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Revenge Four Years in the Making

Sometimes you can find the clues to Julie's deeply seated psychosis right there on the GWoP board itself.

In this post dated June 22, 2008, we learn from Julie herself that she's been honked off at Kate for over four years.

Now, I'm not too good at counting but four years would be well before Gum-gate or NoMoJodi-gate, right?

FOUR YEARS? This Julie broad needs to seek professional help.


The Truth Will Set You Free
I'm glad I found this. I will say that I have also received threats due to some things I have posted on various boards, and I'm pretty confident that I know who is behind it. I've been silent for four years, but some more recent "behind the scenes" things have taken place, which caused me to speak out. I did, and started receiving threats. Well, I won't be intimidated or "commented into submission". I've decided to step back out because the truth needs to be told. I'd also like to say that I don't know mrsbananabethanna, but I do know that what she said is true. I've known Jon and Kate for years -- before the sextuplets -- and I think it's time that those of us who know what's really going on -- speak out!Posted from

Comment by The Truth Will Set You Free.

Posted by iluveeyore on


I can only guess that neither Julie or Jodi work and never plan to work again. Don't people realize that absolutely everything is googled these days?

Can you imagine if you had either one of these nutbugs on your staff ? If you had entrust them to work on anything confidential or sensitive?

"No worries, Mr. Client, you can totally trust our Julie with your confidential stuff. She only wigs out on family members. Well, er, ok, family members of family members. But um, just to play it safe, you might not want to piss her off. "


iwhyawli said...

P.S. for background

Julie's "Kindness of Strangers" post that she made on her first secret family blog was dated May 3,2008 --- almost 2 months before the above post at GWOP. In that May 3 post, Julie vaguely refers to whirlwind of adversity, a rough couple of weeks and being fortunate to find "people who are willing to fight for justice and put their necks out there to help someone they don't really even know."

Although this June 22 post (above) sounds likes Julie's first official foray into the Gosseling blogosphere, we now know (from reading her Deleted Blog Posts at TruthBreedHatred) that she's been hob-knobbing with the folks at TWoP and GWoP since before May 3rd.

See the thread here titled
"[6 of 13] Julie's Deleted Blog Post - Kindness of Strangers" for the full text of that May 3rd post.

If all of this is confusing, join the club.
These nutbags host a million different blogs and post by a million different anonymous names. That's okay by me because I know they'll eventually trip up.

I'd love to know Julie's other posting aliases. I'd also love to know what "adversity" befell her in April/May timeframe of last year. It's "NoMoJodi-gate", isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing gumgate. Her sister was made to look like a flake on national TV.

Or Kate wouldn't let Jodi be a contracted recurring character on the show because she didn't feel she could trust her anymore?

Iwhy-Have you read the old J&K Twop threads? I've read that Julie posted there anonymously to drum up Aunt Jodi *love*? Maybe we'll find some relationships that might have developed behind the scenes? Maybe Serena and Sharla will turn up?

Anonymous said...

From deleted post:
"For those who say I have given "every detail", that's just ridiculous! I've known the family for 12+ yrs, and I haven't said a word about anything that has happened in all of that time. And I'm not going to."

On gwop, I think in her first post on the site, Julie remarks that her blog was private. Posters were giving her their email addresses to be added to the super secret list.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for the gwop julie postings:

This woman knows an insane amount about how the show is filmed etc and about the money.

Iwhyawli: do you much a lot more info on this? Seriously, when you are done, send it to tmz.

Anonymous said...

"I'm guessing gumgate. Her sister was made to look like a flake on national TV."

Wrong. It's all about money.

Anonymous said...

I like lil spitfire's post the best from that page....

Claire said...

Not only do you not know the truth, but you are spewing lies. And how pathetic that you have to go through & delete almost every post that questions your motives in order to further your unhealthy cause.

and then the ever sweet tart Serena's reply....

Serena said...

And how pathetic that you have to go through & delete almost every post that questions your motives in order to further your unhealthy cause.

We don't "delete" posts here. They get published or rejected. The only ones rejected are those that are spam, trollish, or irrelevant to the Gosselins (for example, proselytizing).

If we were going to delete obnoxious posts, we'd probably start with yours.

(BULLSHIT, you don't let anything through that does not set the tone or topic and mentality of a GWOPbot who's mind is set to BRAINWASH mode! People like you run cult compounds and can convince people to drink poisonous gatorade)

Psychosis, meet psychosis....Serena and Julie probably shared the same psyche ward and that song is so appropriate here...

"They're coming to take me away, HA HA
They're coming to take me away, HO HO HEE HEE HA HA
To the funny farm
Where life is beautiful all the time
And I'll be happy to see
Those nice, young men
In their clean, white coats
And they're coming to take me away, Ha-haaa!"

(or in their gwopbot lingo...bwwwwaahhahaha)

"They're coming to take me away, HA HA
They're coming to take me away, HO HO HEE HEE HA HA
To the happy home
With trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket weavers who sit and smile
And twiddle their thumbs and toes
And they're coming to take me away, Ha-haaa!"

Serena mastered the science of GWOPbot recruiting of insanity meets insanity, the battle of the malignant mindset. Another best seller sure to come from Serena GWOPbot land...

How To Attract As Many Insane People As You Can To A Website!

Watch for Julie's next spin off blog, called...

Insanity breeds Insanity and Consumes The Minds Through GWOPbotology.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the Facebook Forum Julie was running and then suddenly deleted once Jon and Kate got wind of it and outed Jodi about it. She was there trying to also gather fans for Jodi, then before shutting it down she told everyone on there she was Jodi's sister but wasn't going to tell anyone.

Drama Mama! Like the nanny scandals we all read about in gossip mags, they get fired or shut out and then want to write a tell all book or "get even." Nice famdamily!

terracota pot said...

She chatted under Julie B on the JK8Forum, I think she went on many forums, to bring people into her Facebook forum awhile ago. And such great PR work too. (sarcasm) But all for the 8, uh huh!

2PeasInAPod said...

When you read that blog post, it's almost like they are all begging to be invited to Julie's slumber party. " oh pick me, pick me" "I wanna come too" "oh invite me or I won't share my magic markers at recess"

One word, PATHETIC! GWOPbots are like StepFord Children, oppressed and over time, they just recite what the daily talking points are and then all of a sudden everything that anyone left of center does is automatically wrong. You can pick out a GWOPbot on any forum, it's like they leave a green vapor trail in the text left behind. Sorry, not going to inhale the poison! Carry on in a close minded little community of black and white GWOPbots.

Cannot get my new blogger account to work to identify me, new to this.

2PeasInAPod said...

iluveeyore said...

(mindless dribble removed here)

2. Why did the TWoP forum get closed, locked, and the public was forbade from opening another one?

The administrators of this blog have absolutely nothing to do with TWoP.

We suspect that the TWoP forum was closed because it was becoming too unwieldy to manage. The moderators were ultra strict, which gave them more work. We just think they didn't want to bother moderating a J/K board.

July 31, 2008 5:31 PM

Ya think? To unwieldy to manage a bunch of gossip and lies and hate? Oh I'm sure Julie did not permeate that blog too and set the tone. Seems like every time she posts or has set up a blog or forum, it suddenly closes or she deletes it. (Like PennMom who she also backed!)

She's one of those ladies who con people online out of money with lies they tell, no wonder she doesn't have a job, she makes a great living on the net, collecting her own mad money through her story telling, playing on people's sympathies. She probably has a pay pal account set up for Aunt Jodi and they both go on spa days and laugh at their work and how naive people can be on the internet.

I learned after a friend in a chat forum I got to know for 2 years said he had liver cancer and had only 3 months to live, even faked via phone his puking after chemo. I paid for rent, his phone bill, sent things, and really believed it. Now, nothing on the internet will I believe as TRUTH, Julie! Especially when people do it under many names, if it is truth, there is no need to ever hide! Ever! Unless you KNOW you are doing some thing very wrong or illegal.

Anonymous said...

Serena said...We don't "delete" posts here. They get published or rejected. The only ones rejected are those that are spam, trollish, or irrelevant to the Gosselins (for example, proselytizing).

If we were going to delete obnoxious posts, we'd probably start with yours.

6/23/2008 9:18 AM

Yep, no deleting of anything going at GWoP.....If you believe that, stayed tuned for the new Jon & Kate episode airing August 3, 2009. Aunt Jodi is back!

erin said...

You can still find the TWOP thread I think. They are delusional if they think they weren't the reason that thread would shut down. I'd look into Watchoverthem. I believe it was her "letter to Kate" on the front page of GWOP. She's the one who took her name off the site after being confronted with the fact that she had given info about herself (Where she lived). She was instrumental in the original GWOP.

Anonymous said...

uh.. it's "deep-seated," not "deep-seeded." What is she, a garden?

And in your "Who We Are" section, it's "bonafide" or "bona fide," not "bonified," which isn't even a real word.

mkb77 said...

Julie's driving force is not anything other than..$$$. She's a cash hog and won't stop until she gets enough money to buy a house next door to Kate's ranch.


SillyWithoutPutty said...

The "mrsbananabethanna" mentioned in the post has a very close connection to PennMommy/Possummomma/Atheist in a Minivan .

If you read posts on GWOP, she was a Gosselin insider....sounds as if she went to their church or Kate's father's church. As far as I can tell from reading back, she was one of the first to say that Kate refused hand-me-downs donated to the babies. There were some there that doubted her stories (FIONA!!!).

Between being doubted and supposedly being "threatened" by the Gosselins, she left GWOP. I am not sure if she did the actual Goodbye post, but I do remember that Atheist in a Minivan had a couple of posts relaying the news of the "threats" and how upset bethanna was over them and and how she feared for her safety. I did go and look for the posts, but couldn't locate them. Maybe someone with a little more detective skills can unearth them.

Meanwhile, just google mrsbananabethanna. Happy reading.

Made me wonder said...

Julie conveniently copied over two letters from GWOP. Of course, the letters are almost identical, written by pros, blah blah. The beginning of the new gossip thread is included: "the show is still being filmed, so keep that moral outrage coming."

You would think (cough cough) Julie would think twice before copying over letters of advice from these so called professionals who keep the rhetoric going. She was supposedly taken in before by the infamous pm. It's with utmost confidence that she declares these people industry insiders.

Anonymous said...

In one of the gwop postings, tot mom mentions she lives four hours from Jodi.

What was the point of the secret blog except to trash the gosselins?

iwhyawli said...

Thanks for the grammar and spelling lesson. Do you wish that you were as good as spotting the con-artists like Penn Mommy as you are with spelling? (snicker)

Anonymous said...

Good lord the Kreiders enjoyed remortgaging their house.

It's interesting that the records are quiet from 2006 to 2009.
THEN in 2009, it's time to borrow another 10K. It looks like that was needed to satisfy their 2003 mortgage.

THEN on MAY 29, 2009, they are able to satisfy their $95 k 2002 mortgage.

It's good that someone who works in building in a state with high unemployment has the means for all of this.

Anonymous said...

From Gwop the Where are the Grandparents? thread comments contain MrsBananabethanan's "insider" stories. Also Serena asks her to email her privately to ask a question. Sure, she does.

Atheist in a Minivan at Gwop: Is Kate Toxic? in the comments.

Atheist in a Minivan defending mrsbananabethana at Gwop: Aunt Jodi: the Tribe Has Spoken.

Atheist in a Minivan = Possummomma = PennMommy = BK = mrsbananabethana = Karen = Becky Haas = jhawksgirl

They all showed up commenting on Gwop and they are all Gwop's great "insiders" except for Julie. Julie vouched for two of them (PennMommy and mrsbananabethana) as being exactly who they said they were.

Lesson learned: Don't believe what Jlie says she "knows."

GotAVent said...

I just had a funny thought. You know the video of Jodi and she introduces Julie, so Julie bops her head in to say hi, to JODI's FANS supposedly. They probably took all the money from the love offerings those at GWOP believed were helping Jodi on her fight against Jon and Kate KNOWING the housewives at GWOP were followers and idolizing Jodi, so they played on it. Jodi in the video says how she is on vacation, her and Julie were probably laughing at their GWOP fans and sent the video to collect even more sympathies (the crocodile tears then suddenly the huge smile when Julie is introduced.) All the while those two are working the GWOPbots out of their welfare cha-ching change or the hard money their hubbys are making so their wives can site on that hateful site all day long. Jodi and Julie probably sit back and laugh how they scammed them and keep scamming. Over at GWOP and the Mean Girls blog they all are wondering why Jodi and Kevin don't just go on 20/20 and tell their story instead of break it up in parts on Radar Online.


Because CBS and 20/20, don't pay for the interviews, only the airfare and hotel, food. RADAR ONLINE Pays for the DIRT, the GOSSIP!!!! DUH GWOPbots, you all are being played while Jodi and Julie get their revenge for being tossed out of the money. See, Jodi is peeved that she could not get money and Kate (according to the GWOP Gossip Grapevine) told Jodi that no one makes money off of the kids except their family, so Jodi and Julie decided, FINE then, we'll show Kate, and now go to Radar Online to make money off the kids in their story telling. It's a big flip Kate off attempt that they don't think Jon and Kate can do anything about. You wait, they may be busy with the legals of a divorce, but eventually Jodi and Julie will go away because a Judge will shut them up, and everyone will be buzzing once again, where did Aunt Jodi go, and be sending in more money/offerings at GWOP.

GWOP is a big Bill Engval moment...HERE'S YOUR SIGN!

Julie...Truth Breeds Hatred....STUPID SHOULDN'T BREED PERIOD!

Anonymous said...

Anyone help me on this? I googled mrsbananabethanna as suggested in here. I chose the first link and am only in but a short ways reading away here. Why is it GWOP used to accept comments from people on both sides then and no longer do now? Some of the comments I am reading put people in their place there, such as this one...

Serena said...

mrsbananabethanna: Would you please email me at Got a question for ya... thanks!
6/20/2008 5:20 AM
Nikra said...

I can't believe some of you are saying you feel sorry for those kids. Are you all insane? Go visit there you will read about plenty of kids you should feel sorry for and are worth the time and your energy.

Kate and Jon love those kids! So what if she wanted matching outfits? Why should she have to put old clothes on her kids or even clothes she doesn't like? People give me clothes for my son and I gasp sometimes at what they give, I then in turn give them to someone who really wants them, I don't force it down their throats and demand they take it because I worked hard packing it.

Are you seriously putting down her choice to be all organic? Those kids are benefiting from learning how to eat healthy, thousands of american kids eat so badly they have health problems by their teen years. That is very silly to put her down for that. I wish I had the discipline and time to do that for my kids. I admire her for her strict eating habits.

So what if she didn't want those quilts from that old lady, did she ask for them? Maybe they were not practical. I get tons of lacy hand made stuff from my husband's family in Italy and it is not something I would put on my baby. She was a new mother of 6 kids and cut her some slack she is going to have emotional and hormonal issues. She may not take all the hand me downs - I don't like hand me downs either, that does not make me a bad person.

Kate is a great mom, those kids are well fed, well dressed, they are so smart and look like they are loving life. Jon and Kate have managed to stay married as 25% of couples divorce by the time their child is 5 years old in America - I would imagine the stress of 8 kids would have ended my life not to mention my marriage. The little fights Jon and Kate have are NOTHING..jeez they seem so in love. Come visit me and my husband and we only have ONE BABY.

As for making money off of the TV show, get over it already, they need to support their family and I love the show. THose kids are doing people are crazy!

Also please don't forget those kids are HER kids and she has a right to give people who are caring for them rules to follow. The fact that Mrs. Bananarama even wrote that Kate would get upset if her rules were not followed is ridiculous, I have rules for my babysitter, that is my child, follow my rules.

Wake up - there so many kids suffering in this world of hunger, abuse, neglect and lack of love and Jon and Kate's 8 are NOT.

boo to you women who can't support Kate..BOO women are so harsh. I hope you guys are not mothers.

To send a comment there (tried once), they don't accept such now.

Anonymous said...

BK= Kamauf Brown?

Seriously, look at the gwop postings.

2PeasInAPod said...

sharing MORE amusement!
6/21/2008 4:44 PM
Serena said...

Oh for goodness sake! Really? None of the blog authors are ripping apart Kate Gosselin? Really? Have you read what has been posted?

I've written half the posts here, and I stand by every word. And yes, I've read every post and every comment. Have you? Have you followed the links that document our words?

Oh Serena, followed the links from your GWOPbot page? You mean all the links to gossip mag sites, then chat about it in your blog? Since when do gossip mags and gossip sites have credibility and FACT? Oh but because a URL link can be provided to back up what you all gossip about, then it is okay to hate on some one and believe.

In a nutshell, you all believe Julie's blog to be as factual as the gossip magazines you all read and ramble on about, so why should I expect any less in your thought process!

Anonymous said...

It's there. Jodi and Kevin satisfied their home equity line of credit and their $95,000 mortgage on May 27, 2009. I believe that is proof that they were paid for the RadarOnline interviews in May.

It's accessible online through the Lancaster County recorder of Deeds website. A simple query for Kreider Jodi will turn up the links. There is a button to the left to view an image of the document pdf. That's just sad.

I'd love to see some handwriting analysis on that John Hancock-ish signature of hers!

iwhyawli said...

oh my... don't hardly seem right to keep this little tidbit down here in the comments, now does it?

Lemme just capture a few screen shots : click, click, click : and off to the main page we go!

erin said...

Yeah, they don't delete anything. Right. They deleted all my early posts on the blog entry "degrees of abuse and exploitation." The later post about the fourth wall is in response to my argument with Watch Over Them on the earlier entry. If you then go over to the Fourth Wall post, a couple of my suggestions are there. A third post about reading things into their words, yet again about me. That time I disagreed with the post, but posted anonymously and they put it through. That one wasn't deleted.

They are such liars over there.