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[7 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Twisted-Part 3

[Note from iwhyawli: I'm not sure where "Twisted - Part 1" and "Twisted - Part 2" are ... perhaps still on her blog? ]

Twisted-Part 3
Jul 6, 2008

Another example is when Kate told Jodi she wasn't giving her the choice to be part of the show. Kate told her that it was to "save their relationship". Like Jodi should be thankful, maybe even grateful that Kate was actually doing her a favor. Does she really think Jodi is that gullible?!

Jodi had already had several conversations with different "people" involved with the show, all telling her the same story about Kate and her refusal to let Jodi get paid. Kevin already had two lengthy conversations with Kate about that very issue. Not once did their "relationship" come up. It was all about money and CONTROL!!

When Jodi was initially contacted about getting paid, the "person" said it was standard in the industry to give a contract to recurring people on reality shows. They said that she couldn't sign anything, so they were working on an "honorarium", but they had an "obstacle" to work around. Jodi and Kevin questioned them, and that's when they found out that Kate was the obstacle. They were told that when this person initially mentioned a contract for Jodi before the filming of season 2, Kate said, "If anyone else gets paid, we're done!" Jodi was asked not to tell Kate about the conversation because this person was "scared", and that she needed to be "patient". Kevin and Jodi didn't want to believe that Kate would do something like that, especially to them. They didn't feel comfortable going behind her back or taking the word of someone else without talking to their own FAMILY. They didn't want to be secretive or do anything that could potentially come between their "relationship" with J&K. They went against the advice and asked Kate, which I feel was the right thing for them to do. Kevin and Jodi have integrity and family means something to them.

So when Kevin went down and asked Kate what was going on, the first thing she did was yell into the other room, "Jon, If anyone else gets paid, we are done!" Then, she changed her tune and laughed at Kevin. She actually clapped her hands in his face for emphasis, as you've seen her do on TV... "You are nothing!" "Nobody cares about you!" "This is about us!" She later said that she was relaying what the "people" involved with the show told her. Although, she wasn't aware of the several other conversations that Jodi had with those "people" telling her the complete opposite. As soon as Kevin left (it was later found out), she was on the phone, putting a stop to any prospect of Jodi getting paid, and working out the hiring of a third party. I'm sure there was a lot of scrambling going on with the people from the show because they went against Kate and tried to work out something for Jodi.

A few days later, Jodi told Kate that she didn't care about the contract, and money had never been her motive. Kate twisted things around again. She said that she couldn't ALLOW Jodi to continue to be on the show because she wasn't going to get paid (because the network didn't care about her) and "Who would do that for free? Who would open their home, be filmed and not get paid?" Interesting, Kate--Jodi had been doing that for two years already, completely unaware that being paid was even an option.

At that point, Kate had already worked out the deal to "hire" the third party to take Jodi's place with child care. She allowed Jenny to sign a contract and be paid by the network, the very thing that she told Jodi the network wouldn't agree to. Her story just isn't adding up!!


Anonymous said...

It was all about money and CONTROL!!

True. Jodi wanted money and Kate wanted control. Problem is, Kate is the mother. She's supposed to have control. Sheez.

Anonymous said...

And she forgets to mention that they got paid $3000.00 for the use of the house. Kevin said as much on their "revealing" interview.

They are so full of crap! I've been wondering if Kevin's employment situation has changed and need money, so they decided to sell their bullshit to the highest bidder... They make me sick.

Anonymous said...

Twisted One and Two are still on her blog.

iwhyawli said...

There "sure" is a lot of "quoting" going on in that "post".

Hi Gosselin Kids! this is the post that proves why your Aunt Jodi and her sister took it upon themselves to feed all the psycho gwoppers and tabloid media with lies and deceiption, all of which eventually turned your Mom and Dad's life into a living hell.

None of anything was about "your exploitation," Aunt Jodi and Julie did it because Aunt Jodi was denied her rightful place in Reality TV history.

If you're pissed, kids, I don't blame you. It's Jodi and Julie who ruined your childhood.