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Get your popcorn ready, ladies and gentlemen.

Keep your blog tuned here.

What we have here is one of them there good, old-fashioned races against the clock! A race so suspenseful that you just may find yourself pooping in your pink unna-wears.

We have GWoP's Supreme Leader, Serena, desperately hoping that the TV show "Jon & Kate plus 8" goes off the air (preferably Monday nite, if not sooner ) so that she can shut down GWoP before the mighty forces of Good that has become the princesses, the gdnnoppers, the gonadloppers and the gwopwoppers officially blow the lid off the big gigantic lie that is ...


That's right. I said.


Over the past several days, several posters have been depositing strong evidence here and there in the comments that Serena (not her real name) and Julie (alleged sister to Aunt Jodi) wouldn't know each other from Adam's off ox.

That's right. I said.

Adam's off ox!

Worse, dear bloggers, here's another truth that will set you free, breed hatred, or whatever else the truth is good for:

Julie and Aunt Jodi don't know each other from Adam's off ox either!!!

For crap's sake, is Julie's name even Julie?

Yes, we've been duped. Well, er, not us, actually. It's the GWoPpers who have been duped. We just feel badly for them. Well, er, no we don't. We're actually laughing our assess off at them. But I digress.

Once again, the bestest parts of this crappy blog are buried somewhere in the comments. I remember reading all the evidence when I elected to publish them, but I'll be damned if I can find these comments again now.

One poster even suggested the I move these comments to the main page--- a superb idea if I could only now remember where they all are. Apologies for that, everyone. The iwhyawli household has been travelling and visiting this weekend and my blogging duties have suffered severely for it.

From what I call reading , somewhere here or out there is: a) an excerpt from GWoP's FAQ vouching for Julie as Aunt Jodi's Sister or something like that, b) an excerpt from Julie's blog indicating that Serena and other have met or something like that, and c) an contradictory posting from GWoP Maggie indicating that no one has ever met Julie.

I'll try my best to find those comments again and re-post them here. Feel welcome to re-post them yourselves and\or any additional evidence.

We'll get to the bottom of this yet. And if we hurry, there's probably still time for the GWoPpers to cancel all those checks they sent to Julie.


Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have to confess I looked at the old twop comments because it was written somewhere on gwop that that crew hooked up with Julie on twop.
I didn't find anything, but mind you many of the comments were deleted by the mods.

I posted the faq here yesterday. I'll refind it.

iwhyawli said...

Found one ...

gwopwopper said...
I get it, Anonymous. At one time gwop answered and verified all the burning questions about the Gosselins and Jodi. At one time, Julie siad they met with her. But now, Maggie Schatzie is claiming at the pig trough that gwop is the last place that will bother to verify anything (yeah, Pennmommy comes to mind) and Julie is never in contact with the mods except through comments. I noticed Maggie said this to deflect blame for the paparazzi photos of the kids from Jodi and Kevin and Julie and Gwop. She can't have it both ways. Maggie Schatzie is a proven liar.

Hurry up PiggyPeri, delete, delete, delete.

June 20, 2009 6:52 PM

iwhyawli said...

yay! I found another one! The other blog is the pig trough?


Anonymous said...
This was posted on another blog by a GWoP Moderator:

Blogger Maggie said...

Revenge on the part of GWOP moderators? Revenge for what exactly?

I am sure you won't believe me but I honestly don't care about the show nearly as much as you probably think.

I have enjoyed the other moderators and do it as a hobby, but I really don't say much at the blog, and just try to keep up with the comments.

I can't think of any reason that I or the other moderators would have to seek revenge. I won't speak for the other mods, but I am bored with the lies and spin of Jon and Kate and their media team, and I don't feel bad about putting through a different side.

As far as our sources, Jodi and Kevin have never communicated with us to our knowledge and we publish what Julie has sent to the blog, she does not send it to the moderators personally.

Other sources? Yes we do have them, there are a ton of scoops that we did not publish because we couldn't confirm it. We get things from individuals and from the media. There is no one source.

I have said it before, but we are probably going to be the last site to confirm anything. Yes, we allow speculation, but as far as a post and confirmation, you will probably read it many times elsewhere before we confirm it on Gosselins Without Pity.

June 19, 2009 8:19 PM

iwhyawli said...


Anonymous said...
Is there any way you could move the post at "June 20, 2009 6:12 AM" onto your front page?

It is interesting how the mod is backing away from what goes on at GWOP.
I like this: "we publish what Julie has sent to the blog, she does not send it to the moderators personally."
Sure, but you do have the woman's home address and you share a super secret board together.

"I have said it before, but we are probably going to be the last site to confirm anything."
What the hell have they ever confirmed?!

June 20, 2009 3:22 PM

iwhyawli said...

more ...

Anonymous said...
Gwop also confirmed Pennmommy's son was in a coma and would not be coming out of it, that he died, and that Jon and Kate were moving to NC (8000 sq. ft. home with pool, pool house, and crew quarters.) Remarkably, that last one was featured in a post and was written by Julie (Truth will...) but she didn't leave it in the comments! Yet Maggie just recently said that Julie only communicates through comments! I wonder why Maggie lied about that?

June 21, 2009 2:18 PM

iwhyawli said...

another one


Anonymous said...
Interesting items from this page:

Jodi wants the money to appear on her show. When that doesn't happen, Jodi runs to Julie and writes the blog. At this point, there is still a relationship with the family. It was only AFTER Jon visited with the kids that Jodi 'fessed up about the blog.

TLC was willing to pay Jodi for her time on the show. I would be shocked if Kevin and Jodi did not have a lawyer at this point in the story. TLC wanted them to sign a confidentialiy agreement. Jodi and Kevin refused.

Read the q and a from Julie and compare it to the tabloid interviews Kevin and Jodi gave about Jon and Kate.

June 20, 2009 5:58 PM


iwhyawli said...

From the GWOP FAQ I believe ...

Anonymous said...
Serena said...
QUESTION: I'm wondering why so many seem to accept that she is Jodi's sister without question. Is there any proof that Julie is who she says she is? Why do you believe that she is who she says she is?

ANSWER: We have met personally with Julie, face-to-face, and were satisfied beyond any doubt that she is Jodi Kreider's sister.

The Truth Will Set You Free said...
If I may just add--I had to go to great lengths to prove who I am. At one point, I wondered if they were going to ask for a DNA sample. :-) , Serena and the other administrators do a wonderful job in making sure the information they post is accurate. , I appreciate all of their hard work.

June 20, 2009 5:59 PM

iwhyawli said...

Why are there zero pics of "Julie" and "Aunt Jodi" on Julie's blog?

I need to see a picture
Julie together with Aunt Jodi holding a sign that says "Kiss our asses, iwhyali."

Without it, I have no choice but to conclude that Julie (not her real name) is not Aunt Jodi's sister.

iwhyawli said...

How is that I don't know what Julie's last name is?

The GWoPpers have unearthed absoutely everything there is to know about Jon & Kate, their employees, their employee's families, their pets, their taxes, their voting history and Kate's favorite brand of tampons, but we have zero information about Julie's last name.

I want to know what Julie's last name is, dammit!!

What's my name? said...

If I remember correctly, HA! there were family vacation pictures of them on Julie's blog (the first time it was up). She also had the famous video of Jodi crying. The fairy princess couldn't take all the attention and wanted to be left alone. They have disappeared from Julie's blog but they are probably floating in cyber heaven somewhere.

Quiltart said...

ANSWER: We have met personally with Julie, face-to-face, and were satisfied beyond any doubt that she is Jodi Kreider's sister.

I thought that Julie (or was is Serena? or was it Moon?) verified that they had met Pennmommy in person and that they could verify that everything she said was the truth. Does anyone else remember this??

This Blog Sucks! said...

Are you people retarded? Seriously! They had pictures and they even had a video up at one time on the Julie blog, of Julie and Jodie together. Get over it, it is real.

iwhyawli said...

Gee, why aren't I convinced?

iwhyawli said...

It's the old "there were once pictures up but they're not up anymore" defense.


Ashley said...

I'm Wynonna Judd's sister. Here's a picture of the whole fam.,,20190744_20189750_20436026,00.html

Anonymous said...

For the record, I think Julie is real and working with her sister to make money off the gosselins.
One of the twop people:

iluveeyore said...
I know you're not going to believe this, but one of our contributers was passing through the town where Julie lives. They met up. Julie was able to confirm that she is who she says she is. That's it.

No magic. No big transportation deal.

Sorry you have so much trouble believing anything we say, but you hang on every word that the Gosselins say. If you truly believe that the Gosselins were interested in buying a horse farm, so be it! The Gosselins have a REASON to try to convince you of things -- they're making a living off of this. We aren't.

(Thanks for calling my your friend ;).)

August 13, 2008 3:24 PM

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for that house:
"Did Jon and Kate ever discuss moving out of state with Jodi? I think they are moving out of state because of all the fighting with friends and family, nothing is keeping them in PA anymore. I remember a show a few months ago when they were looking at land in PA, not out of state. It is a major change.

Answer: A long time ago (probably close to a year), they were talking about building a house close to Beth.

It's been at least 6-8 months now that they have been talking about building a house in NC. J&K attended a wrap party for Season 3 back in May down at Figure 8. When they returned, Jon said that property had been purchased and all of the sponsors had committed. Everything is being provided including appliances, furnishings, TVs, etc. J&K are not paying for ANYTHING.

They have been showing their house plans to various people. Supposedly, it's going to be 8000sf with a pool and pool house. There will be an area designated for the crew including their own entrance and kitchen.

Moving out of state has nothing to do with fighting with family and friends. We believe that in order to get the house of their dreams, the production company has stipulated that it needs to be near them. They have no intention of ending this any time soon."

Anonymous said...

I love your site, because, just maybe it will cause one of the GWOP people (or anyone who reads your site), to stop GWOPping, gossiping, hating and think about what it is they say on hate, stalking, harassing gossip blogs. One can hope. If it brings one person out of the irrational hell they must be stuck in, into rational thinking, into the real world that life could be much more then obsession, addiction, misery and hating, GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Type in Jodi Kamauf (her maiden name) on Intellius or

It's actually very easy to put two and two together. Julie has a few different last names (a divorce?), but those who know who from the Penn Mommy hoax know Julie's current last name.

F Lee Bailey said...

Interesting. Did iluveyore post that before or after she was outed as a PennMommy sockpuppet?

Anonymous said...

E! News has learned that, as recently as this morning, Kate Gosselin's brother Kevin Kreider has been shopping his tell-all take on the situation to media outlets for $30,000.

This is why they did not sign the nondisclosure form. If there was any abuse or illegal act. going on at the time, a nondisclosure form would NOT cover that.

Anonymous said...


While I agree there's plenty of evidence the GWOP mods and Julie have certainly been in contact behind the scenes for much of the last year, and they all went out of their way to legitimize PennyMommy/PossumMama's farce on the Gosselin blogging community (and worked equally hard to cover up their involvement when the sham was uncovered by GDNNOP), I can verify that there were pictures and a video on Julie's blog confirming her family tie to Jodi.

Not to say that playing with the idea that any of the GWOP mods could be Julie isn't amusing.

Julie has never expressed any public concern with the type of posts at GWOP, and even said (on PennMommy's defunct board) that the snarking on the kids at GWOP was funny/harmless if taken in proper context.

Their ties are/were deeper than either side wants to let on. There have been plenty of reasons for one or both sides to want to distance themselves from the other publicly, IMO.

iwhyawli said...

What in the world did that just prove? Nothing except that there may be two people named Jodi Kamauf and Julie Kamauf in the world? Julie Kamauf lives in Ohio, btw. Hardly front row seats, I'd say.

With mad logic skillz like yours, you are hopefully the type who always opts out of jury duty.

FTW said...

It's always bothered me that "Julie Gosselin: is quoted in reports :

12:42 PM Tabitha Says:


You are not a Kreider or a Gosselin. You are a Kamauf Brown, etc. with only the slightest of connnections to the family. Instead of wasting energy on hating people who will never allow you to be in their life, take care of your own family in VA.

Your third and fourth hand information is getting old. "12:42 PM Tabitha Says:


You are not a Kreider or a Gosselin. You are a Kamauf Brown, etc. with only the slightest of connnections to the family. Instead of wasting energy on hating people who will never allow you to be in their life, take care of your own family in VA.

Your third and fourth hand information is getting old.

Anonymous said...

I have some good information for you. Julie (Kamauf)Daugherty and Jodi (Kamauf)Kreider are sisters but Julie is married to a man named Matthew Daughtery and they live in Columbia, MD not Ohio. Julie is 37 years old.

ftw said...

iwhyawli: People do this thing called "moving" as they grow older;>

If you know where they are from it is right between three states.
Jodi went to a christain school in md, guess where that is near!

Jodi (Kamauf) Kreider, 1994

Have you seen this graduate on the TLC channel on TV? Aunt Jodi makes "guest" appearances on Jon & Kate Plus 8, a show about her brother and sister-in-law who have eight children including sextuplets. It is on every Monday evening at 9:00 pm. The web site is where you can occasionally see our own Jodi.

iwhyawli said...

Please don't take this the wrong way, anonymous at 5:21, as your anonymity certainly gives me no reason to doubt you, but my client (i.e., the People of the United States) and I would feel much more comfortable if we could see said video.

If I had a video proving that I was Aunt Jodi's sister, I'd certainly leave it up, if only to avoid all this skepticm.

iwhyawli said...

Can someone please translate what ftw just posted?

FTW said...

Your comments are not coming up in order, so I thought your "jury duty" post was about my post.

If it was towards me, then I shall call Bohemian Moon and have her put a curse on you.

My next post was just saying that it is possible that the Julie/Jodi cabal have family in Virginia, seeing the witches grew up there. It also included an entry from Jodi's high school(Christain of course).

That's all.

This Blog Sucks! said...

I have seen the video before they took it down, and I think they still have it on evil beet gossip. Seriously, there really was a video and Julie is the real deal. You are making yourselves look like fools.

iwhyawli said...

I must be doing something wrong. I'm googling Kamauf and Kreider and the only thing I'm getting is a picture of miniature Dachshund in a hot dog bun.

iwhyawli said...

ftw, are you on my side or their side?

Anonymous said...

You can see the video of aunt jodi and julie together if you view her blog on google reader. Jodi confirms that all that Julie says is true and that they are sisters. towards the end julie sticks her head in the frame too. It was posted on August 23, 2008

FTW said...

Your side. I got my info from googling.
here is the one from the high school:

iwhyawli said...

Any bets on how many more times "This Blog Sucks" is gonna post that she's seen the alledged video that alledgely exists but for which she cannot provide a link?


It ain't my job to prove the defendant innocent, toots.

This is the Gosselin blogosphere where you are guilty until proven innocent.

iwhyawli said...

10-4, ftw. I'm now on the same page.

Good work.

This stupid piece of crap known as the Blogger commenting feature is going to be the death of me.

iwhyawli said...


Maggie's name suddenly no longer appears in the "Guest Contributer's Welcome" post at GWoP.

Has Maggie been fired as a GWOP moderator for posting contradictory information at another board?

Very Int-er-esti-ng.

Keep those clues coming.

iwhyawli said...


I have now read a transcript of the alleged Aunt Jodi/Julie video, but not the actual video.

Thank you to the commenters who sent me various links.

Granted, the transcript of the video was posted on the pile of steaming crap known as GWOP so I remain skeptical. However,
I am a compassionate blogger, and I certainly would not wish for Aunt Jodi to re-live those days surrounding the news that she won't get to cash in on the Gosselin kids.

Team, we can move onto the next phase of the prosecution, and also the more critical phase, ie., Julie and Serena don't know each other from Adam's off ox.

I have already posted evidence that they do not know each other. That they never met. That Serena has lied once AGAIN.

I stand ready to hear or see evidence to the contrary.

FTW said...


Maggie, Come Back! said...

This is the Gosselin blogosphere where you are guilty until proven innocent.


Cris said...

iluveeyore is the sockpuppet of Serena?

Monkey Muffin said...

Is Serena.... Julie? Julie tends to speak through Aunt Jodi or use Aunt Jodi all the time and the GWOP page never allows anything in negative about Aunt Jodi, maybe the GWOP page is Julie, staying hidden behind others, like she is so good at doing? Sounds like a sibling scorned to me, trying to take down Jon and Kate. Would not surprise me if Julie is behind the GWOP blog or one or all of those claiming to be mods there. As for the one who removed herself or was removed, she probably had a Chicken Shit moment after realizing that just maybe she can be sued if they keep this up and participate in someone losing their job. I know in our state, if you intentionally cause some one to lose their job, you can be sued. Not to mention the online stalking and online harassment the GWOP blog is great at doing, and the way they harass anyone who knows the Gosselins, any promotional item on the show, they then email and call and harass them, any clothing they wear, same thing, any anything they can do, they contact using harassing behavior, threats, terrorizing. iwhy, you just may slowly be picking them off one by one over there as they run scared of the consequences to their displayed behavior. One way or another, there will be, in the here or now, or after.

2centsplusAdime said...

If Julie is Serena, then they met, through voices in their head!

Anonymous said...

If you go to Google Reader and subscribe to Truth Breeds Hatred you can see the video and all the other entries Julie deleted. In the video Jodi is upset and Julie is happy as a clam feeding off of everyone's misery. The video was posted August 23, 2008.

iwhyawli said...

Ut oh! Guess who lives in Saint Louis, everyone???

The plot thickens.

Tsk Tsk.


Iwhyawli, damm you are funny. Whatever side you are on, I want to be on too.

Though Julie went by Julie Brown in her Penn Mommy days, I think she is Julie Daugherty now and lives in VA. That's as much as I get without paying for a search (something only a gwopper would do - no doubt with the last $20 bucks left in the account funded by their government check).

Ok, back to the Serena/Julie-never met expose....

iwhyawli said...

Who can tell me exactly how many times Serena/Julie Kamhauf-Brown-Daugherty has been married?

If I've just thrown out a perfectly good set of bibs only to find out that sowbelly/mom is burning through husbands faster than like Liz Taylor, iwhyawli is definitely going to choke a bitch.

This Blog Sucks! said...

Any bets on how many more times "This Blog Sucks" is gonna post that she's seen the alledged video that alledgely exists but for which she cannot provide a link?
First off, you have spelled alleged and allegedly wrong. Second, did you see the video yet? Good. Julie is Jodie's sister, and the blog was and is real.

Maggie's had enough of this said...

Oh sure, you can see Jodi there, but who is the cheery woman who pops in at the end waving to the camera? And WHO IS HOLDING THE CAMERA????

Maybe Serena is not her real name because JULIE is her real name????

I Miss Maggie said...

You should ask Preesi to do the Serena/Julie search. She loves this stuff.

iwhyawli said...

oh how you wound me with your spelling flame.

We actually don't give a flying fuck about spelling here in gwopwop world. You are confusing my blog with that fetid piece of dried dung, known as Gosselins without Pity.

I believe it's Rule 403 over there.

iwhyawli said...

How much they take you for, Maggie?

You can tell us.

Anonymous said...

I will expose Laura Linger if she does not come here soon with verifiable info.

Maggie's Broke said...

First off, you have spelled alleged and allegedly wrong. Second, did you see the video yet? Good. Julie is Jodie's sister, and the blog was and is real.

OK that's weird. Why would Gwop's spelling police spell Jodi's name wrong?

I think it's just a diversion because you are so close to uncovering the truth Iwhy!

erin said...

And, This Blog Sucks! has misspelled Jodi (no E). See? We could play this game all day.

Anonymous said...

Look what Julie posts around six months from when the shrew and her husband gave that interview:
Oct 28, 2008
Update From Jodifrom "Truth Breeds Hatred" ~Bias of Priene, Maxims by The Truth Will Set You Free
Jodi is thankful for the support that she is receiving, but at the same time, it is a constant reminder of the past. She feels like she is now at a turning point, but with the recent media coverage, it's impossible for her to move forward when more and more people are finding my blog and approaching her in real life. She appreciates the encouragement, but knows this is what she needs to do.

I am removing most of the posts on my blog to hopefully give her a chance to continue to move forward.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to double post.
It's odd Julie stops posting around the time Jon supposedly spoke with Fredo and Fredo, but reappears, not when the reports start to surface, but when her sister(you know who wanted to move along with her life) gets money to speak to the media.

"MONEY is not and never has been the issue for Jodi and Kevin. "

helium balloon said...

It seems like some one is ass covering in here quickly under aliases iwhyawli, I think you may have outed some one and some one is coming out of the wood work? Also, to the silly spell cop, fly this friendly sky *flips bird*, get over yourself and your superior high horse. If you feel a need to "correct" people, it speaks VOLUMES of your own insecurity or that some one in here said something that OUTED YOU, so you are quick to take the focus off that perhaps serena *cough* julie made a visit? *waves* and who cares JodI or JodIE, Tomatoe, Tomato or Tomawtow, this is the net world where it appears people have MANY names but one legal one. Thanks for passing some time for me tonight ThisBlogSucks but kicks ass compared to yours SerenaDingBell errr sorry, Julie with many ex's. It is what it is, and you is OUTED!

Anonymous said...

Jessica Remo from Philly Magazine. You should have investigated a little bit more.


who needs a soap opera, there are so many twists and turns on GWOP, Serena/Julie (same person). Who's Lisa Linger for those who don't know all of the characters in the play yet?

GWOPSucksASS said...

iwhyawli, Gwop doesn't know how to spell either!

Maggie is the biggest suckass, Jodi and Kevin are idiots for shutting out their sister Kate and her kids with their stupid act of hate; Peri and Fiona are one and the same. The pig blog is the world's most depressing blog, where losers go to complain and whine together. Serena, Sharla, Moon (that's the funniest one, that lady is totally fucked up), lisak, are liars who have been the base in starting the Gosselin media train to derail this lovel family.

thanks for letting me spout.

Anonymous said...

Who would pay for that juicy story from JoKe if Julie is blabbing it all over the Internet for nothing?

I wonder if the Jodi sheeple will ever admit they were wrong about her? Will they ever admit she pooled the wool over their rose-colored glasses? Ba-a-a-a-d Jodi!

Linda said...

I love this blog!

Linda said...

Seriously, wouldn't it be great if the big announcement were that J&K were going to sue the pants off of GWOP and Kevin & Jodi.

They've always made me sick.

Something isn't right with Julie. Seriously, her motivations aren't to protect those kids. I agree with people who say that her motivation is to get back at Jon and Kate.

Linda said...

Hi -

This blog entry written by Guin had some interesting comments by "watchoverthem" that never sat well with me . . .

This all went down after the Penn Mommy fiasco . . . it get's interesting about half-way down.

Null and Void Petition said...

Want names of some of the GWOPpers and LisaK's in the world? Go here and scroll through the 300 plus names. I like the Nellie Olsen signature the best. Hmm Lisa K is from Kentucky, golly, we KNOW her name is on here.

Go ahead gwoppers, put down your names, hahaha or use your many alias names and user names from Carla's blog or MoonDoggies, LisaKYJelly's blog. Or put Anyonymous, it is so much more credible then. (hate to break it to you nimpcompoops (spell cop did I spell that right?) online petitions are great for people like Loonie Moonie to steal identities, spamming, but other wise, they don't hold up legally. GOOGLE it, as Moonie says to her opposers, GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND! The people signing it are dumb, way to get your ID stolen and for people to match an IP addy and state to a name.

Haha, this will make people think twice before signing the petition that LisaKYJelly is sending around on gossip sites, on her blog, blah blah blacksheep.

Legal Leigh said...

For those sending around the online petition regarding exploitation, and posting on gossip sites, hate blogs like GWOP, LisaK's, Moon's. Same goes with harassing comments on Carla's blog that haters are making, emails sent to promoters, professionals with hate toward Gosselins or their show, TLC, you name it, GWOP's and other's lists are long. The internet is NOT anonymous and there are consequences!

You may find this article of interest and think twice before doing so.


It's illegal to annoy
A new federal law states that when you annoy someone on the Internet, you must disclose your identity. Here's the relevant language.

"Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet... without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person...who receives the communications...shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."

Anonymous said...

Linda, that individual who wrote that, summed it up eloquently! So did the people who commented! I especially liked how she defined what TRUE ADVOCACY is!

Pocket of Sunshine said...

Linda, it would be great if they were sued! The blog moderators especially! It is like a cult and a cult following with the mentality, that blog url you posted said volumes, it is because of the mentality and the way the blog moderators purposefully (with an agenda), select the points of topic for the hate. It is far from child advocacy, the one commenter on that blog Linda, pinned it with how they threaten to contact CPS so much. They are out to hurt the Gosselin Family, not help them at all. They actually want to see them sad, hurting, and penniless. They find satisfaction in hoping they can inflict pain. If some one had a blog about me like that, I seriously would have slit my wrists reading all of that! I'd be so happy if that site was threatened with legal action and shut down in a letter that told them, either you shut it down now, or we will pursue legal action. Maybe that is why one moderator left already after Jeff's email to them that they have on their page and is where I did send a few comments because they had the comment moderation enabled. Mine will not be approved though, they won't ever display or approve any other mentality unless it is full and dripping of hate.

BTW, GOOD MORNING iwhyawli and everyone, have a great start to your week!!!! Smile lots, laugh a lot, and choose LOVE over GWOP like hate.

Tainted Love said...

I think that there is more to Julie and Jodi playing innocent and victim. I think they were jealous of Kate or had some sort of resentment and are doing and saying and participating in purposely punishing her. I don't believe for a minute their actions are out of love, love should NOT hurt or have intention to hurt their children or a child's parent. Tainted love with an agenda, I'd call it that!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway to take down that Backdoor Patti picture, it is creepy! She looks like a hacker or has this look in her eye on her face that every time I come in here to the front page, I feel like she is going to jump through my monitor. Can I ask who is she or why she got nominated? Can anyone take a moment to answer this?

iwhyawli said...

Now would be a good time for all those reporters who've alledgedly spoken to "Serena" to show up, wouldn't it?

Ooops. I've said too much.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

Please stop teasing, Iwhy! WHO lives in St. Louis? What "reporters" talked to Serena?

Rachel107 said...

Wait, I'm confused. Are you suggesting that Serena and Julie do not know each other or that they are the same person?

mkb77 said...

I think our lovely host(ess), iwhyawli, has given all of us a lovely welcome and plenty of room to speak our minds. This place is like the Hard Rock Cafe: love all, serve all. So I say, we embrace those that NEED to come out of hiding and share their true idenitities with us. We won't judge.



Kris said...

Smoke and mirrors!!

Is her name Serena or her cousin Samantha? I'm "Bewitched"!

don'tpokethecrazy said...

Julie's full of it.

This was copied from her blog(I couldn't find it in cache). She says that Kate wouldn't let Jodi get paid and that's what caused the rift. Turns out, not so much. Per Uncle Fairy Princess, he and Jodi were paid 3k per episode for "opening up their home to the world". That kinda puts Kate's infamous quote "No one gets paid but us!" to bed doesn't it?

This was about the contract, not the money, but that would make too much sense to people. They had to make Kate look like a greedy monster who ditched her family for the almighty dollar. I don't blame Kate for not wanting them under contract. They got paid 3000.00 to babysit! Why wasn't that enough? I guess the whole greed thing must run in the family.

The more Kevin and Jodi say, the more they contradict themselves.

Anyway, fwiw, I do think Julie is who she says she is. There were pics of them on the blog, I saw them. I do think, though, that Julie could be Serena(not her real name). It would make sense.

iwhyawli said...

Hmmmmm... Who was holding the camera? Who was holder the camera? My oh my, who could it have been?

Confuzzled said...

iwhyawli, I've been reading on that url you posted. Is Julie also iluveeyore and truth on this site?

If so, sneaky way to do an interview, sounds like the GWOP site is a set up of Julie's like everything else and in her first post under Truth, looks like Julie was covering her tail that perhaps she is the reason ties were cut with J&K and Jodi. Julie is a piece of work! Sneaky, spiteful and almost on the side of extortion with her threat of how she could share more and wish she could and how J&K were not upset and never mentioned her blog because they KNEW she could expose more. Yadi yadi yadi. If I were Jodi, I'd of kicked Julie to the curb! Yet on TV Jodi hid behind her hubby and even whispered things about Kate in the Radar interview, and manipulated Julie into sharing things, had Jodi not wanted them shared you would have THUNK that she could have said, umm sis, out of respect for the kids and the risk they could get hurt, please zip your lip. My head is spinning here reading that blog!!!! I have to admit I am confused, this certainly is suspicious at best! I like that you are working on this! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

notice that BOTH had blogs since May 2008! This one Julie admits is hers...

but then iluveeyores had the same date on it and the GWOP blog (maybe the camera holder iwhyawli, maybe this Julie, Jodi AND a friend or another relative or Kevin or who knows are all running GWOP too. Anyways, here is iluveeyores blog page (nothing there but shows when it was started, same month of May of 2008, was this the date the trouble begin with everyone? Seems strange IMO.

the questionaire page you posted iwhyawli, like they all made up the questions and answers, pretending to ask questions and then Jodi and Julie answered as Serena or the GWOP moderators.

Thanks for giving me some thing interesting to pass my day off with! I'm even google searching around for you to offer up anything I come across! I feel so umm, private eye like! Hehe.

VeronicaMartian said...

the plot thickens!

this is getting exciting.


iwhyawli said...

The information continues to roll in.

See if you can piece this together:

1. GWoP, led by Serena (not her real name), hates Kate -- no guestion. Inexplicably, Jon always seems to get a pass. As

2. Aunt Jodi opts to send Kate, and not Jon, under the bus with all the the infidelity rumours. A move which clearly is meant to infuriate Kate.

3. Laura Linger has this wierd cyver crush on Jon.

4. All of the IP tracing that everyone has been sending me point to epicenters in St Louis and Arizona. Hmmm... who lives in Arizona.

5. Who is the FIRST person to respond to fostersmom's brutal recap of the Bikes & Trike episode within minutes of its posting?

It's all starting to look pretty fricking clear to me. How 'bout to you guys?

I'm half tempted to contact the Nation Center for Missing and Exploited Children and notify them that their important cause is being exploited by three hags with a personal vendetta.

iwhyawli said...

Whoops ... typos = rushing to finish before meeting started.

Linda said...

You're going to have to spell this out a little more clearly for some of us.

Who's in AZ and who's in St. Louis?

Something about Julie giving a pass on the crap said at GWOP about those poor little kids for whom "all this is for" (yeah right) seems a little insincere.

Julie doesn't care about those kids.

Anonymous said...

Some one needs to knock Julie off her high horse and suck the paparazzi on her and they can ask her how she talked to PennMommy. Then Julie can visit her friend in Bakersfield, California to preach the truth.

Anonymous said...

Julie is at it again with this overblown blog entry:

Just one example...I previously wrote a post about "gumgate" on my blog. I alluded to the fact that things were much worse than were shown on TV. At some point between filming and the airing of the episode, someone from the crew came to Jodi and said something like, "that gum incident was really something". She had no idea what this person was talking about because other than the telephone conversation with Kate, she didn't know how bad her reaction had been. The person from the crew told Jodi that the scene got so bad at their house that they turned the cameras off and left. Kevin and Jodi mentioned in their interview that the crew told them that they had moral issues with what they were filming.

Things were so bad between Jon and Kate (this was back in Season 1 and 2), that they had to reshoot couch interviews and add in scenes weeks after the filming was done to try to show a more loving couple. They were told to change back into what they were wearing during that episode and "hug in the kitchen". They were told to sit closer on the couch, have Jon put his arm around Kate...say they were "in this together".
Are we really suppose to think that the crew would tell Jodi this info?
Why didn't we know this before?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is it with the tax revenue, Julie?
To answer another question that I have been hearing for a long time, "Why isn't anyone doing anything?"---to help the kids or stop the show. Here's the answer...many people are trying. The problem...MONEY!! It's more powerful than I ever imagined! People don't want to lose their jobs, the state of PA doesn't want to lose the tax revenue, the list goes on and on...

Linda said...

God almighty -- it takes me a while, but I do understand now the connection to St. Louis.

I've not quite figured out the AZ connection, but I will.

Tell me though -- I thought that one of them lived in MD?

BTW - do you remember how the lid was blown on PennMommy right after someone soliciting money for her for funeral expenses.


BTW -- I know this is a long shot, but is there any chance that Jon is "coming out."

Seriously, He says . . . "I know who I am now."

I've had friends come out and that is how it goes . . . I know who I am now.

Lori said...

Julie is a piece of lying shit. She is a main instigator in all of this drama

Lori said...

I just read Julie's blog. Wow, she really doesn't know when to shut up. She does a lot of insinuations and pokes the stick out there with lies that the haters can grab onto. Like the fools they are, they will.

It's going to be a mad night at gwop. How many times and names can Serena make up tonight?

Anonymous said...

4. All of the IP tracing that everyone has been sending me point to epicenters in St Louis and Arizona. Hmmm... who lives in Arizona.

5. Who is the FIRST person to respond to fostersmom's brutal recap of the Bikes & Trike episode within minutes of its posting?

4. Laura Linger and,

Do you suspect Laura Linger and fostersmom are one and, no, it couldn't be?

One thing I do know. 3Farmers lived in a small town in Illinois at one time. THEN she moved to St. Louis. NOW she is missing. No one has heard from her since that move.

Two things I know about 3Farmers:
1. She went missing after a hillarious and highly-entertaining Internet fight with the great ***BOHEMIAN MOON*** and
2. after she moved to St. Louis.

I'm worried.

Anonymous said...

It boggles the mind that GWOP reads every single word that Julie write as gospel when all of it is second or third hand. She has had absolutely no contact with the Gosselins since the show began... and St. Princess Jodi hasn't seen the children or Kate in over a year... yet they persist in acting like they know more than anyone else....

Anonymous said...

Maybe Moonie is channeling all of these "truths" and "facts" to Julie, since she isn't getting her info firsthand!

What's My Name? said...

Anonymous said...Are we really suppose to think that the crew would tell Jodi this info?
Why didn't we know this before?

June 22, 2009 12:02 PM

Plus if the crew just packed up and moved on without reporting the abuse that Julie/Serena NHRN hints at, then they could be in big trouble. Actually so could Julie, Jodi and Kevin because PA is a mandatory reporting state meaning if child abuse is suspected it has to be reported and investigated.

Anonymous said...

If GWOP is only in touch when Jodi/Julie send them a post, why did GWOP have a sympathy posting when their grandmother died?

Karen said...

I've been following this from the beginning and remember the Julie/Jodi video. I was suspicious of Julie before that, but the video convinced me that yes, people CAN be as petty and small-minded as these sisters are.

One of the things I've been saying from early on was that the family had to be involved, because the level of intensity and creepiness of the GWOP phenomenon went far beyond regular over-involved fandom, and into somebody with a personal grudge.

My initial suspects were actually Kate's estranged parents. Are they still in PA these days? Just curious.

Anyway, the fact that Julie may have been involved more than she wanted to admit is not surprising in the least.

If anybody can connect this with Pennmommy, you'll be my new hero. I still don't get the point of that whole charade.

Linda said...


I think that PennMommy was an odd coincidence in a situation that was ripe for a hoax.

GWOP has this cult-like mentality in which boundary violations are valued by the group. They view the scoop, the photos, the gossip as trophies. The person who brings back the trophies is revered and admired. That mindset almost begs people to make the next cutting comment, to bring back the next picture, the next piece of gossip, or to develop the next tale of being a former volunteer.

I don't think PennMommy had any connection to them other than she saw a situation and exploited it.

Of course, I could be wrong.


More and more I do think that Serena is Julie and one sick crazy woman.

Anonymous said...

When I read Julie/Serena's blog from her truth breeds hatred POS, it is a combination of all the GWOP chatter.

The tax revenue issue she rants on about she grabbed from this article (probably one of the many people she and Jodi, and who knows, maybe Kate's siblings too, harassed in efforts to bring Jon and Kate down from their own issues with rejection and jealousy. Julie, her many aliases, Jodi too, turned to the internet and are behind the GWOP blog, that is why it is so tightly enmeshed and only allows posts that follow only in the direction of scandal, libel, and I laugh at them all, YOU FAILED MISERABLY in your efforts and online scandal all the while trying to project and use your blog as a forum with an agenda far from being in the best interest of the children. You, Julie, Jodi, Kevin, were in your own best interest, to get even with Jon and Kate from isolating you. They probably and TLC found out you were behind GWOP and what Julie and Jodi were doing and immediately had to ditch the toxic family members.

Here's that stupid tax revenue article speculation stuff Julie stole to put on her blog, as if GWOP mentality is gospel when it all is just speculation and gossip they base an opinion on, it makes me wonder if Julie and Jodi even went to college or how far they even made it in education with how these two work, the GWOP site screams JULIE and JODI'S cowardly agenda.

Maybe Arizona and St Louis are places where other scorned siblings of Kate are located at? Maybe they too are in on getting even, I don't blame Kate for cutting ties with so many of these unstable family members and in laws. I'd not want them around my kids if I had children either. I estranged myself from my twisted family members and their agendas, Julie and Jodi are a lot like my sister, who found happiness in hurting me and jealous of mine and my husband's successful businesses and lifestyle. Jealousy brings out the true colors in people and it is UGLY!

Anonymous said...

a photobucket account I came across, probably belongs to a scorned family member of Kate's, obviously is with photos showing their jealousy of Kate and then photos of a couple of Kate's siblings. Could not verify where Lady of Pizza (the account's user name) is from. May help in solving some of the IP tracing, I'm sure Julie and Jodi are not the only family members and "sources" writing these papers, gossip sites, gossip magazines to report their twisted information to try to hurt the Gosselins (in their minds they rationalize it as advocating for the children) *coughbullshitcough*

Anonymous said...

momof3_mod is from Missouri, just an FYI if that helps, but according to this url if you scroll down, shows her photo and that she is from NunyaBusiness, MO, on here doesn't appear to be a Kate Hater though, but a moderator.

It is in a cached version, sorry for the URL length.

and who is TheGCLA, I know google showed me that Jodi had a blog and her blog was clickurheels (No Place Like Home was it's title) but she removed it and I cannot find a cached version, YET!

I would not doubt if Julie or Jodi is not part of the below post on the above URL, copied and pasted an entry below.

TheGCLA wrote:

Now that Kates sister WANTS her blog public.
Feel free.
Does that grandma look evil? Does he house look like a trailer?
Shes a great grandma and Kates treating her like dogpoop!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, could some of the nurses Kate worked with be behind GWOP too? Reason I ask, I searched TheGLCA and it came up under this url, a nursing site.

TheGLCA had posted on another URL I had sent Aunt Jodi's blog name (closed now, called clickurheels some, had also sent you the copy and paste from the url I found TheGLCA posted on. The blog title was No Place Like Home, still no luck in finding a cached version yet.

Just was bored, having a sleepless night and googling around. I'm sure there are others, as well as Julie/Serena/Jodie behind in bringing her down. Can you imagine, people you trusted, worked with, turn on you because you become lucky with a reality show, and create and establish great opportunities for your kids, and a secure lifestyle. I'd think those who loved people would do all they could to support and encourage the Gosselin's, not act from jealousy to spread hate, gossip, and be the SOURCES. I would not doubt it some of the sources Radar Online states is Jodi/Kevin after they did their little interview with them. Jodie and Julie probably have Star, National Inquirer and In Touch magazines on speed dial!

Anonymous said...

Question for GWOP moderator Serena aka(Julie), your GWOP blog is censorship, only allows your CLINICAL viewpoint! Seriously, yours and Jodi's whole obsession with Kate and wanting to hate her and having other people hate her, well, it's clinical really. So my question is this, what medications do you take? INQUIRY MINDS WANNA KNOW!

Anonymous said...

Jordy, correction to your list or add on, whichever.

Just another ragnag on Kate site/place where lisak and her BFF's blog at. Jordyn, lisak just likes her ego stroked by her little high school clique. They think we are all old paranoid hags over here, ha, I am younger then lisak, richer then nina, AND better speller then sami. Do these ladies just ride on the shirt tails of welfare or their hubbies and neglect their kids as they live online? No friends in the offline world? Lisa has twitter and so does tvsnark, it's all they do all day, chatter about nonsense things in the world, nothing of true meaning.

dptc said...

"Clickurheels" was/is Kate's sister, Clarissa's blog. I read it a while back and she didn't really say much about Kate, but she did alude to the fact that they weren't close.

dptc said...

GCLA also stands for Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance based in MO.


dptc said...

"TheGCLA" has also made several entries on wiki regarding Jon and Kate and seems to know just about everything about them.

dptc said...

On why Kate "is the way she is", thegcla says that the whole family if fucked up. Well, except Kevin:

"Kevin was deprogrammed by Jodi and is quite normal now, the other sisters and Kate aren't to that stage yet."

Gee, you'd think this person knew Jodi and Kevin pretty well, wouldn't you? The rest of the family? Not so much.

Funny how that is exactly the type of relationship you'd expect to have with an inlaw--close to sibling and spouse, knows bits about the rest of the family.

dptc said...

This was posted by thegcla on 6/25/08, the same day Julie started her blog only in that first entry, the only one that day, Julie never mentioned any of this. So how, oh how, did this person know?

Just a lil insider info?

Aunt Jodi and Beth are no longer gonna be on the show.
Jodi's sister created a nice Fan Blog for Jodi and Kate and Jon found out about it
and ranted and raved and Kate got all jealous that Jodi was getting more attention
and people thought she was NICER and a better mom then her and so she made them
take her off the show.
Beth finally saw the forest for the trees too...

From what I've read of thegcla, she really doesn't sound like Julie, but the only thing I have to compare it with is her blog. This gcla person is pretty rude and her spelling/grammer isn't great, but people tend to not care as much under anonymity while everyone who reads Julie's blog knows its her. It is definately someone with a connection to gwop. Could be Serena, but the, the mods never had any outside contact with Julie, right? Hmmm.

And, if this is info coming from Julie, what about the contract? There's no mention of it here--it's as if there are two different stories....whaaaa? It can't be!

beenaroundtoo said...


Linda said...

Are you saying that preesi might be the connection to St. Louis?

Linda said...

Okay -

Let me get this straight . . .

GWOP had people send "love offerings" to a P.O. Box in St. Louis, Missouri

GCLA also previously posted about the Gosselins on other message boards.

GCLA could stand for Gateway Civil Liberties Alliance which is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Someone a few posts back says GCLA = Preesi

Now if Preesi is part of the group of head honcos leading the GWOP cult then that explains the comments every few threads that Kate has Narcisstic Personality Disorder.

Laura Linger is from AZ


Watchoverthem is a supposed CASA from Dupage County Illinois which is part of the metro Chicago area.


beenaroundtoo said...

Preesi is from the Philadephia area. Someone asked who TheGCLA was and I was answering that.

Anonymous said...

GCLA was one of Fiona's many socks

She is pretty sick chick.

It appears that NC Search and Fiona are becoming a couple.

She is looking forward to becoming Mrs Search or Mrs Resident.

erin said...

I can't do links, sorry, but you might want to check this out (long!):

If you read down that page you will find this comment:
Quote from another NYP Jon and Kate board:

Serena said...
QUESTION: Do any of the staff contributors for GWoP personally know the Gosselins or live nearby?
8/06/2008 8:50 PM

The above quote is from the Question and Answer section of GWoP.
About half way up this board, many people come after a poster named EllE for saying the managers of GWoP personally know or are neighbors with the Gosselins.
I knew I had also seen it on GWoP before, but couldn't remember where. I remembered reading it and thinking GWoP had a personal agenda against the Gosselins.
Above is that information. Like I said, it is on the Question and Answer section of GWoP. Unless they quickly take it down, you can read it yourselves. Start on the front page of that section and scroll down.
The managers don't need to bother saying that managers aren't staff contributers. They are called staff contributers on the front page of GWoP. I have copied it below.
I have also read posts on GWoP calling the kids developmentally delayed.

We are a group of people who started chatting offline when the thread at Television Without Pity would be closed. We have the shared desire that information should be centralized. Each post reflects the author's opinion, not necessarily that of the group.

Here is one of many attacks posted on this board to Elle claiming she was wrong about people running GWoP and knowing the Gosselins or living near them.

"And to deny that you personally know the Gosselins is laughable."
Well, bless your heart, elle, we're still waiting for that link you were going to provide to "prove" that GWoP managers personally know the Gosselins. You know, to prove that you're telling facts instead of lies?
Posted by: Suzie on August 20, 2008 05:43 PM
Posted by: marthasvineyard on August 24, 2008 11:11 AM

Anonymous said...

This is the link to the NYPost site where this discussion about whether the Gwop managers know the Gosselins took place. Erin is referring to it above. The comments are interesting to read.

I do know this--BK, a commenter from GWoP who is said to be a neighbor of the Gosselins is a ficticious identity created by the same woman who invented PennMommy. You can see how invested GWoP was early on to find someone, ANYONE, who would tell a corroborating story to bitter Serena(nhrn)/Julie's story. All they found was a lonely obsessed blogger in California who made several identities up. Well, it's GWoP, so that wiil do!

dptc said...

More interesting info:

This is a link to Julie's first post at gwop under it, she mentions bananabethana and says she is telling the truth--I can't find her posts on gwop and I don't remember what she said, but she was another "insider" who was later proven to be another of pennmommy's socks. Julie is either a really big idiot, or she was in on the pm thing. Funny that Sharla says she and pm were such good friends......

Anonymous said...

someone should email radar online and ask them to ask princess jodi if julie is her sister or even exists and if either or both of them are the moderators of gwop. leave it to radar to dig up the dirt and publicize it and blow that blog down. they could then contact yahoo and gmail to verify who owns those email addresses (if they signed up with their real name or one of jodi or julie's many winning charming personalities.) gwoppers you are good at investigating, why don't one of you lurkers do it, you can go incognito, you all have more skill at it then me. dare ya (reverse psychology) (knows someone will try, they are good at mass spam emailing too.)

Anonymous said...

I moved this from another thread and shortened the link:
"kind of interesting to read the comments...."

Posted on this thread a few days ago, quoting us mag comment:
12:42 PM Tabitha Says:


You are not a Kreider or a Gosselin. You are a Kamauf Brown, etc. with only the slightest of connnections to the family. Instead of wasting energy on hating people who will never allow you to be in their life, take care of your own family in VA.

Your third and fourth hand information is getting old. "

Anonymous said...

I'm watching "Cara's Day Out" and I see 10 kids outside playing in a gargage and driveway outside bitch tit's house with NO ADULT SUPERVISION.

iwhyawli said...

oh for crying out loud... I feel like I've read that Tabitha quote a zillion times. How in the heck did I miss the "in VA!"

Having now read the deleted Julie blog posts, it's now becoming clearer and clearer that Julie and Serena are two different psychos who just happened to find each other in cyberspace.

I would have wished for one less pyschotic woman in the world but alas it's not to be. Aunt Jodi's and Julie's motives for breaking the hearts of 8 little kids are now perfectly clear. Serena, however, just seems to be a gutless bitch.

Thanks for re-posting that. At least we now know where everyone lives.

Posting my email address turned out to be a terrific move. Lots of interesting folks are turning up to chat with me.

I'm confident we'll eventually de-mask Serena. I look forward to judging her life choices.

Off to change my open letter to the Gosselin kids ... :)