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This woman's husband is a lucky, lucky man

Whenever I hear someone say "I'm no prude" that's usually a very strong clue that she's one giant prude.

Case in point:

Deb said...
The BEST recap I've ever read here. Brilliant.

My favorite part that I also noticed but didn't hear anyone mention:"She recovers enough to eye-flirt with the camera guy again, saying “Back, boy. Back.” She smiles widely, all pearly veneers and dead beaver hairdo and flirty eyes, even her wonky one."

It was VERY creepy..I felt so awkward seeing her do that, a mother in the kitchen with her children and husband and she was acting so sexual!

I'm no prude and am usually the LAST one to take offense at crude humor..but she was literally using the spoon as a whip and purred "down boy" and as he backed away, she had this horrible grin and was moving her hands suggestively. How embarrassing for her family!

Honestly, she was acting so loose and flirty, I can't imagine how their guest felt.

Oh and why was Emeril not seated at the head of the table..but jammed alongside the kids? Poor guy is quite portly and he was barely on the edge of the table!

But yea, that was just too much. I can't believe how terrible that looked..she's practically making love to the camera!
6/10/2009 11:13 PM


If you thought Kate was "acting so sexually in the kitchen", Deb, I suggest you NOT watch the movie "9 1/2 weeks". Or, maybe you should.

You're definitely needing something.


Dontyouwish said...

The only person who should be ashamed here is Hater Deb and her filthy mind. Sex is the last thing that any popped into any normal and sane persons mind.

Hater Deb needs to take off her hater hat and try and capture herself her own man to help her out with her obvious sexual frustrations. Might I suggest she replace that hater hat with a brown bag?

Loveit said...

This is just great:

I had doubts about the Access Hollywood clip linked earlier, but with the more lightly edited version AH has itself released, have only one word.


Who knew "Sick-Making" was a word? WHO KNEW!?!?!

Deb wants it said...

Sounds like Deb should get some!

fostersmom blows goats said...

Dear fostersmom and Professor,

I'm pretty sure Deb just said your re-caps TOTALLY SUCK!