't want anyone to see that pic ... it's down already. rats

iwhyawli said...

... although I imagine it might still be in someone's cache. :)

Schatzie ARTIST said...

Could you delete my previous post.

iwhyawli said...

Should I post the new one? :)

Of Interest said...

was not sure which thread to send this to, but this URL was interesting about Aunt Jodi and shows MOTIVE of revenge in what they are doing now to Jon and Kate going public. It is NOT out of concern for the kids, because if it were, her or Julie would not have wrote this and posted it on the internet. She was excited (aka meaning she had no problem of what was going on with Jon and Kate or concern of the children as they claim now), but when she was told NO MONEY, she got pissed and hence...hers and Kevin's recent actions.

Interesting Find About Jodi's Motive

or the URL:

Anonymous said...

Of Interest:
It's one of the Julie's deleted blog posts.

iwhyawli said...

Thanks for sending that in and please do keep your eye on whatever places you're finding stuff like that. We recognize that particulate post to be one of Julie's infamously deleted blog posts. I couldn't agree more that Julie's and Aunt Jodi's "save the children" schtick is a load of bunk.

We have 13 of Julie's deleted blog posts re-posted here and are always on the look-out for more, if they're are any.

I didn't mean to head this way, but I now find myself happily knee-deep in a challenge to de-mask these GWoP bitches. Another reader sent me passages today that the GWoPpers have now started in one some poor Houston couple who is expecting sextuplets. They're not even parents yet and the judging has begun!