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An Open Letter to the Gosselin Kids

Look no further for the source
of your unhappiness.

It's Julie.

It's Aunt Jodi.

And eventually we'll de-mask the
gutless bitch who is "Serena".

It's all recorded here.

For you.

When you're ready to read it.

Best wishes to the
Gosselin Family.


getoveryourself said...
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iwhyawli said...

I want it all.

Troll Hunter said...

That's what she said!

Dee said...

I want to see it all, too.

Screw you Julie!

Neon said...

The funny thing to me is that I read some of those supposed nasty grams from Jon, but people also would post over on GWoP how he was encouraging to parents of multiples in other blogs.

It wad odd how the GWoPpers allegedly hitbon "it's gotta be Jon or Kate sending these because of the grammar and writing style!"

I still can't believe that I believed the verbiage over there. I even wrote a note to Julie at her blog thanking her for her efforts. Wish I could take that back, too, as well as my few posts on GWoP.

It was a knee-jerk type reaction, and the more I read there, the more I realized that the site came across to me as a burning desire to take Kate down and less
of a desire to mount an effort to restrict filming of the kids.

But I guess we humans can rationalize any effort, can't we?

getoveryourself said...

The video:

Quiltart said...

I wanna see it all, too!

Dee said...

Neon, glad you woke up and saw the ill ways of Gwop.

iwhyawli said...

Stay tuned for the deleted Julie blog posts, including the infamous "In Support of PennMommy" posts.

These posts will show Julie's motives as something far different than the exploitation of children.

Anonymous said...

Julie and the other shrews at GWOP claim on their page how they want to protect the Gosselin children and blah blah, but I came across this email that a blogger on Baby Mama's site had posted, (I deleted her email) but the moderator acting under Sharla Smith had this to say, at the end of her email you will see that the mission of GWOP according to SS GwOp, in her OWN words....ummm...contradicts your "what we want" link.

"I will provide a spot where people who dislike certain of Kate's behaviors"

From: Sharla Smith
Sent: Wednesday, January 7, 2009 12:30:41 AM
Subject: RE:

I didn't call anyone a nasty name. Saying a child is larger than the others is NOT snark. It is unavoidable fact. If someone called her something like a half-ton tank similar to your description of our readers, that would be snark. It is not snark to say something factual and obvious to the world such as Collin not minding Jenny and running into the bulkhead. It happened. All the good will in the world won't change it.

I don't write hate comments about Kate. In fact I seldom post on the blog. Giving people a place to discuss their dislike of Kate may bother you, but isn't inherently wrong. You may call it hate and some people may hate Kate. I don't. But I will provide a spot where people who dislike certain of Kate's behaviors may discuss that. If it bothers you so much, make life simpler, and quit looking at it.

GWOP Spoiler Alert said...

Has anyone noticed one of the email addresses SerenaJulie has on her GWOP Blog? I laughed, it said SO MUCH about the moderators.

The 1976 Movie called Sybil, anyone see it? A very unstable lady, well GWOP moderator contact info is one of 4 email addys, one being....

*drum roll* ready? a GWOP Spoiler Alert Announcement, please stand by........

The true story of a young woman named Sybil, whose childhood was so harrowing to her that she developed at least 13 different personalities.

We don't know any GWOPper who has 13 or more alias names or personalities do we? *sarcasm* noooooo, not even Jodi/Julie/Serena, umm that is 3 out of the 13, umm iluveeyore, okay, now we are at 12, umm truthbreedshate...yep down to 11 personalities now....

In all seriousness, why would she choose that email address!

MiSnarkism said...

Look all, a site we can rank GWOP at! I see their ratings already are flying through the roof! Hmm J&K's TLC show has higher ratings JULIE! hehe

I'd sign up and rate/rank it but that would be I'd have to change it's null and void ranking already of NO STARS! And I cannot even give it one gold star, not even a blue star, nope. Sorry Julie about your ranking, that is too bad. I've tried hard in efforts to snark on about you all and hate on GWOP like you hate on Kate, to help improve your ranking, but *sigh* I guess it just goes to show that key stroking (no, not ego stroking although GWOPpers do a lot, A LOT of that in thinking their keystrokes matter), but... just does not change the world of a Sybil like GWOP clinical mentalities! *big eyes* Bummer! You may want to break it to your many personalities/alias's Julie. Be gentle, you never know, one of them may not be able to HANDLE rejection!

ridiculous said...

Jodi and Kevin are at it again! Hope J&K slaps them with a lawsuit!!!

GO FOCUS ON YOUR OWN FAMILY they estranged from you all for reasons! After Julie's blog, if she is related by marriage or otherwise to Jodi, Julie's blog is not advocating for the Gosselin children, nor is Jodi. They point the finger at J&K for going on TV to announce to all of their fans (that made the show what it is and they felt compelled to include them so they would not boycott the show or feel deceived), but Kevin feels they did it for ratings and blah blah ramifications on the kids, and yet he and his wife once again, go on Radar AFTER the big J&K announcements and Julie goes to blogging before any big announcements on J&K. Does anyone see this pattern or what they are truly doing with all of their own agendas? UGH!!!!! The family is all pointing fingers at what each other is guilty of doing. All of them, the project on to Jon and Kate, yet Jon and Kate don't go on their show talking smack about their children and concerns for Jodi's daughter and her hair turning red when she is a teen like her mom's, or their concerns for Julie's family (if she even has any because she is onlin 24/7 obsessed about J&K's family, kids, Kate's hair, clothing, vacations, etc.

GO AWAY JODI, KEVIN, JULIE! Get your own life, focus on your own kids/family, and leave J&K alone, they are going to be just fine, look at it this way, their show as they go through the divorce and talk about it in other episodes may help other divorced families, parents going through a similar difficulty, and could make a difference. Jodi, Kevin and Julie feel that J&K are harming their children in all of this, instead look at how many people telling their story to may help!!!! We're meant to share our experiences in life, to help each other grow, get to the next level, learn coping skills through the strength of others, the support of others, life is a growing spurt, EMBRACE IT! ALL!

Anonymous said...

Find it amusing Jodi and Julie beg everyone on blogs (day before any Jon and Kate Plus 8 show announcements) and then Jodi/Kevin on Radar the day after every big announcement shown. Then preach via blog and Radar how everyone needs to stop watching. I've an idea, why don't you guys stop watching and then Julie/Serena GWOP blog can read one of their cult member's RECAPS, because it is working so well getting GWOPpers to stop watching the show when you watch their banter and posts every Tuesday as they go over every little analytical detail they noticed, voice infliction, non-verbal, verbal behavior, make fun of certain kids, make fun of hair, clothes, earrings, blah blah blah. GO RAISE YOUR OWN KIDS....yeah I know, LIGHT BULB MOMENT! DING DING DING!

Anonymous said...

What in the world do St. Princess Jody and Count Kevin think they are proving by doing an interview about Jon and Kate's private decision to announce their divorce? They make it sound like they have an ongoing relationship with the kids. I wonder how much they were paid for their farce of an interview?

dptc said...

So, should they have just split and not said anything? They'd have been crucified for trying to "dupe" the public. They are damned if they do or don't.

I watched some of last night's show and I was really sad for them. It doesn't really matter why this happened, it would be hard for anyone. I was kind of hoping they'd announce that they were quitting the show to work on their marriage, but obviously that wasn't even an option. Why change your whole life around to fix a relationship that they don't want to fix?

Anonymous said...

In all reality, with this divorce "drama" we have seen less of the kids on the show.

I think Jon and Kate definitely have a lawsuit they can send off to Jodi and Kevin and Julie. It won't be long. keep on bloggin' Julie, that's evidence babe!

blahblah83 said...

That's sick. I mean what kind of a monstrous bitch goes to this extreme?!! She is going to reap what she sowed. If it were me I'd sue the hell out of her!

Anonymous said...

iwhyawli: Do you have a definite location for Julie?

I think a lot of us are kinda fascinated by this whole strange story and scouring the web for info. A location would narrow the search.

How many of those involved are from Missouri?

iwhyawli said...

This blog will soon start to fill up with copies of Julie's deleted blog posts. Lots of interesting and troubling insights there ... and I can see why she'd want to delete them. Once they been posted. I'll then re-date this thread and the other more recent discussion threads that so that all of our evidence are back on top.

We are definitely still interested in St Louis area and anywhere that is within a few hours of where the heck Aunt Jodi lives.

sincerity said...

I think it is funny, Jodi, Julie and Kevin asking people to boycott the show, not watch. The pot stirring helps the ratings! Over 10 million tuned in, keep it up Jodi, Julie and Kevin, it is SO working out!!!! PS...J&K (who I met, after all GWOPpers meet everyone so in my mind I met them) but they said to THANK YOU for helping their show pull in even more viewers, they do send their condolences on your own loss of time with your own children while you pursue your passion. They hope you did not take time away from your summer, your job, your children's lives to give so generously to help them gain sponsors, viewers, ratings.

I'd like to issue you, my own statement. I am SOOO sorry your own personal evil agendas and jealousy got in the way of robbing you of time from your family and friends, we are sure the GWOP posters will help you through your loss and provide you with the ego stroking you three crave after being rejected time and again by J&K and the beautiful 8 children that you most certainly have sealed the fate of ever having relations with again. Keep up the good work, dumbkins.

dptc said...

Lots of interesting and troubling insights there ... and I can see why she'd want to delete them.

Julie deleted those posts because she did the same thing the gwoppers did. She had beef with Kate, came out ranting about it and was called out for being jealous and airing dirty laundry. So she changed her tune and made it all out to be about the kids and the "exploitation" so that she could claim some noble cause for being a douche(*clutching pearls*"I had to tell, it was for the kids!" Notice that her ranting went on for a while before it became about the g kids, and now the only posts left on her blog are ones about that, emails from PP, and various linked articles about the kids. THAT'S why there was no mention of the alleged "abuse" aunt Jodi supposedly witnessed in the beginning. It wasn't about the kids until Julie figured out she could use them to ruin Kate's career.

They(Julie and co)are so transparent, and anyone who isn't just dying to see Kate "go down" can see that.

Anonymous said...

A little confused here, but I thought Julie was Jodi's sister in law, married to Jodi's brother? Jodi is in PA, she lived in the neighborhood where J&K's old house is/was. They talked on the show how they moved close to Aunt Jodi and was down the street. It's just odd how Jodi and Julie and all this "stuff" comes out after Jodi is no longer on the show. Some one is just scorned, if she was so worried about the kids while on it or before, she could have said some thing or refused to participate and spoke out, but do it now after, makes you wonder if she was the insider source all along while on the show knowing Julie had the GWOP blog and Jodi then too was silently helping to sabotage. Either way, what kind of people do that!

iwhyawli, didn't you say or some one state in another section on your blog that Julie is in MO, same state where the money is being sent if people want to donate to Jodi or help? Maybe all along Julie is making money off of lying on the internet and so to keep the money coming in they have to create and make up lies and drama to look like Aunt Jodi has the super woman cape on coming to rescue the kids.

Ugh, Radar Online put up yet another drawn out segment of Jodi and Kevin's interview, Radar draws that out for a week or two, oh go away Julie/Serena and Jodi, stick a sockpuppet in it already! Not like there are not any in GWOP land.

BeccaDoodleBug said...

any more of Julie's deleted blog? I just read the ones you had on here, VERY INTERESTING! If they were deleted there must have been a reason for it. Maybe before they went so public they felt they should because it portrayed her and Jodi in a bad light? Or it breached some privacy thing if Jon and Kate or TLC found out so they were warned to take them down with a cease and desist type thing? Or maybe I just have and ask too many questions!!!!! Yep, that's it!

if you get any negative posts from my name, it's not moi! I like it here!!!

Anonymous said...

All I hear when I listen to Kevin and Jodi's interview is "Whaaaa...Whine....Boo Hoo...."

Jordyn said...

Some one is just scorned, if she was so worried about the kids while on it or before, she could have said some thing or refused to participate and spoke out, but do it now after, makes you wonder if she was the insider source all along while on the show knowing Julie had the GWOP blog and Jodi then too was silently helping to sabotage. Either way, what kind of people do that!

That describes Jodi to a T! She's discpicable, lower than pond scum. Two-faced liar.

I'm glad she's no longer near the Gosselin children. They need to be around good role models and Jodi is not that.

Anonymous said...


Your post is perfect. follow the trail of when the tabs got hold of the story.

2PeasInAPod said...

Regarding demasking Serena, that address for GWOP offerings for Jodi and Kevin, also can be found here at this URL, click on contact info to the right of your browser.

She also has it for Toddlers and Tiaras too!,+MO+63105&cd=25&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a

2PeasInAPod said...

and again Serena at DWOP, same address posted under contact info there. She is a busy lady.

2PeasInAPod said...

an article interviewing Serena Leigh Bell....

Man, she's always in the KNOW on lots of stuff! (or not)

Does she call into places as "the source"?

Anonymous said...

interesting on GWOP...I liked, "don't you have anything better to do then to watch reality tv"...and the multi-tasking answer made me laugh!

If Gwop got started in April 2008, shortly BEFORE the out with Jodi! Has to be a connection with Julie~ and it peeved Jon and Kate off to find out they were feeding this GWOP blog info...who wouldn't of canned her sorry but from the show and from their family. When you cannot trust some one and they betray you, especially family, I'd kick em to the curb too!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
I talked to Julie about that as did others and she said she wasn't going to address it and start up another thing of people calling her a liar. She said the people who want to love Kate wouldn't believe and the people who don't believe Kate wouldn't believe it. Jon went to Kevin and Jodi to talk about the last six months a few weeks ago now. It wasn't that they'd known all of this and sat on it for six months.

June 18, 2009 1:56 PM

I just found this at the Pig Blog. There was some criticism of Jo+Ke under the "Not Kate's Finest Moment Thread." The comment below is responding to 2 things: that Jo+Ke shopped their story and that Jon came to them 6 months ago.

But an 'insider' says "not true!" Julie told this 'insider' that Jon talked to Jo+Ke AFTER he was caught cheating??? AND THEY BELIEVED HIM??? So they knew nothing 6 mos. ago? They talked about Kate's affair online for months, at Gwop, and Jo+Ke 'confirmed' suspicions this May. WTH is their story? Get it straight Gwop mods.

erin said...

Kevin and Jodi said very clearly that Jon came to them six months ago and said he suspected Kate was cheating. They knew about the affair then. However, now people are saying that this has gone on for a year, but that is an entirely new and inconsistent account of what happened.