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Some GWoP cuckoo named Therese --- a name I mention in case you all recognize that name as belonging to the PENNMOMMY family of cuckoo puffs -- sent me an accusatory comment that I "have been noticeably and curiously silent on the Watergate matter." Spittle. Spittle. Spittle.

As if, what, Therese? As if that video is vindication that you and the rest of the GWoPpers aren't a bunch a madcows?

You'd be wrong. I think you're all nuttier than ever. I didn't think this was possible but the collective IQ over there may have even dropped a point.

I can't get worked up about the Watergate video for one simple reason: it was merely a moment in time. Correction. It was only one very short moment in time for which there appear to be multiple edited versions. Gee, I wonder if someone is trying to make news?

Even if I were to assess the version of the video which tries to paint Kate in the worst possible light, I can't come to any conclusions.

I have no idea what happened in the days, hours and minutes prior to the video.

And I have no idea what happened in moments after the video.

For all I know, Mady had just polished off a Jumbo-Size Grape Slurpee and needed another drink of anything like she needed a hole in the head.

For all I know, Kate went and purchased Mady a lifetime supply of water immediately following the 4 minute video clip.

And during the video, I can't say that Kate did anything that I wouldn't have done myself. You see, I try not to reward my child's bad behavior with attention. I'm pretty sure all those new-fangled Parenting Coaches tell us not to do that too. And for crap sake, can't we go a whole 7 days before our kidneys shut down?

Perhaps it follows, Therese, that I shouldn't have rewarded your bad behavior by responding to your comment. Perhaps I shouldn't reward the bad behavior of the entire GWoP blog by sponsoring this blog.

But you're adults, Therese. Presumably.

If by now you haven't figured out that no response to your behavior most likely means you're doing something wrong, you'll never figure it out. You leave the rest of us no choice but to spell everything out for you in plain, bold letters.

Poor 'ol seething Serena (not her real name) just can not understand why no one is "actually putting some decent laws in place. You know, like this blog has been asking for since last Spring!" Spittle. Spittle. Spittle. Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!

Keep banging your head against the wall, Serena.

I'm confident the answer will never dawn on you and I fully enjoy watching you and your trolling buddies make fools of yourselves and your oh-so faithful blog followers.

As a reminder, the deadline for voluntarily sending your identity to Serena is June 15th.


Loveit said...

You rock my socks off.

What's my name? said...

Scariest thing possible, sending my personal info to the GWOP mods!
Wonder how many wackos did?

Anonymous said...

I think that you should post one of their comments a week so that we can all laugh.

Just my thoughts. :)

Loveit said...

Okay, this is the worst thing about the entire blog (in my opinion) - they continually talk about her fertility treatments, her doctors, and PCOS. I just want to scream "REALLY?" at them. It's so disgusting to even WONDER about what fertility meds she was on, or even QUESTION whether or not she has demonstrated here by the lovely "JustWondering":

And this amazes me, since most doctors will tell you to try on your own for a year, and if by then you are not pregnant, THEN they will start doing blood work, interventions, etc. Even then it's usually just clomid (to start out with). I wonder how she bypassed all of that? It can't be just because she had PCOS, I know a lot of women with PCOS who were able to conceive either on their own or with clomid.
She certainly doesn't look like a poster child for PCOS...


Who, besides Kate, says that she ever had PCOS?

6/13/2009 8:36 AM

It freaks me out they they care so much about someone's medical condition to question whether or not they even have it.

Troll Hunter said...

I found the following on the Princess Boards complements of the blogger highondegrassi :

highondegrassi posted: Reply #3651 06.13.09 at 8:55pm

Quote [from GWOP]:
beachluvin said...

Momof2 said...
"I am SO glad that Penn. officer spoke out against the Gosselin family."
AnotherLisa said...
Do you have a link to this article? Thanks.
Here you go:

Laurie said...

police officer comments

"... most of us in the department feel that Governor Rendell is personally exploiting The Gosselins as a sideshow circus just as The Gosselins are expoliting their children ...

will this affect the investigation?


highondegrassi :

After reading these comments I was intrigued. Who is this police officer that speaks like a GWOPer? Turns out his name is "anonymous" and he is a "high school friend" of the Rush Limbaugh loving moron that writes that blog in the link. This blogger is also convinced that the Gosselins are guilty of a Ponzi scheme and even made a diagram to make it easier for those of us who aren't as smart as he is to understand. Oh, and he sells classy t-shirts too. Like the one that has a pic of Kate on the front yelling "Jon" and says "I can't use my bodyguards condom on your penis" on the back. Hi-larious. It figures this is the type of blog GWOPers would gravitate towards.

Troll Hunter said...

The following are links to the website that Highondegrassi was commenting on. I was at first tempted to buy a couple of t-shirts for some of the mods over at GWOP, however I was disappointed when I couldn't find any t-shirts in XXXL or MuuMuu size.

Highondegrassi's comment:

Are The Gosselins Congesting 422?

T-Shirt Store To Debut Tonight

Loveit said...

Taryn (aka: Baroness of Beauty - has the greatest picture EVER up on her blog.

It's so ridiculously ironic - finally someone has enough courage to put their real, true image out there for the world.

We should all congratulate Taryn.

Loveit said...

I know I've commented a lot today, but I can't take it.

I really feel like KaitiebugandBrayBray'smommy is someone from this site posting on GWOP for sheer stupidity sake. If that's NOT the case....holy shit she needs help.

IShatziedMyself said...

And to think that she has bred and at this moment her offspring are roaming our planet.:

KaitiebugandBrayBray'smommy said...
I think the water bottle in today's shots are because of the watergate stuff. She would be that much of a witch to say look nope didn't give Mady water and still drinking it, hahaha.

6/13/2009 3:16 PM

I don't think Kate pays that much attention to you nuts. She may only pay attention because she has you stalkers to deal with in her life.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic that gwop finally has a true gatename....watergate...and probably not one of them is intelligent enough to know what the true Watergate was all about.