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[2 of 13] Julie's Deleted Posts - Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others
June 25, 2008

I'd like to address some things that my "lovely" commenter had to say. For those of you who are reading my family blog, the post was "The Kindness of Strangers". The black text was the comment left on my personal blog that I mentioned in my previous post.

This is in response to your latest blog entry. I have a feeling I know exactly what "adversity" you overcame. I actually wasn't referring to myself when I put the quote on my blog. I was referring to Jon perceiving what I had to say as being threatening in some way. I believe his true character was revealed by the comments you have been leaving me. He could have very easily messaged me on Facebook, but instead, he's decided to call "his people" to take care of me. Maybe he is even writing some of this himself?

If you are talking about how you foolishly tried to create a Kate Gosselin hatesite and FAILED miserably when Kate's husband caught wind of it and had you shut down. Why would you give Jon credit for shutting down my Facebook group? I thought you were supposed to just be a "fan"? It's funny because I hear that Jon told Kevin that HE had my group shut down, and now you are also saying the same thing. If I shut down the group due to some vulgar, nasty comments about Jodi, all of this would lead me to believe that either Jon or his "accomplice" have been harassing me and saying horrible things about Jodi. Why would Jon take credit for it and why would YOU give him credit for it, if he isn't behind this? Is this the hardship you are talking about? And then you talk about how there is good in this world and bad as well. Let me tell you something. First, let me tell you something. The sole reason I started my group was to support Jodi. It was not intended to have anything to do with Kate. I left the group public and I was actually hoping Jon and Kate would read it, and see the loyalty MY family has to each other. The way Jodi has been treated is horrible IMO, and what makes it worse is that it isbeing brought on by "her" extended family.

YOU are the bad in the world. YOU are the scum that has the f&%$ audacity to go public with family secrets and badmouth people within your own family in a public forum. Are you F*&^%kidding me? I certainly did not go public with "family secrets". The only thing I discussed was my opinion on the way Jodi was portrayed in a few episodes, and my opinion on what Jon said about her during the interviews. I never answered any questions about the family. Of course everyone wants to know where the grandparents are, why no one else in the family is involved, etc. But I didn't feel it was my place to comment on that. As I said before, Jodi was the focus of my group, and I didn't discuss anything that didn't deal with her. I actually didn't discuss a lot of things that DO deal with Jodi because the focus of my group was not to portray Kate in a bad light. I was only discussing things from a few episodes, and a lot of what I'm upset about involves "behind the scenes" events. BUT I didn't go there. Now you are woe is me about it because people reacted badly to it. Nothing in my blog would lead you to believe this. You don't know me if you think I'm just going to sit back and have a pity party. "People" didn't react badly. One person/his accomplice have reacted badly. I just wonder what the big threat is? Why is it so bad that I stand up for my sister and show her my support. Why is it threatening that MANY fans show their love and support of Jodi? Well duh you stupid bitch. Of course people are not going to take kindly to some stupid f*@&^ bitch who goes public and talks bad about people they either do not know or people within their own family. Kate and Jon are not MY family, although I do know them and have spent time with them. Don't you think it's a little hypocritical to say this about me, when you are doing the exact same thing you have accused me of doing? What you did was gross and disgusting and now MANY fans of the show associate [you] with traiterous stupid bitch F*&^% C%$$ worst family member ever. Who needs [you] in their family? I think a lot of people would love to have a family member who would put themselves out there to try to do something nice for them. Stand up for them when they aren't being treated fairly. If more families had the loyalty that I have for mine, this world would be a better place. I would prefer not to have my family members be deceitful little c%$#. Nothing I did was deceitful. I actually emailed Jon and welcomed him into my group. And if you're the family member that I suspect you are, you have no room to talk about being deceitful. I'm not sitting behind a computer harassing someone anonymously. You know who I am, and I've never tried to hide it because I haven't done/said anything that should be "secret". I have integrity, and I am NOT a coward. PLEASE don't act the victim here. I certainly am not playing the victim. I chose to vaguely write about my experience on my personal blog that wasn't supposed to be linked to a public discussion board. That was not MY choice. The few people that stood up for you are hateful f%$# wenches themselves whose lives are CONSUMED with bringing Kate Gosselin down. Now you must be talking about what was posted on TWoP. Very interesting...because all of that was deleted within a very short amount of time. The person who posted on TWoP admitted to being the person who also commented on my Facebook group. You're not very good at trying to be sneaky. It's very easy to put two and two together. I actually happen to have a hardcopy transcript of the posts you left on TWoP. I guess I might just have to share that with everyone. If you've got NOTHING nice to say then DON'T say anything at all. I think you should follow your own advice. Or at least don't go around acting like you were wounded from what transpired and act like YOU are the good guy in all of this. [you]=STUPID BITCH. that has a nice ring to it.Now that YOU and a bunch of other hateful bitches are trying to bring Kate Gosselin down. If I wanted to bring Kate down, there are MANY things I could have discussed. I guess that's the difference between you and me. I still feel a small sense of loyalty because Kate is a remote family member. I really want to believe that she doesn't know that I am being harassed and you are saying horrible things about Jodi--the person Kate appreciates and is still involved with their life. I and a few other fans are dedicated to bringing YOU and your f%$# ugly sister down as well. F%$# you and have a nice day. I think there may be a little hope for you after all. You did say "please" and "have a nice day", so that's a start. Before you get your next set of orders, please encourage Jon to read his "Mission Statement" again.


JulieHo said...

"You know who I am, and I've never tried to hide it because I haven't done/said anything that should be "secret"."

Um... 1 of 13 has: "I actually didn't even tell anyone I was Jodi's sister until the day before I closed the group."

"I have integrity, and I am NOT a coward.."
And that's why she deleted all of these posts. She's no coward.

If I wanted to bring Kate down, there are MANY things I could have discussed.."

BUT my sister and kate's bro want to sell that story.

iwhyawli said...

Hi Gosselin kids! I think what I love about this particular blog post is that it demonstrates: 1) a relationship between Julie and the fine folks at TWoP/GWoP that existed long before Kate allegedly booted Aunt Jodi off the show and 2) a definite history of bad blood\friction between the Julie and whoever shes fighting with on the topic of the Gosselins. Whoever is calling Julie out here definitely isn't catching her talking smack about your Mom for the very first time. You can help but have the feeling that these two have sparred over Julie's internet behavior before and\or that Julie's been out there in cyberland trying to provoke this exact fight with this exact person.

Gosh, kids, if Julie's been out there in cyberland talking smack about your mom, is it any wonder that your mom and dad booted Aunt Jodi off the show?

Anonymous said...

Julie was stupid to even go online about anything of her sister or Jon and Kate. You don't go open up a facebook forum to defend your sister online to some stranger who may make a derogatory comment about Jodi. What family member does that. I don't see other celebrity family members starting up blogs and facebook forums. Julie kept using an underlying tone, like extortion, like haha, you are either Jon or TLC and so I am going to let you know I KNOW things and if you don't back down I will share what Jodi divulged to me. I like the post about "Jon's people coming after her"

Yep Julie, time to get a bodyguard if you keep taking to GWOP and the blogs. Time to let Aunt Jodi fight her own battles if she has them and you step down, it's not a play ground anymore like in grade school when some one pulled Aunt Jodi's pig tails, so you were going to go trip the little prick who did. This is bigger stuff now, bigger dollars, bigger lawyers, all America is watching. Julie, you don't want Dog the Bounty Hunter to be on the next Jon and Kate show do you as they hunt down your pathetic butt?